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ZERO – ZERO (Won!)

Zero-Zero (Won!) by: Paul Dewitt Goree 2016/823/9 San Diego (BCSD)



Zero-Zero is a factor, I finally understand within my FAITH and Spiritualism! This years, Holy Week, day three is where I stop on my posting of Holy Week. Day 3 represents for me, the continued thoughts of Jesus and the olive branch-which was CURSED. Cursed meaning, not serving its’s purpose, as GOD had created it to be. On day 3, Peter (Simon) questioned it being WITHERED now. By which Jesus seemed to think that by cursing it, the withered state of all creations in the universe have no meaningful purpose. Well unless Peter (Simon) plans/has thought/intent to make something of it (man made) and thus although not expressed day 3 (but is within the Bible)…what ever is created, then give it to CEASAR!

This lyrical book (8-10 lyrical songs) is a combined thought within me, of what I titled/labelled CHIESPIRIT.





Hated it growing up…

Hated the whole damn conception…

Socially created norm, cutting my FREE-FREE blessed soul.

Anything GOD needed-My purpose fully in his plan

And when the coin flip, there’s lessons through my pain.

I can’t deny none of it…

Yet the S.C.R. focus, all the worst human motions-possibilities

I’d rather be floating u[ on a cloud in my minds’ EYE: creative eyes

From God own hands…



Who took the hit first (I, I, I, I, I)

Who took the fall next (I, I, I, I, I)

Who took the KICK right down to the ground

Exactly where the fist first placed a wound.

I’m faded into a cosmic consciousness within

Hoping you’d do, the worst that you could do

Why defended what you’re about?

Were never being real…

When it won’t be you, later trying to figure out

why it feels like my soul is sipping

from the wound on my eye

soul is sipping out

from the wound on my eye

my is sipping out

slowly sipping out into space

neither one of us own!


NO, no I don’t need to explain it again!

Every time someone see it, it seems like they feel it within

And I don’t won’t to remind myself, what I really was thinking then

Between me first-GOD first, my body 2nd state, “Stay down, Stay down”

Endure the pain and let the ending come

Soon you’ll be in the sunrise, don’t you know!

Not every decision in life is ours’, I know

But from my point you did a half ass job-should take me out of existence

(Wrongful emotions, wrongful emotions)





Hail, what the worth is

Was it enough to keep all the dreams alive-all those dreams alive

Hell is where some say it’s ending

Is that just expressed to keep the Shepard true- when the wolves no long give a damn

No need to wear that fake ass wool!

Is it just the same today, as it was yesterday,

I think it is, yes I know it is…




Zero-Zero as it begun

Zero-Zero as it is vain

Zero-Zero raised the first dust

So Zero-Zero, won the earth!!!

Now down on earth

Somebody get a thirst

Zero-Zero gonna cure it, cost it

Yes down on earth

Somebody lose their soul

Zero-Zero gonna save it-redeem it

Zero-Zero, nothing from nothing (withered, withered, withered)





There was no assembly today

It felt forever had come our way

We won’t be coping alive, in this living experience

Yet there was no sense of tomorrow

More like the end is present ground

I saw the shadow fade

Dark turned safe

Trust distained and the many, many, many broken consciousness…




The earth in disarray

They turned their heads one day

And killed in vain, the one with a message so true-so tamed


The moon became the sun

The sun became the moon

Everyday the fire burned and burned all that stood


The ocean turned to sand

The sky blurred orange and red

And still they sat there waiting for the messenger they killed































There was no assembly today

It felt forever had come our way

We won’t be coping alive, in this living experience

Yet there was no sense of tomorrow

More like the end is present ground

I saw the shadow fade

Dark turned safe

Trust distained and the many, many, many broken consciousness…





The earth in disarray

They turned their heads one day

And killed in vain, the one with a message so true-so tamed


The moon became the sun

The sun became the moon

Everyday the fire burned and burned all that stood


The ocean turned to sand

The sky blurred orange and red

And still they sat there waiting for the messenger they killed






Trumpets blared, blared and blared

News from his Majesty today, all hear – hear and be

A celebration to come, all you subject will enjoy

Festivals of better times, yes this is all for you

Treasure in every hand – pleasure for every living subject in the land of his….

And all will eat like Kings

And all will drink like Kings

Be in favor of all – for all

And all will be announced

They love be devoted mounts

Of unconditional respect through-out the land




Tell me, tell me, tell me

Did you see, the Emperors’ new rob?

Tell me, tell me, tell me

Did he radiate – bright light for infinity

Ohhhh, tell me, tell me, tell me

Did you play along?

Did you make a bet?

Did you cue the enemy?

Did you look bewildered at him

Or feel the shame you felt he felt?

Or did you simply blow the candle out

And go to sleep?


I recall the days of  ‘LIFE MAGIC’-99 Vegas Crazed up trick bag

Boy I had some fun—believe me Right!

Yet I kept waiting, waiting in that line

Still no name on the DOCKY today! WTF

Is it me, or was it all a dream…..

As for friends, that I thought were down, all were paid and placed.

And the questions about money, Damn I was in the Vault

That funny – funny vault turning out to be the same

Ohhh, but it comes around

Ohhh, yeah but it’s who involved

Somethings we never know

Ohhh, someone should have told me

It was like MAGIC, but now it’s Hope change – ruining

Ohhh, Ohhh, someone should have told

It was like MAGIC, but now it’s faith tilted!

