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ZERO – ZERO (Won!)

Zero-Zero (Won!) by: Paul Dewitt Goree 2016/823/9 San Diego (BCSD)



Zero-Zero is a factor, I finally understand within my FAITH and Spiritualism! This years, Holy Week, day three is where I stop on my posting of Holy Week. Day 3 represents for me, the continued thoughts of Jesus and the olive branch-which was CURSED. Cursed meaning, not serving its’s purpose, as GOD had created it to be. On day 3, Peter (Simon) questioned it being WITHERED now. By which Jesus seemed to think that by cursing it, the withered state of all creations in the universe have no meaningful purpose. Well unless Peter (Simon) plans/has thought/intent to make something of it (man made) and thus although not expressed day 3 (but is within the Bible)…what ever is created, then give it to CEASAR!

This lyrical book (8-10 lyrical songs) is a combined thought within me, of what I titled/labelled CHIESPIRIT.





Hated it growing up…

Hated the whole damn conception…

Socially created norm, cutting my FREE-FREE blessed soul.

Anything GOD needed-My purpose fully in his plan

And when the coin flip, there’s lessons through my pain.

I can’t deny none of it…

Yet the S.C.R. focus, all the worst human motions-possibilities

I’d rather be floating u[ on a cloud in my minds’ EYE: creative eyes

From God own hands…



Who took the hit first (I, I, I, I, I)

Who took the fall next (I, I, I, I, I)

Who took the KICK right down to the ground

Exactly where the fist first placed a wound.

I’m faded into a cosmic consciousness within

Hoping you’d do, the worst that you could do

Why defended what you’re about?

Were never being real…

When it won’t be you, later trying to figure out

why it feels like my soul is sipping

from the wound on my eye

soul is sipping out

from the wound on my eye

my is sipping out

slowly sipping out into space

neither one of us own!


NO, no I don’t need to explain it again!

Every time someone see it, it seems like they feel it within

And I don’t won’t to remind myself, what I really was thinking then

Between me first-GOD first, my body 2nd state, “Stay down, Stay down”

Endure the pain and let the ending come

Soon you’ll be in the sunrise, don’t you know!

Not every decision in life is ours’, I know

But from my point you did a half ass job-should take me out of existence

(Wrongful emotions, wrongful emotions)





Hail, what the worth is

Was it enough to keep all the dreams alive-all those dreams alive

Hell is where some say it’s ending

Is that just expressed to keep the Shepard true- when the wolves no long give a damn

No need to wear that fake ass wool!

Is it just the same today, as it was yesterday,

I think it is, yes I know it is…




Zero-Zero as it begun

Zero-Zero as it is vain

Zero-Zero raised the first dust

So Zero-Zero, won the earth!!!

Now down on earth

Somebody get a thirst

Zero-Zero gonna cure it, cost it

Yes down on earth

Somebody lose their soul

Zero-Zero gonna save it-redeem it

Zero-Zero, nothing from nothing (withered, withered, withered)





There was no assembly today

It felt forever had come our way

We won’t be coping alive, in this living experience

Yet there was no sense of tomorrow

More like the end is present ground

I saw the shadow fade

Dark turned safe

Trust distained and the many, many, many broken consciousness…




The earth in disarray

They turned their heads one day

And killed in vain, the one with a message so true-so tamed


The moon became the sun

The sun became the moon

Everyday the fire burned and burned all that stood


The ocean turned to sand

The sky blurred orange and red

And still they sat there waiting for the messenger they killed































There was no assembly today

It felt forever had come our way

We won’t be coping alive, in this living experience

Yet there was no sense of tomorrow

More like the end is present ground

I saw the shadow fade

Dark turned safe

Trust distained and the many, many, many broken consciousness…





The earth in disarray

They turned their heads one day

And killed in vain, the one with a message so true-so tamed


The moon became the sun

The sun became the moon

Everyday the fire burned and burned all that stood


The ocean turned to sand

The sky blurred orange and red

And still they sat there waiting for the messenger they killed






Trumpets blared, blared and blared

News from his Majesty today, all hear – hear and be

A celebration to come, all you subject will enjoy

Festivals of better times, yes this is all for you

Treasure in every hand – pleasure for every living subject in the land of his….

