Tri-State Drug Auction Donation Day: Midnight Court

Ideals run rampant, to serious remove drugs from the streets of America, if addiction is that serious of a problem.  At UNM I did Phar Report on THE WAR ON DRUGS: WE LOST!

So if some reformers are so sure to insist that addiction is the mean of all ends, then lets just get rid of drugs in the UNITED STATES.

I verbally proposed an ideal on a flight of a mind swinging/altering day titled:  TRI-STATES (CA,AZ,NV) DRUG AUCTION DONATION DAY along with Midnight Court (the court is 12AM-5AM for Judges only to revoke some warrants and to issue others) THus on this day the auctioneer decides which drug. “LOS ANGELES today history will be made and the streets of this city will be minus pounds maybe even tons of drugs. So let get the bidding started, First Drug Crystal Meth. Let’s see if we can get 30 Thousand pounds of Crystal Meth off the streets of Los ANgeles today.

If you are in possession of 1 ounce or 10 pounds, then today is your day to donate that to the state to be disposed of and you receive a voucher NO STRINGS ATTACHED for future convictions. Can I get a bid of 1/4 ounce.


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