Ohhh, Ohhhh, Ohhh, somebody should have told me about the

De Mon Faire Magic Hands

(Which hands-Caesars’ hands-magic hands)


At least back then it seemed sensible

A fool gets played every minute they say

And since I’m with the dirty, might as well jump right in.

No question of what this shit’s about

Beside, I’m still trying to figure out

How I walked away from 3 Attempted Murder Charges, Charges

(You’re innocent till proven guilty – don’t forget that son)

Now, they upgraded the system, demeaning my faith, demeaning my hope

My total blinded trust in the INVISIBLE force of the universe creation

Yeah they did this, yeah they do this all the time


(like in the movies-shit right out of the movies)

And now my SOUL CREATOR, is over dubbed external chip in my ear!

WTF, WTF, RFID- upgraded what?





It’ll fade, time will fade it all away

(fade, fade, fade…)

There’ll be no claim, be no name, no fame and no detested

(as fade, fade, fades away)


HUGGING THE TREE OF LIFE, SMILING, PEACEFULNESS in my soul, thank you Jah again!




Not in presence

Any more among all men

Don’t wanna be wanted

By anybody –nahhhh


Not in presence

Any more amongst the sheep

Not in state of mind, state of love, state of life

Among the wanted world….

I’m free, soul free, x-pressions undone

I’m free, soul free, x-pressions undone



As Jah changes the seasons, people change, the world changes

Maybe it’s for the better, but still someone’s getting hurt!

Yes it everyday…

And DEMOCRACY, yet call it Babylon if you won’t (if you dare)

They will just swept, swept, swept it all away into that big hole

That the rug will cover, so pretty, yes it’ll be so pretty perfect.

And I’ll still be on the HIGHEST MOUNTAIN IN AFRICA

HUGGING THE TREE OF LIFE, SMILING, PEACEFULNESS in my soul, thank you Jah again!





I feel I can breath –Exhale, the carbon of confusion

Early, early, early this morning I greeted the rising sun

And I felt blessed again, yes I know I’m LOVED>

Yet that short lived glory in my mind, went as it came

Knowing the fact remains – It’s another day to be…

(another day to be, another day)


How did Jupiter

Get into the womb?

See was it right or lies

How we’d come unglued

Tell me how did Jupiter

Get into the womb?
Are some still playing games?

Is the Phoenix way, just to true, turned BLUE…

How did Jupiter

Get into the womb?

I’m still feeling the same pain

Feeling the same joys….

How did Jupiter

Get into the womb?


(He’s dead, he’s dead, he’s dead, he’s dead in the background)

(He’s dead, he’s dead, he’s dead, he’s dead in the foreground)
Yet I always thought LIFE, for the living, yes the living

So how can it be

That Jupiter got into the womb?



My soul, my soul to Jah I know it belong

It was that breath of life, which made me a LIVING THING

(Not man!)

And all these facts we share, we share them all the same

I’m still in awe that it just can’t be explain…


LOVE, love, love, love…

Love is unbounded, spinning the universe…

It’s all that JAH/GOD knows, GOD LOVE, GOD AND JAH all in one

So as I walk this earth, knowing that I carried (so carried and loved)

Every bump that I stumble, every person misleading-becomes…

Becomes part of the LOVING again…

And still I am in AWE, of the total connection I’m feeling in my soul

And yet the ear that I have, from the words other say, just don’t do much good.

I pray that there are no lies… Only love, only peace on CHI in the world for everyone to praise- PRAISE JAH!












Recently WordPress sent me a congradulation email, documenting my association with them since 2008. As I read the email, I thought about my original intent of blogging with WordPress and came across this un-posted work. At the time I was posting on several blogs and internet services, depending on the rhetoric. The following was posted via my Blackberry on the Sprint Network, 2010. PS: Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen! (My pre-De Mon Faire, which did not evolve until later that year, 10/2010)

• me June first 2010 : Secret Society question‏
• Paul Goree 6/01/10
From: paul goree ( moved this message to its current location.
Sent: Tue 6/01/10 1:04 AM

Uhm I just thought about something. First of all lately I’ve been going over and over in my head, hounding my conscious and sub-conscious memory for details concerning my time in Kansas City Missouri where I first met a group of Christians who made drums and sold them in the park. They invited me to come and join their organization and live in a huge high rise in KC-Mo, but I declined. Why should I consider their offer, when I was already 1 year into my own research concerning the working conditions of American Workers? I had just left Sea-Land Industries and witness how the United States (politicians and corporations) sat quietly and fleeced us out of the global shipping industry, to a global competitor (Maersk Shipping). While I was in KC-MO, I had just finished a temp assignment at Western Auto where the CEO told me and I witness him try to save his company and his employees from the take-over intent of COOKIE CUTTER CORPORATION that only care about money and don’t give a damn about Americans, especially American workers (can anyone say NAFTA). He was particularly anger at the territory unintent (no interest) of one giant franchise that has gulped up American small business (mom and pop operations). This is where my heart desire was at the time, the American working class; as I traveled state to state (at this time Alaska, Missouri, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alabama, West Virginia, New York, Michigan, New Mexico, Washington, Oregon…)

So why would I even consider joining a bunch of hippie loving Christian who seemed to spend their time, spreading the word of Jesus (which was an admirable thing to do) but my interest where set on experiencing as much work history by as many companies that would be out of business in the future. At the time I termed them “antiquated industries/business” because something about their nature would be a factor I predicated would result in their closure. When I finally disclosed my research (1999), America wobbled on the brink of chaos or annexation or war. I had to save what I termed then, AMERICANISM for Americans. I saw an economical crash occurring, the intro of the Amero, credit card collapse, gift card craziness, the FDIC authorization being overridden by, Financial Networks that were not regulated because they did not claim themselves as banks.