And all will eat like Kings

And all will drink like Kings

Be in favor of all – for all

And all will be announced

They love be devoted mounts

Of unconditional respect through-out the land




Tell me, tell me, tell me

Did you see, the Emperors’ new rob?

Tell me, tell me, tell me

Did he radiate – bright light for infinity

Ohhhh, tell me, tell me, tell me

Did you play along?

Did you make a bet?

Did you cue the enemy?

Did you look bewildered at him

Or feel the shame you felt he felt?

Or did you simply blow the candle out

And go to sleep?


I recall the days of  ‘LIFE MAGIC’-99 Vegas Crazed up trick bag

Boy I had some fun—believe me Right!

Yet I kept waiting, waiting in that line

Still no name on the DOCKY today! WTF

Is it me, or was it all a dream…..

As for friends, that I thought were down, all were paid and placed.

And the questions about money, Damn I was in the Vault

That funny – funny vault turning out to be the same

Ohhh, but it comes around

Ohhh, yeah but it’s who involved

Somethings we never know

Ohhh, someone should have told me

It was like MAGIC, but now it’s Hope change – ruining

Ohhh, Ohhh, someone should have told

It was like MAGIC, but now it’s faith tilted!

Ohhh, Ohhhh, Ohhh, somebody should have told me about the

De Mon Faire Magic Hands

(Which hands-Caesars’ hands-magic hands)


At least back then it seemed sensible

A fool gets played every minute they say

And since I’m with the dirty, might as well jump right in.

No question of what this shit’s about

Beside, I’m still trying to figure out

How I walked away from 3 Attempted Murder Charges, Charges

(You’re innocent till proven guilty – don’t forget that son)

Now, they upgraded the system, demeaning my faith, demeaning my hope

My total blinded trust in the INVISIBLE force of the universe creation

Yeah they did this, yeah they do this all the time


(like in the movies-shit right out of the movies)

And now my SOUL CREATOR, is over dubbed external chip in my ear!

WTF, WTF, RFID- upgraded what?





It’ll fade, time will fade it all away

(fade, fade, fade…)

There’ll be no claim, be no name, no fame and no detested

(as fade, fade, fades away)


HUGGING THE TREE OF LIFE, SMILING, PEACEFULNESS in my soul, thank you Jah again!




Not in presence

Any more among all men

Don’t wanna be wanted

By anybody –nahhhh


Not in presence

Any more amongst the sheep

Not in state of mind, state of love, state of life

Among the wanted world….

I’m free, soul free, x-pressions undone

I’m free, soul free, x-pressions undone



As Jah changes the seasons, people change, the world changes

Maybe it’s for the better, but still someone’s getting hurt!

Yes it everyday…

And DEMOCRACY, yet call it Babylon if you won’t (if you dare)

They will just swept, swept, swept it all away into that big hole

That the rug will cover, so pretty, yes it’ll be so pretty perfect.

And I’ll still be on the HIGHEST MOUNTAIN IN AFRICA

HUGGING THE TREE OF LIFE, SMILING, PEACEFULNESS in my soul, thank you Jah again!





I feel I can breath –Exhale, the carbon of confusion

Early, early, early this morning I greeted the rising sun

And I felt blessed again, yes I know I’m LOVED>

Yet that short lived glory in my mind, went as it came

Knowing the fact remains – It’s another day to be…

(another day to be, another day)


How did Jupiter

Get into the womb?

See was it right or lies

How we’d come unglued

Tell me how did Jupiter

Get into the womb?
Are some still playing games?

Is the Phoenix way, just to true, turned BLUE…

How did Jupiter

Get into the womb?

I’m still feeling the same pain

Feeling the same joys….

How did Jupiter

Get into the womb?


(He’s dead, he’s dead, he’s dead, he’s dead in the background)

(He’s dead, he’s dead, he’s dead, he’s dead in the foreground)
Yet I always thought LIFE, for the living, yes the living

So how can it be

That Jupiter got into the womb?



My soul, my soul to Jah I know it belong

It was that breath of life, which made me a LIVING THING

(Not man!)

