Letter To Case Management Regarding Inconsistency of Housing Placement

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Dear Case Managers:
South West Behavioral Services
Care Directions

This letter is in reference to incidences that occurred at 4802 N. 19th Ave Apartment A229, Phoenix, AZ 85015. The persons involved are Roommate and Paul Goree. Both referred by Care Directions, and placed by South West Behavioral Services.

Please note the following factors that have had a dramatic change in my life and wellbeing. This is a complaint against Roommate, who through several actions, stated and indicated that he and his friends would “ruin my life, and has made living under the HOWPA/HUD agreement hostile.

Please note:
Upon first meeting with Southwest Behavioral Services, Margret Finn and Johnny Garcia, informed me that I should resist detailing the factors of my substance abuse recovery with my soon to be roommate; Roommate (Stephen Beck- move out date 10/2012) .It was implied that such discussions could lead/trigger usage in Stephen Beck…

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