Another reason I pleasantly smiled at the Christian drum making, drum playing hippies was I had already encounter some extreme Christians, in Waco, Texas and I felt more like them. And boy them boys were serious and questioned my faith in ratio to the Federal Government. But they let me listen to them and their ordeal and I was impressed even through their ideology and issues with the government I did not total agree with. However we shared a respect for David and the burning of ???????? in Texas (David Koresh). So the drum making, drum playing hippies where not even in the same league as me, and I had no interest in relaxing when much work and experience was needed. So I passed up the offer to jump into more work and employment to study.

Well today I was on the yahoo ask community (yeah I am back with Yahoo, but still only trusting Microsoft/MSN) and someone asked, if the end of the world was near. I responded by stating No, but some type of human sense of evolvement might be in the work. Then I question hadn’t they read or seen the Celestine prophecy and I nearly stopped in my tracks. WAIT WAIT WAIT….The damn secret society wanna be’s of Las Vegas, maybe, just maybe (I’ll never forget that beautiful girlfriend of a co-worker who was a nurse but tried to be a model and she showed me one of modeling composites…I saw a similar too similar one here in Vegas)…

So if these ass holes here in Vegas are in any way related with the hippies in KC-MO then WOW, I am the Celestine Prophecy (or a portion of the entirety) and I now Spiritually and Humanly (physical state) REFUSE TO BE OR DO ANYTHING WITH THEM OR FOR THEM. Thus my own prophecy of me is true, I will write the book that not only exposes them as fakes, but also be in association with the REAL DIVINE SPIRIT as quoted by Dr. Hank Wessleman and Shamanism, which will prevail in the coming of the lord. And to think I thought I would die before the Rapture.

Anyway, I never associated those KC-MO hippies with the Celestine Prophecy or the Rapture for that sake, or with the extreme Christians in Texas. Yet I always had a feeling that these ass holes in Las Vegas might be associated with the drum makers of KC-MO. What a fucking trip!

And the minute wicked side of my sub conscious mind has pledge to give all of their souls to the voo doo lady from Mombasa, who collect souls in a glass bottle to wear around her neck for illumination. Ha Ha Ha, you gotta laugh at that, seeming that some actually thought they could, knowing they couldn’t and not even given a damn of the consequences, I would never involve evil to my purpose. Collecting souls in a glass bottle, is taken from the movie “Serpent In The Rainbow” which detailed the unbelievable but true events of Wade Davis (an Etnobotinist) as he researched his doctoral thesis and ran into undefined spiritual events, related to Voo-Doo and witch craft. Not that I was comparing them to the experience of Wade Davis or me being of his nature. It was just I was on my own self-created mission, which involved American industry and I was physically working in those industries to experience it for myself!

None of them were in Waco Texas when I was there, None of them were in KC-MO (I can’t qualify that one, but not to my knowing) and the biggest thing is none of the nice great Christians I met in the pass, used sadistic evil tactics of the devil to prey into the sub conscious or conscious thoughts of another. As the reggae song states, …”la di da, the devil has fallen…rest now, a new day dawns, la di da the devil has fallen, bless Jah, a new day rise!” I can’t get over it, the correlation between the secret society and the Celestine prophecy. The only thing I did not like in that book was the way they used telepathy. I hated it! And look at me now, it’s a good thing I understand the dynamic of the human conscious and (and now a little) sub conscious mind. (Besides it was one of them, here in Las Vegas, that told me, “Oh just accept it, it’s an evolved skill you’re acquiring.” Right fucking demons working with fallen angels. OR have the demons influenced the fallen Angels. Nonetheless, it’s worthless because I know a secret which is also a joke on all of them. You’re loving and following a prior Angel, who simply wants to return home and which HE CAN’T, at least that what he believes and you believe as he leads you. So I seek to return Satan home to heaven, and seek to encourage the humor of that statement in other Christian’s, as to deflate the mystical essences of his power, which derive from GOD (our Alpha Omega). What does that say about them, who follow Satan?????

Oh well something new each day is learned. But wow, the Celestine prophecy. Damn it reminds me of when I was about 8 or 9 and I got baptized. Strange group of Christians, strange feeling, strange everything and I wasn’t with my mom, that’s the scariest part of all. But anyway, this oddity is becoming fun for me, now. I can laugh at their stupid asses using their own tool, telepathy. Ohh I hate it, but then there are a lot of things I hate about the living world that I tolerate. So it’s time to start using it in my own humorous interest. Have fun with it.