And all these facts we share, we share them all the same

I’m still in awe that it just can’t be explain…


LOVE, love, love, love…

Love is unbounded, spinning the universe…

It’s all that JAH/GOD knows, GOD LOVE, GOD AND JAH all in one

So as I walk this earth, knowing that I carried (so carried and loved)

Every bump that I stumble, every person misleading-becomes…

Becomes part of the LOVING again…

And still I am in AWE, of the total connection I’m feeling in my soul

And yet the ear that I have, from the words other say, just don’t do much good.

I pray that there are no lies… Only love, only peace on CHI in the world for everyone to praise- PRAISE JAH!












FARRAKHAN’s Message of The Self Determinate African American in the 21’st Century: EXODUS (Reversal of the Great Trans-Atlantic Slavery Incident)


In honor of African American History Month: I am re-posting Farrakhan’s Tuskegee Speech, which includes many historical points of interest from Brooker T. Washington to Marcus Garvey. Also included in the original post, was a historical look at the year 1606 and how equal rights for contract workers: turned into slavery for African Americans. I hope all African Americans learn something new this month, about our ethnic legacy.

Thinking about the 18th anniversary of the Million Man March, thousands of people gathered in Tuskegee Square on October 20, 2013. In regards to the entire speech, three thoughts flowed through my mind: First, Self Determination. Ish¬mael Muham¬mad, stated much about Booker T. Washington’s self-help ideology. Which for me, translated to, self- determination. The second thing that came to mind, was how many times does a group of people have to express to the world; A declaration to the world of its oppression. This is especially hard for African Americans, seeming our Declaration to the world, was an event the world part took in. Thus their acknowledgement of our struggle is known, by their historic participation. Thus no more DECLARATION OF OUR AFRICAN AMERICAN EXISTENCES: The third thing that came to mind, was the ending of Ish¬mael Muham¬mad speech, he mentioned several key African American successes of character. One of those mentioned was Marcus Garvey. I caught my breath! I wondered how many African Americans, got from Ish¬mael Muham¬mad, what I got: first it’s time to be self- determinate, second: too many declarations of oppression have gone unanswered and third, Marcus Garvey. For those who don’t know, between 1928 – 1938, Garvey presented the Petition of the Negro Race. This petition outlined the worldwide abuse of Africans and called for Federal legislation to “repatriate” African Americans to Africa. The bill was part of Garvey’s co-operation with Mississippi Senator Theodore Bilbo and Earnest Sevier Cox. Both Bilbo and Cox’s were segregationist and white supremacy and sought to support Garvey’s repatriations ideals. The plan was for 12 million African Americans to move to Libya, as part of economic relieve and the FDR New Deal regarding unemployment (Morgan, C. pg 248)

In his Saviours’ Day speech, February 24, 2013. Farrakhan encouraged ideology by which African Americans can avoid economic disparity. The ideology focused on land ownership, less spending and collective donation funds. Farrakhan’s ‘Economic Blueprint’ options potential donators to donate .35 cent a week (.5 cent a day) to a collective fund, which incurs interest and will be used to purchase machinery, tools, and land for our self-determinate economic security ( Economic blueprint is the beginning of a long attempt of Farrakhan and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to open the eyes of African Americans in a collective effort. In a letter to Dr. Martin Luther King, regarding King’s analysis of black Americans and his comment, “souls left in darkness”: Elijah invitation was accepted. The invitation expressed the following:

“Dear Sir: We have reached a crucial crossroad in the life of our people here in America. Since all of us who love our people are walking toward one goal: freedom, justice and equality from the common enemy—let us realize that in unity there is strength. Let us come together in a meeting to discuss the future plans and programs needed to achieve these goals for our people. If we have any love and respect for each other, let us be intelligent about the matter and present to America and all the world a united black front. The destiny of 22 million is too important to allow disunity among us to prevent our achievement of a united front of Black Americans…” (THE HONORABLE MINISTER LOUIS FARRAKHAN, 2013)

