My name is Paul Dewitt Goree, and I reside in Phoenix Arizona. I am originally from Orange County, California, born in East St. Louis, Illinois. Currently I am student at Arizona State University, where I am finishing up my B.S.W. and will be working towards a M.S.W. My focus is with HIV/AID post treatment lifestyle–providing positive continued lifestyle for person living healthy lives with HIV. I am especially interested in using my experience in Kenya. Besides social services, I am very interested in the United States of America. Our beautiful history and where we are headed. The primary reason for this blog was to detail my concern about my beautiful country, regarding the North American Union, Unemployment, Depression 2008, President Obama and things of interest such as meta physics and collective behavior: thus the range of posting I post, don’t vary much. I am concerned about immigration in this great country, and believe that immigrants have and must remain a central theme for our evolvement. I believe and advocate social justice and independent liberties. Some of my favorite theorist and writers are Mark Twain, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Carl Jung, Hank Wesselman, Deepak Chopra, Bashar, Wayne Dyer, Joyce Meyer, James Hillman, and a list that goes on and on.


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