CHECK OUT SUNDAY MORNING on YOUTUBE by ME: PAUL GOREE … (Sunday Monday about a total blatant disregard of all the data, stimuli, words, expressions, emotions, that I receive through the week, that attempt to credit their human created beliefs: and I am tolerant and respectful only to find out, that every Sunday Morning all of their rhetoric is washed away, by my faith in God!)
Pueblo De Jah (My favorite, simply expressing love of Jesus and those that follow Jesus, in a re-created complied vision of the Gospel.)

Global Co-Herence Project

Last year this time, I started doing some research on something amazing titled, Global Co-Herence Project. I asked around on different blog to see what others thought about this ideology. Many called it “Dooms Day Theory: 2012 Rhetoric. Well I’m glad I didn’t take the advice of those person. I did further research and found the entire ideal amazing. On this blog you can read various post I wrote about the subject. I stated that it seems to me that there are 3 main division of Global Co-herence that explain the entire ideology. They are 1.) Geo-Magnetic (how the earth and magnetic fields work) 2.) A Metaphysical 3.) Social Consciousness (How we socially perceive our reality). I found that alot of the theories I was learning incorporated some aspects of Global Co-Herence. Theories by Jean Rousseau, John Herschel, John Locke, CARL JUNG, Mark Granvetter, David Gladwell, Kola Borehole,Thomas Hobbes, Howard Gardner, Richard Tarnas, Carl Friedrich Gauss, Harold Coulander, John Polkinghorne: and how could I not mention the original founders of the ideology behind HEARTMATH: Rollin McCraty, Doc Childre and Roger Nelson.
I still have alot of faith in Global Co-Herence and urge everyone to check it out. From the minute level, Heartmath can teach you how to reduce your stress level, which can work wonders on your body, mind and life. At the max. Global Co-Herence can help explain our human inter-connection. One of the ealrier examples given by Dr. Rollin McCraty, was he mentioned an event that effected the world. Think back to the day, Princess Diana died. Recall how you felt, that energy you individually felt was magnified by others around the world, feeling the same remorse and sadness. Princess Diana’s death created a collective conscious frequency, which affected our ionosphere. That example has remained in my mind, and has urged me to look farther into the great possibilities of Global Co-Herences.

The following is a Youtube short video explaining Global Co-herence.

If you are interested in finding out more about this amazing theory, visit:

Tier V Up and Down

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Two weeks ago, Tier V extended benefits laid flat as a fish out of water. Although Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Congresswoman Dina Titus and the multitude of supporters, tried hard to get extended weeks included. At that time both Senator Harry Reid and Congresswoman Dina Titus, made it clear in correspondences from their offices, that the battle for extended weeks of benefits for the growing 99ers and other unemployed persons was not over. Well yesterday their honorable efforts met the cruel and erratic hands of the GOP. According to Harry Reid’s website:

“Unemployed workers in Nevada and across America cannot afford the games that Senate Republicans are playing with their economic certainty. I am disappointed that despite high unemployment numbers in Nevada and across the nation, not one Republican voted to provide out-of-work Americans the support they need to make ends meet. Senate Democrats will continue to fight to pass this bill and restore peace of mind to the middle-class families across America who Republicans have repeatedly turned their backs on.” Thank you Senator Reid for your sincere concern and determination.

In general H.R. 4213 received only 56 of the 60 votes needed to advance. The problem the Senate had with H.R. 4213 was the cost of the measure which is estimated to be around $200 billion dollars. The measure also included plans that would make for a delay in Medicare fee, business tax cuts, and aid to states for Medicaid cost. The fat trimmed from this measure, would have removed the additional $25.00 payment current clients receive in addition to their weekly claim. It also would have removed COBRA subsidies.

Again the nations unemployed are hung by a string, while some in Congress vote as they believe, which in this reference is: “Americas unemployed do not deserve additional benefits.” Currently the national unemployment rate is 9.7%. In the state of Nevada the unemployment rate is 13.7%.


1.) Senator Harry Reid’s website:
2.) Lori Montgomery and Brady Dennis Jobs bill blocked in Senate Washington Post
Friday, June 18, 2010
3.) Jennifer Budd, HR 4213 Undergoes Some Changes in Response to Its Defeat in the Senate
Yesterday Associated June 17, 2010 by
4.) Unemployment rates,

Who’s Time Is It Any Way?

By: Paul Goree Ó 2010 Las Vegas Nevada June 5, 2010

I review past entries I have posted, and I have a clearer vision of the original posting: Introduction of The American Amero. What appears so clear to me, are the current events that could result to “the means to the end of the free world”. The ordeal began in 2008. At that time, the means/tool was the market crash, AIG and the closure of banks through out the nation. In 2009 the means/tool was home foreclosures, rising unemployment, job shrinkage. This year 2010, the means/tool is high unemployment, budget cuts, reduced social welfare, and IMMIGRATION.

I sense a discrepancy between what it is to be employed during a period of high unemployment. And what it is to SURVIVE during a period of high unemployment. Surviving is taking on odd jobs, working for wages lower than prior employment history, working in an industry that is undesired, but necessary to handle day to day expenses. Reduced to part-time employment or working for free (hard times call for innovative and negotiations outside the box of conventionalism). How any individual copes with these factors of life, is a subjective matter. I have heard some say they could never work in a fast food establishment, and listened as they were criticized by others for being so arrogant. When some people would love to have the opportunity to have that same job. However, I question the criticism? What is the benefit of having a displaced, unhappy worker, working in an environment that, might assault their intelligence and esteem daily. I wouldn’t want to work with a person of this nature. Their discontent would bring down the work environment moral. And their discontent is justified!!!