With so much to consider regarding the latest message from the Nation of Islam. I find it interesting the philosophy of a ‘United Black Front’ established by Booker T. Washington and carried on through-out, the African American struggle. In 2011, Stefflova, Dulik, Matthew, Barnholtz-Sloan, Pai, Rebbeck & Walker published an article titled, ‘Dissecting the Within-Africa Ancestry of Populations of African Descent in the America’. This article although confirmed:
“…the distribution and identity of within-African ancestral contributions to groups of African descent in the Americas correspond to colonial histories and slave trade routes. The present analysis of genetic variations implies that African populations contributed differently to distinct populations of the New World, suggesting that the assumption of genetic homogeneity of African ancestry within the Americas is not necessarily valid…” (Stefflova, Dulik, Matthew, Barnholtz-Sloan, Pai, Rebbeck & Walker, 2011).

Homogeneity of African Americans may not be valid, but from a global perceptive regarding population extinction, a different understanding of ancestral identity becomes apparent. Statistically the population of African American blacks, is 39 million (US Census Bureau, 2012). Compared with Africa’s black population of 1.033 billion (Worldpopulation, 2012). I think a critical look at how slavery began in the United States first occurred. Some might find it quit surprising, that at one time in our pre-history; we really were a nation of individual liberty, where by racism and separation were nulled.

Charles Johnson and Patricia Smith historical work, ‘Africans in America’, provide a simple overview which details facts, explaining how African slavery started in America and is associated with economic. In 1606 king James granted the Virginia Company a charter. The company planned getting settlers to work the land and the combined produced would be divided to all members by the number of shares they had. In 1607, 900 settlers founded Jamestown and the Virginia company paid to developed the business venture. But nothing occurred for 3 years. Along with lost profits 840 of the settlers had dies mostly from starvation.

Suddenly desperate to return profit the settlers planted tobacco and by 1617 the Virginia Company and Jamestown was successful. King James attempted to restrict tobacco sales by raising import duty. But England and Europe was too addicted by then and the demand rose rapidly. The demand for tobacco resulted in a supply issues of which more labor was needed to work the tobacco fields. The two options for the planters were to 1.) Massachusetts model: relocate entire families from England to Virginia to work the farms as co-owners. (Selling some of their existing property and increase to larger plantation) 2.) ‘Capitalize’ on England’s lower class citizens making them indentured servants. The latter was most used. But it within itself caused issues in England.

People began to incriminate others, kidnap them, place false charges against them to have them placed on contract of which they would get paid a finder’s fee. The contract with the Virginia Company was 4-7 years and included shelter, and food. After the contract was completed one would be friended and given a parcel of land a suit and a bushel of corn. The laws that govern the indentured workers were few as they were killed, sold (reconstructed) and punished for poor production.

Things changed in 1619 when the Dutch entered the picture. A Dutch ship robbed a Spain ship of Africans took it to Jamestown and sold the African cargo for food. Many of those Africans were
contracted out to the Virginia Company and received the same contractual terms as the indentured workers from England. At this time to be a free person all one had to do was converting to Christianity. There was a blind racial class difference. Class structure was based on economics so there were the planters, Christian colonist and servants. Some servants were permanent to a household while most were under contract. The term slave was not used.

For me this was one of the only times in American history that race was not an issue and true equal standing existed as it would later be worded in the Declaration of Independence: This was the America, before America-1600-1639. In 1639 a chain of events changed America the beautiful into, America the ugly.

A perfect reference is Anthony Johnson, His story was the norm. Anthony Johnson was a contract worker with the The Virginia Bay Charter in Jamestown. He completed his 7 year contract and was provided: property, seeds, live stock, and supplies for construction. He within a few years turned his entitlements into a plantation that was larger than his prior over-seer within the Virginia Bay Charters. He followed the same contract worker procedures as his over-seer. He passed this inheritance on to his son, of which his son had two sons. Between 1670-1690 Anthony Johnson’s “earned effort” was demolished into a few arches. His son had to purchase freedom papers for him and his children. 

American the beautiful turned ugly after 1639. In 1639 Maryland declared that a Christian baptism did not make a slave free, starting the end of religious salvation on America. In 1640 planter Hugh Gwyn’s had 3 indentured servants escaped. All three were captured, 2 were white one was black. The two white ones had one year extended to their contract (which was the norm sentence for escape attempts) while the black one, John Punch was sentenced the rest of his natural life (slavery) to Mr. Gwyn’s. No white servant ever was sentenced to life.

Note that environmental and social progress also fueled these changes, such as Europe had less indentured servants to offer seeming other countries offered competitive contracts. Africans and Indians worked the fields better. Stories of labor ownership in the gulf island suggested higher profit returns. Maritime laws govern slave cargo dimensioned. As all of this unfolded demand for tobacco and other raw products from America increased. The world had come to witness the degradation of African people. And in America, African people would never again have a real full EQUAL STANDING IN THE LAND OF LIBERTY AND FREEDOM, no matter what the declarations of independence, references as the Alienable Rights of all men.

America wrote its own ugly inhuman treatment as follows. In 1641 Massachusetts set the trend by legally recognizing slavery as a legal institution of commerce-thus punishing Africans contract workers by re-titling them slaves. Connecticut followed in 1650; Virginia in 1661 and the rest followed through. In 1663 Virginia courts decided any child born to a contract worker would be enslaved for life. This became a major factor as it became the norm that one parent would be free, yet another caught up in some life servitude sentence would have a child born into slavery. Ironic was the tides that overcame some successful African Americans like Anthony Johnson who himself,  had one of his contract African workers turned against him and landed a case in court which would forever change/restrict blacks from courts.

The laws continued in 1669 Virginia made it lawful to kill a slave. In 1670 it became legal to kill a runaway slave. The society of America had stratified itself from it simple prior class structure than in the earlier parts of the century. Now there where planters, whites, poor whites, free blacks, indentured contracted blacks, indentured life blacks, slaves (purchased) and slaves (born into slavery). The world often looks at Spain as a major slave trade but England was just as bad. In 1672 England started the Royal African Company which lead the world in slave trading, transporting 45,000 slaves a year. Finally in 1698 Parliament abolished slavery in England and the company was dissolved.

I have always seen this country as nothing more than a business venture of investments. The Virginia Company is a great example of the lengths and unethical human treatment a company will go through to increase profits. What a shame. It is no coincidence that the Nation of Islam and Farrakhan speak of economic survival for African Americans which suggest self determinate moves as a collective. The mere mention of Marcus Garvey might imply a last resort of declarations by which African Americans no longer find it necessary to state/speak to the world, and by action can obtain their natural given reverences, as humans upon this planet, created by God!  How receptive, would today modern African Americans be to notions of returning to Africa? Well one historical story which would be a heavy deterrence would be CHARLES TAYLOR.

To learn more about the United States of Africa, watch


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American Character and The Struggle for Individualism

By: Paul Dewitt Goree ©2010 Las Vegas, Nevada

The question of character is brought to my attention, and I stumble to find significant reference. My stumbling is not due to poor character, rather an affirmation of individualism. As an American, we have been condition to a set of empowering words: Liberty, Individualism, Freedom, Natural Right, Open Society and Freedom of existence. It goes without stating that all of these words detail the American archetype. A closer look at the originators of these terms provides a clearer perspective, of the double sword nature of these terms, hence characteristics.

One of the primary contributors of this self liberating orientation was Thomas Hobbes. Ironically Hobbes expressed the notion of “natural rights”, but advocated total sovereignty control. The absolute control Hobbes advocated was in understanding, that if each individual has a natural right to all of the environment around them, then each has an equal right to protect the possessions which each accumulated, in whatever manner they found fit. The phase “Dog Eat Dog world” is an understatement, referring to Hobbes. In order to have PEACE and CIVILITY among the society, order had to be established. This order is in actuality a waiver of one’s individual rights, to the collective effort.