I also would not pass judgment on them, for how each of us develop our work ethic and experience is different. I have also encountered people who feel they are being taken advantage of by their employer, because of low wages, terms of employment, or etc. They have a right to feel that way, but to push their agenda upon others is wrong. How I cognate my TIME, ENERGY, WORK and LIFE is my own affair. Of course if I collectively desire to place my interest in the hands of an organization or another person, then I should have the right to do so. But to criticize an individual for working, regardless of the terms they accept, is wrong. Especially if they did not request assistance.

What an individual gains for employment (besides money) is subjective. I recall working as a contract supervisor for the last American shipping company: SEA-LAND Industries (1996). Although I was compensated well, my joy came from interacting with the union employees of the ILWU. No amount of money could compensate for that encouraging experience. Likewise, it was that experience that taught me variance of work ethic and being taking advantage of by an employer. All of the union workers I encounter at the Port of Tacoma, had exceptional work ethic, and I appreciate the opportunity I had to experience and learn from them. Especially now that I am unemployed and question the future of the American work force. So I decided to examine this issue closer.

According to Webster Dictionary, LABOR is 1a: expenditure of physical or mental effort, especially when difficult or compulsory. 1b: human activity that provides the goods or services in an economy. (2): The services performed by workers for wages as distinguished from those rendered by entrepreneurs for profits.

WORK is defined as 1: activity in which one exerts strength or faculties to do or perform something. A: sustained physical or mental effort to overcome obstacles and achieve an objective or result. B: the labor, task, or duty that is one’s accustomed means of livelihood. C: a specific task, duty , function, or assignment often being a part or phase of some larger activity. 2a: energy expended by natural phenomena b: the result of such energy c: the transference of energy that is produced by the motion of the point of application of a force and is measured by multiplying the force and the displacement of it’s point of application in the line of action. 3: something that results from a particular manner or method of working, operating, or devising.

EMPLOYMENT is defined as, activity in which one engages or is employed: Employ, 1a: to make use of (someone or something inactive) b: to use (as time) advantageously. C1: to use or engage the services of . (2): to provide with a job that pays wages or a salary. “ (2): TO DEVOTE TO OR DIRECT TOWARDS A PARTICULAR ACTIVITY OR PERSON . Self Employed, earning income directly from one’s own business, trade, or profession rather than as a specified salary or wages from an employer.

INDUSTRIOUSNESS is defined as, 1 obsolete: Skillful, Ingenious 2: constantly, regularly, or habitually active or occupied: DILIGENT

And finally TIME is defined as, 1a: the measured or measurable period during which an action, process, or condition exists or continues: b: a no spatial continuum that is measured in terms of events which succeed one another from past through present to future. C: LEISURE 2: the point or period when something occurs: 3a: an appointed, fixed or customary moment or hour for something to happen, begin, or end. B: an opportune or suitable moment—often used in the phrase about time. 4a: a historical period, 5a: Lifetime 5b: a period of APPRENTICESHIP C: a term of military service D: a PRISON sentence, 6: SEASON , 7a : rate of speed: 7b: the grouping of beats of music, 8a: a moment, hour, day or year as indicated by a clock or calendar, b: any of various systems of reckoning time, 9a: one of a series of recurring instances or repeated actions b: plural (1): added or accumulated quantities or instances (2): equal fractional parts of which an indicated number equal a comparatively greater quantity. C: turn, 10: finite as contrasted with infinite duration, 11: A person’s experience during a specified period or on a particular occasion 12a: the hours or days required to be occupied by one’s work.

In regards to unemployment/employment and the attainment of basic life necessities ( I proudly reference Maslow’s Theory of Hierarchy of needs) I have to question “Who’s Time Is It Any Way?” If I barter to attain Maslow’s basic level of need: SHELTER. That is my time and effort being bartered and until some stable employment resurrect America, isn’t it my Freedom of choice to do so? I think if the economy does not rebound soon, that society will be forced into bartering type of transactions. Yet the bartering ideology is non-conventional to the status quo “employment system and monetary system”. Could you image, baby sitting in exchange for rent? Transportation in exchange for being a designated driver for Veterans or SSI/SSD clients who need to get to appointments? What about substitute teaching in exchange for one full college semester tuition? I believe it could work! So during this period of unstable employment, I am interested in comments from others who are SURVIVING during this high unemployment period. Collectively our individual stories, provide encouragement, knowledge and support.

Tier V, Finalized: No Extension, New Job Focus

Tier V, Finalized: No Extension, New Job Focus
by: Paul Dewitt Goree May 31, 2010 LVNV
A final decision concerning Tier V benefits was announced, May 27, 2010 by Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi suggested that the GOP have delayed Tier V extension by using stalling tactics and adding an additional 250 amendments to the delay H.R. 4213. (1) But those tactics weren’t 100% effective, for Congress did pass H.R. 4213 and H.R. 4851, which extended benefits for Tier III and Tier IV till December 2010. The bill also provided extended C.O.B.R.A. coverage, but did not provide extended weeks passage beyond, 99 weeks already provided.