Hobbes believed that only the sovereignty could provide social order, through absolutely authority. These concepts fueled many disputes in England. A separation of the church and sovereignty authority began to boil resulting in a witch hunt of Parliament in 1666. When Parliament was restored, King Charles II, made an active attempt to end all ATHEISM within England, and thus prohibited Hobbes from any future publishing. Hobbes greatest work, LEVANITHAN (1651) states the following:
“…Nature hath made man so equal in the faculties of body and mind…Not so. Considerable as that one man can there upon claim to himself any benefit to…Which another may not pretend as well, as his…So that in the nature of man, we find 3 principal causes of quarrel. First competition, secondary difference and thirdly, Glory…It is manifested that during time men live without common power
To keep them all in awe, they are in that condition which is called WAR, and such. A war as is of everyman against every man. To this war every man against every man, this also is consequent; that nothing can be unjust…So we look towards a solution by which man can be “drawn to an agreement” and this
Is a social contract…?” (Levanithan)

The core essence of our American ideology is very much present in Hobbes theory of natural rights. The pivotal basis is the construction of a social contract by the individual persons. The individual thus is an independent factor of which its total existence is socially involved. It seems logical that the waiver of one’s natural rights for social order and PEACE would be the order of affaires. However this is not the case and thus social discourse is always upon us. This simple acceptance of a social order is the cause of chaos, especially in the United States. We Americans have prided ourselves on our individualism, by which we are granted the liberty to be, think, express, and believe in whatever we find sensible. This is purely a subjective culture. Yet order is in effect.

To better understand social order, I look towards what some term the decay of American Character. It is often stated that Americans are slowing losing their character and thus their existence in the nature of the social world. From radio personalities to independent political party leaders, the urgent attention given to character has prompted many to look at America as a weakening force. I beg to differ. First character, and it’s relevance to America can best be found in our individual natural. As an individual American, I can start to question my own character, knowing it is a fraction of the total American. Thus the characteristics that embody me, also in essences embody the nation as a whole. This equation is true for all Americans. Thus our total is a combined individual effort. Our power is only effective in a unified manner. Our weaknesses are thus too of this nature.

Another sociologist who focuses on the natural rights vs. collective rights is Michael Foucault. Foucault details the combined individual intent in his work, Madness and Civilization, The Birth of the Clinic, Discipline and Punish. Foucault details what is termed, The Panopticon which automatizes and disindividualizes power. Power has its principle not so much in a person as in a certain concerted distribution of bodies.

Foucault and Hobbes, provide ample support that the individual in society is powerless and susceptible to chaos. Currently America is in a recessive displacement, caused by the declining economy. It is more important now than ever, that we concentrate and revitalize those primary factors of our strengths. I came across author and public speaker Rolfe Carawan work, “The Character Revolution: Restoring America’s Soul”.

Carawan details the failed character of America, and contributes it to each individual. Each individual that tries to met the bar of good character, contributes to the strength of America. Interestingly Carawan provides a vivid example of a past power society, that dissolved into the faded memories of historians, for it had lost its character. This power society was ROMAN. The only parallel thought is that, society can fall apart, and sociologist and authors such as Carawan, point out the variables by which this occurs.

I like Carawan book, because in his explanation of developing character. He brings up a never published work of Benjamin Franklin titled, “The Art of Virtue”. Like Carawan I couldn’t agree more, that Benjamin Franklin is the total embodiment of American character. Franklin understood precarious nature of “unalienable rights”. For Franklin these unalienable rights had a boarder context, which was based on moral. As with Hobbes, Franklin detailed a society engrossed in its natural rights and a society of compromised rights. Franklin confirmed that the assurance of society is only possible with an individual’s attendances to law, which is derived from the individual liberty and becomes the security of his happiness.

Franklin was influenced by the life of Jesus and the works of Aristotle, who philosophized about the elements that constituted a “good life-righteously lived”. Aristotle detailed the 3 natures of man: body, soul and spirit.

Aristotle 3 natures parallel Franklins religious perspective, whereby the bible states in Genesis 2:7…”Then the Lord God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life: and man became a living being.” The correlation of the body being the physical element, the spirit being the breath of life breathed into the body, and the soul which is the conscious combined experience, noted as the soul. Franklin was very religious and held to fundamental elements of his religion. Franklin thus dedicated himself to personal character development, which is the end result of our American character. Franklin intent was not as purposeful as it may seem. He was concerned with ethical, moral and righteous behavior of himself and his fellow men.