Although the explanation was not clear, Pelosi, suggested that the administration intends on focusing on job creation. When questioned if the efforts of the 99ers were immaterial, Pelosi stated, “No. This bill will go until the end of November, at that time we’ll take up something, but not between now and then,” (2) The entire Pelosi taping is available from C-SPAN at

In prior entries, I stated Tier V, No Questions To Ask? Yet now several questions come to mind, by which I believe the rest of America is also questioning. To full understand America current state of unemployment. I want to start with President Obama intentions. After his election and more recently in February 2010. President Obama made it clear that his intention regarding the state of unemployment were to reduce unemployment below 9.8% by the end of 2010. And to have it maintained at about 8% by 2012. (3) Obama made it clear, that in order for the deficit to be reduced and unemployment to be lowed, the nation would have to experience economic growth. Consumer re-assurance had to be established, thus confidence to purchase increased.

The Obama administration created a through act titled American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (aka the Stimulus Plan) which was to create 3.5 million jobs. I want to point out some of the impressive sections of the act. The act objective was to revitalize the economy, by accomplish the following:
1.)Establish Job Creation and Lower Unemployment
2.)Relief For Struggling Families
3.)Direct Assistance For Homeowners
4.)Re-organize Mortgage Lenders

For the purpose of this entry I will only focus on the Establishment of Job Creation/Lowering Unemployment. With the nation having lost more than 500,000 job, Obama’s approach to unemployment focused on a “PRO-JOB” tactic.(3) In theory, the creation of job, not only benefit the economy growth, but also would aid in the reduction of unemployment. To accomplish this Obama’s administration, created a job tax credit. This credit provided employers with a $3,000 refundable tax credit for each additional full-time employee hired.

Next, the administration eliminated capital gains taxes on small business investments. This also included tax cuts for small business struggling with health care for their employees or energy cost. The purpose of this tax cut was to provide small businesses with an incentive to invest in their businesses, without the fear of taxing themselves into debit. These investments could also result in job creations as some business might decide to expand. Finally the most impressive project of this act was to save 1 million jobs by emergency funding for America’s infrastructure. In the beginning it was estimated that $25 billion dollars would be used to rebuild roads, bridges and repair schools across the nation. (4)

Obama‘s administration had committed $344 billion, of which $179 billion actually was spent. Also spent was $119 billion in tax cuts. (5) Criticism of the distribution of funds was immediately declared by many states including my state of Nevada, were disappointed with the lack of the stimulus money received in ratio to population. The White House’s Annual report, detailed all the funds obligated to The Recovery Act and listed them, as received by each state. Larger states with higher populations, such as California and New York received more funds that less populated states such as New Mexico and Nevada. I would like to point out that during this time, Nevada lead the nation in home foreclosures and unemployment. At that time Nevada had only received $984 million dollars, New Mexico $945 million. Where as New York had received $1.2 billion dollars and Michigan $1.1 billion dollars. (estimated totals)(5) Many believe that politics played a role in the distribution of these funds. However I tend to disagree, seeming the House Majority Harry Reid, represents the state of Nevada and fought hard to get recovery dollars for our state. The notion of foul play, does not seem a logical possibility.

Criticism also came from business owners, CEO Lynn Tilton of Patriarch Partners, an equity company based New York City and Charlotte, N.C. (6)
Tilton found fault in two of Obama’s proposal. First giving $30 billion dollar of TARP funds to community banks in hopes of spurring loans to small businesses. Second providing $100 billion in tax credit for small business, including the $3,000 tax credit for each new employee hired. Tilton suggest these actions are ill-fated and stated, “the things he’s talking about do not get to the core of the issue…” Tilton believed that giving money to small banks, would only result in small banks doing as larger banks do: Sitting on the funds and not leading them out, because they do not have the resources to deal with these distressed business. The reason the tax credit for new hiring will fail according to Tilton, is because it does not address the core issue, that many of these companies may want to hire new employees and receive the tax credit, yet simply lack the capital to do so. Tilton suggestion for spurring economic growth and decrease the unemployment levels, hardcore decisions would have to be implemented, that place tariffs on other countries and force the ideology of BUY AMERICA among American industries, state departments and consumers. (7)

In response to the criticism, the Obama administration pointed out, it’s intent to fight for fair trade. To begin with, the administration suggested, a revision of NAFTA is urgently needed. In addition to this revision, an end of tax breaks to companies that send jobs oversees. Obama also introduced the Patriot Employer Act of 2007, with Senator Richard Durbin (D-ILL) and Sherrod Brown (D-OH). This act rewarded companies that created jobs in the United States for American workers. An example of one of these act in work, can be seen in the recent activities of Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY). Senator Schumer propose legislation which will charge American companies that transfer customers to an over-sees call center. The fee would be .25 cent per call, and require companies to produce a quarterly report of their customer service call activities. Schumer stated, “If we want to put a stop to the outsourcing of American jobs, then we need to provide incentives for American companies to keep American jobs here…also provides a reason for companies that have already outsourced jobs to bring them back” (8) I fully support Senator Schumer for when I was employed, I was a Customer Service Representative in a call center. I had been employed in that industry for more than 15 years. And I am disappointed that some of my prior employers have switched entire call centers to countries such as India.

As in prior entries, I have always made a comparison of President Obama with Franklin D. Roosevelt. For those following these comparisons, I couldn’t write this entry without detailing Roosevelt’s NEW DEAL, particularly The Works Project Administration. The Works Project Administration (WPA) was established in 1939. It was the largest agency of the New Deal. It’s entire purpose was JOB CREATION. These jobs would employee millions of American in public work projects focused on infrastructure development, through the nation. Expenditures for WPA totaled $7 billion dollars, and was successful as it provided needed jobs and community development.

As with all political ordeals, the program and it’s successful results were criticized for wasting tax payers dollars. More importantly the criticism, suggested that taxes dollars were being wasted as foreman and management of the working crew, stalled in production, seeming payment would be guaranteed regardless of the results. (9) Criticism as it is, does not diminish the fact that Roosevelt and his administration did an excellent job, with the implementation of the New Deal and projects such as WPA. WPA was terminated by Congress as the United States entered WWII in 1941. There is no estimating the millions of Americans WPA assisted as this nation, witnessed it worst depression.

As Obama turns his immediate focus from benefits extension to job creation. I can’t help but correlate those efforts to WPA. Hopefully in November, we will see Tier V benefit enacted by Congress, but till I suggest we adhere to, quotes from Franklin D. Roosevelt. First during these difficult times it’s important that we all remember “ When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.” and “It takes a long time to bring the past up to the present.” In no way does these quotes suggest surrendering effort or intent, but simply signifying PATIENCE is needed during times such as these. So I will be patience, but as active as I can be to establish employment and keep faith in President Obama and his administration, seeming it was me who voted for his election into The White House.


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By: Paul Dewitt Goree 5/29/2010 Las Vegas, NV

In response to the earlier blog entry, “Tier V, No Questions To Ask!”. I am proud to announce some supporting news from Nevada’s Congressional State Representatives. As mentioned in the entry, Nevada is lucky, seeming we do have the support of the Senate Majority, Harry Reid. In his correspondence, Senator Reid staff stated, “…shortly after the April 2010 break, Congress again faced the need to extend unemployment benefits. Unfortunately, a short-term extension of these benefits was blocked by a handful of Senators, led by Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK).

Senator Coburn refused to allow a short-term extension of unemployment benefits to come to a vote in the Senate and as a result thousands of unemployed workers were unable to get benefits beginning April 6. However, I am proud to share that on April 15, 2010 the Senate secured the passage of H.R. 4961 with a vote of 59 to 38, extending unemployment insurance benefits through May 31st, 2010. I am particularly pleased that this extension allows unemployed workers to receive the benefits that were suspended during the time that this legislation was being delayed.” Unfortunately Senator Coburn, just won his 2 year seat from the state of Oklahoma, but maybe if his insistence continues, the constituents of his district will NOT EXTEND him to the Senate, in 2012.

In closing, Senator Harry Reid’s office stated, “Please know that my thoughts are with all Nevadans who are struggling during these difficult times. As the Senate Majority Leader, I will continue to work with anyone and everyone in Nevada and Washington on solutions to create jobs and get our economy back on track. Again, thank you for sharing your concerns with me.” Inspiring words for a politician at work. Again cheers to Senator Harry Reid.

Also in correspondence was Nevada House of Representative (D) Dina Titus, who’s staff stated “…Since then (H.R. 3548) Congress has continued to extend the crucial safety net of unemployment benefits. For example, I supported H.R. 4851, the Continuing Extension Act of 2010, when it passed the House on April 15, 2010. The legislation extended unemployment benefits for two months, prevented a 21 percent cut to doctors who treat Medicare patients, and extended COBRA subsidies that unemployed Nevadans rely on for health care. The extension of these key provisions is good news for Nevadans who are struggling to find work on the heels of the deepest recession since the Great Depression, but I know that our work is not done yet. That is why I will continue to fight to create jobs and get the country back on track while preserving access to vital unemployment benefits.” Again, inspiration from a politician at work.

I think this coming election and future elections, that we the people (the unemployed people), let Congress know what a privilege it is to be voted into Congress. As mentioned in a comment update, several organizations or doing just this, by submitting to President Obama and several key Congress Members, citizen petitions, urging the passage of Tier V benefits. To find the latest updated news concerning the 99ers petition, visit:
or to sign recent petitions .

Hip Hip Hooray for McDonald’s 6,000 Jobs Nationally

Paul Dewitt Goree 2010/May Las Vegas Nevada

We have been inundated with so much negative unemployment news. That finally this week, some inspiring news has come about. With the nation’s unemployment rate at 9.9%, the state of Nevada at 13.7% and the city of Las Vegas at 14.2% (1): It was refreshing to hear that one of America’s biggest food chain is doing something to diminish some of the head ache being experienced by many unemployed Americans. Yes, the great “Golden Arches” really have shown, what corporate America can do, if they really wanted to. This news arrives just in time, as the Labor Bureau of Statistics release recent data that placed Michigan as the highest unemployed state, followed by Nevada, California and Rhode Island. (1)

So how does, McDonald’s plan to help with America’s unemployment crisis? According to Paul Booth (franchiser of 3 McDonald locations) McDonald’s has plans to hire 6,000 Americans nationwide. Offering part-time positions to those interested in the employment opportunity. Mr. Booth stated, “I’m encouraged by the research findings because every day I see employees in my restaurants taking advantage of what’s on offer to them with both hands. It can change their lives significantly and that’s brilliant to see, whether they stay at McDonald’s or take their skills to the wider work force.” (2) I couldn’t agree more. During this economic crisis, simple actions such as these by McDonald’s, is what America need. The jobs being offered, should be considered more than low-end fast food jobs. These jobs are skill building jobs, which are essential within the wider work force and will help those employed handle the current financial crunch.