Franklins work, “The Art of Virtue” is concrete in establishing a pronounced character. I personally followed and self participated with Carawar as he detailed exercises that conditioned the character. Comparing it to an athletic work out, the “Art of Virtue” is a powerful self re-examination book. It doesn’t seek to empower, but instead just introduce the ideal of CHARACTER. What is your character profile? By answering the question one finds out a wealth of knowledge about themselves and their direct interpersonal relationships. Thus with this knowledge a REVOLUTION is declared by the self, upon which virtuous living is the end result. I like many American, easily became caught up with the ills of society (drugs, low self esteem, sheep behavior, drifter). And without disrespect to any individual person, I proclaimed my actions as my individual will and liberty thus to do so. As long as my behavior was not harmful to another or intrude upon another’s will. I had no problem with common use of drugs and all the indirect off springs of such behavior. So engrossed with my liberated self destructive nature, I never once thought about how my actions, in effect were a fraction of a combined effort. The effort is based on nationalism for me. Also included in that equation was my watered down faith. Earlier I mentioned the ideal of Liberty being a double edge sword. From my own experience I can contest to it.

Knowing and learning from my past, I know that a little faith is all that’s needed to start re-acquisition of the spirit (which I commonly refer to as the breath of God within me). From my own experience, I can detail some common core qualities that are the essence of our Americanism. Like Franklin I find myself intentionally attempting to balance my wrong deeds of doing, with righteousness. I believe like many Americans, it is our intention to do right at all times. This factor creates as sense of resiliency. It is my personal belief that Americans have a strong sense of resiliency, allowing us to regain ourselves from the every pressing nature of mal endeavors. When I compare my theory of thought with Franklins “Art of Virtue” I see the common thread of accordance.

Benjamin Franklin detailed 13 virtues in the “Art of Virtue”:
Temperance, Industry, Tranquility, Silence, Sincerity, Chastity
Order, Justice, Humility, Resolution, Moderation, Frugality, Cleanliness

As suggested by Carawan, and as done by Franklin himself: for 13 weeks (Feb 2010-May 2010) I tracked my attention and intent of the above virtues. I reflected a lot on my full understanding of each virtue and what it meant to me. I sort to readjust for lack of strength in any particular virtue, and mostly sought to establish these virtues into my daily ordeal of living. As of today, I am still in the process. Character development is an endless affair of intentional thought and conscious effort. The only thing I would add to Franklin’s 13 virtues is Spirituality. For Franklin this was a natural given.

I am still in process of strengthening my character and self. As it goes, the dilemma is prone to be distracted and criticized by those who chose to “independently “ live as to the freedom prescribed to them, as warranted. At no time can I place upon another, my values and purposefully intent. However I can openly detail the balancing of my behavior, and establish the very purposefully declaration of my intent. There is a lot to be said for role modeling. It’s is not a factor of intentionally setting an example, but rather a pure nature subsidy that encourages other. So with this mind frame, I have established that I declare a character revolution on myself. The revolution will be to strengthen my virtue and moral character. It is understood that this revolution has to take place within the social society, for that is where it is manifested. The problem with my theory is how to avoid external persuasion.

All the good intent in the universe can not deter the mal intent of one influence. Carawan provides a vivid example with basketball player, Len Bias. Bias was second pick in the 1986 NBA draft and was on his way to a successful career with the Boston Celtics. Yet the engraved character development, necessary to accomplish such a task, did not prevent him from consequential behavior, resulting in his death.
How to over-come consequential influences? As stated earlier with Foucault theory, numbers have power. In this instance association is imperative. I recall reading Napoleon Hills work, “Think and Become Rich” (1937). Hill was contracted by Andrew Carnegie, to provide some sociological explanation as to Carnegie and associates great wealth. Hills profound research informed Carnegie, that the primary factor to the wealth of him and his associates was the common factor of their association. This spouted into other areas of their lives. But because they associated with one another, they concentrated their efforts into a powerful force, which seemed invincible. Likewise Foucault suggests strength in numbers. The sphere of influence is so over powering that it is difficult to be controlled by the individual.