In Las Vegas, McDonald’s plans to hire 600 part-time employees on 5/25/2010. These employees will receive about $500 bi-weekly and pay only $22 dollar per week for benefits. (3) It is important to note that many large corporations, do receive tax benefits from D.H.H.S for hiring welfare recipients. I think this is a great incentive, for large corporations to increase their hiring practice and/or remove hiring freezes. This is a joint co-operative movement, by which the government and corporate America work together to help the economy.

Of course these jobs will not replace full-time employment or higher paid positions, which many of those employed may have had prior to this. But during a time when any employment is better than no employment, these jobs will give temporary financial relief for those individuals and families in need of them. So three cheers to McDonald’s; “Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray!!!”


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Unemployment Extension Tier II

Tier II of Unemployment Extension H.R. 6867

By: Paul DeWitt Goree © 2008


Recently I contacted my local unemployment office. I wanted a full explanation of the distribution of benefits as approved by President Bush on November 23, 2008.  Apparently in the state of Nevada the second extension approval provided for 30% of the original claim. The first extension, approved in June 2008 provided Nevada state residents, with 50% of the original claim, totaling 80% of the original claim.  Depending on each individuals calculations and prior quarters, determined the amount of payments. My payments were distributed in a six week period each extension, totaling a full 80% of my original claim. Whereas others I have spoken to received a lesser dollar amount, but a distribution of 21 weeks.


The most interesting thing I learned from the Unemployment customer service representative is the information concerning Tier II of the second unemployment extension.  When President Bush signed the H.R. 6867, it did state that those states that continued to have unemployment rates of 7% or higher would have an extended 13 weeks or 50% of the original claim.  This is all that has been provided, until January 2009, more likely after President Elect Barack Obama’s inauguration.  In January 2009, the federal government will determine the terms upon which Tier II of the second extension will be distributed.  Although this is something to look forward to, it does not diminish the fact that industry has not vocally stated any intent to increase employment opportunities in the coming year.  In fact retail giants such as Office Depot, Best Buy and Mervyn’s are cutting jobs, eliminating store locations and reorganizing new store constructions [1].  Amongst all of this the Auto industry is yet to determine where its future lies, even with the current bail out loans approved by President Bush.  It’s important that the Auto industry is sustained, for its industry trickles down to a multitude of other associated industries which will surely hurt the middle and working class of this nation financially.


In Las Vegas, casino giant Sands Corporation will be laying off 216 workers from the Venetian and newly opened Palazzo resort. While Boyd Gaming Corporation will cut its employees’ 401(k) matching program by half, in order to combat the troubled gaming industry. [2] [3].  Ironically Steve Wynn has opened the new Encore casino and recently MGM has stated that 12,000 jobs will become available at its new casino City Center, in the coming years.  How these casinos can project stable employment condition is a wonder to me, consider that tourist rate in Las Vegas has fallen 14.1% percent [4] and will continue to decline as the economy worsens.


Another issue recently bought to my attention, is an attempt to allow unemployment income to count as Earned Income Credit for tax year 2008 [5].  All of these issue brings me back to my original posting, concerning President Elect Barack Obama and the chaotic financially disarray he will encounter, during these coming years. I hold total faith in Mr. Obama and am especially interested in his intentions to extend new public work programs for this great country of ours. I believe that these types of public work projects can not only provide employment opportunities, but also provide vocational training in new areas of industry for millions.


Just for the record, the unemployment rate as of today in Nevada is 8.0%, up 0.9% from the last month [6]. Nationally the unemployment rate is 6.7%. [7] Until some stable employment becomes available I have decided to utilize my time volunteering to local non-profit agencies, and continue the development of my own non-profit agency Chiespirt. 

Lately I have been talking to a lot of unemployed, homeless and veterans through out Las Vegas. The one thing I am finding in common is an air of meaninglessness, derived from lack of stable employment and demising social economical conditions.  During these times of despair, it is very important that we keep ourselves occupied to prevent depression and languor.  I am reminded of the Great Depression and the air of social depression that spread through out this country due to increasing lack of worthlessness, whereby the great FDR responded, “…above all, try something! The millions who are in want will not stand by silently forever while the things to satisfy their needs are within easy reach. We need enthusiasm, imagination and the ability to face facts, even unpleasant ones, bravely. We need to correct, by drastic means if necessary, the faults in our economic system from which we now suffer. We need the courage of the young. Yours is not the task of making your way in the world, but the task of remaking the world which you will find before you. May every one of us be granted the courage, the faith and the vision to give the best that is in us to that remaking!” [8]. “…Happiness lies not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.” [9]

In this sense meaninglessness refers to, lack of industrialism, non-benefiting use of ones time.  It would be great for that time to be compensated for through employment, but until the economy strengthens, the best way to attend to the ills of meaninglessness are through, volunteering, attending to community and family needs. It takes a village more than ever, during these rough times.






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