With the understanding of this dynamic, Franklin details the INTERNALIZED INVISIBLE SOUL. Franklin suggested that habits took the advantage of inattention. It is easy to be distracted and thus susceptible to external influences and desires. Franklin stated, “…the mere speculative conviction that it was our interest to be completely virtuous, was not sufficient to prevent our slipping…” Thus it was important to be conscious of the invisible factors of influence more so than the visible ones. Using myself as example, I visibly consciously became aware as my intent to discontinue the use of narcotics and have some moderate success with such intentions, as long as I constantly remain aware of this intent. The intent becomes visible through overt means. One such mean is association of which a contributed ideology of liberty is associated with our Americanism and becomes an invisible factor. These suggest that my intent to not participate in any particular behavior is done so on my own individual stance.

That is one of the primary fruit of Americanism, each is and has an individual right of expression. Yet when I wavier a portion of that right, it seems colossal because it is a direct opposite character cue. Fortunately for me, the majority of the society tend to believe and wavier their right to participate in the use of narcotics, primarily due to the deathly possible consequence. Imagine the confederacy soldiers and loyal Southern supporters, who after the Civil War had to subscribe to the Reconstruction law. Where do the advantages of inattention exist? What are the internalized invisible factors we can notice that rise alertness.

Today terrorism is a tragic reality. We, American have to be stronger than ever before. Being strong implies concentrating and focusing our intended effort towards virtuous behavior, attending to our individual moral, which diverts to the collective social. We must utilize our number to re-enforce stupendous behavior, the echoes good human intent. We must not rely too loosely on the benefits of liberty, and must consciously attend to any variances or absolutes of it. We must in essence internalize the endeavors of Benjamin Franklin, who simply sought to live peacefully and righteously under an umbrella of Liberty, Democracy and Freedom. This blog entry is in sequence of entries, openly discussing the perils of our current American society. I started out with the Introduction of The Amero. Then detail the factors of Tier benefits and what it suggests about our nation. I have also detailed Social Democracy as it heads for the United States. The purpose of my intent is to get others to offer their opinions or experience on the subject, which is dear to all of us: the continuance of our Americanism.

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Republicans, don’t you see there’s already socialism in America?

Republicans, don’t you see there’s already socialism in America?

On 08-31-2008, I wrote:

I know this is a Democracy we live in, and fore more, it’s a Capitalistic venture, and has been so since day one. But I really would like to know, what’s so wrong with a little socialism. To answer your question, I don’t think Republicans attend to the natural socialism that exist in this nation. It would be against their cause, instead they tend to argue about Hillary-Obama  types who want more government. The need for government intervention always is bad to Republicans (they say it’s un- American, it takes away the rights of the people, it ruins the work ethic and makes people dependent upon the government); yet whenever a corporate interest needs government intervention, silence is heard. I see government intervention very much alive in our nation, but it seems people are afraid to call it what it really is, SOCIALISM.  As quoted by another respondent to your question, Norman Thomas is correct, we’re going to keep on pretending this is not a socialistic democracy, and yet silent turn ourselves into socialistic nation. Which I think is a good thing. Power of the people, for the people through the government.


Does John Mccain represent change?

Does John Mccain represent change or is he more of the same?
and if you think he represents change tell me which one strikes into your mind as a good one.


I wrote on: 08-31-08:

Change is inevitable. There are factors going on currently that seem to only get limited media attention, that are huge political issues of the future. Yet politicians (i.e. Obama, would rather talk about bowling) For example there is soon to be a change in the American currency system, to the new Amero. I think McCain is for more experience and advised to handle this change. Compared to Obama who seems to not have good advisors on financial issues coming our way. Therefore, McCain is ready to handle change.


Why aren’t there any blacks or minorities in the Republican Party?


I wrote: 08-31-08

There are plenty of “colored” republicans, and they attend to the republican ideology (less government, good work ethics, conservative practices, and $$$ interest (j.k.)) I don’t know why people tend to think that just because I’m black that I can only have a voice by being a Democrat. I think that’s sort of racist. And to think that minorities are repressed and thus attend to the Democratic Party, as to “Thank Ya for helping us po’ ol uneducated people have voice in OUR America.” is silly. And may the facts be noted that the Republican Party has provided more opportunities for African American and women in the Supreme Court and Executive administration. (Please, look at Condoleezza Rice.)