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7 Seconds (Youssou N’Dour and Neneh Cherry)

Paul Dewitt Goree

Don’t see me from a distance, don’t look at my smile
And think that I don’t know what’s under and behind me
I don’t want you to look at me and think
What’s in you is in me, what’s in me is to help them
Roughneck and rudeness,
We should be using, on the ones who practice wicked charms
For the sword and the stone
Bad to the bone
Battle is not over
Even when it’s won!
And when a child is born into this world
It has no concept
Of the tone the skin is living in
It’s not a second, seven seconds away
Just as long as I stay, I’ll be waiting
It’s not a second, seven seconds away
Just as long as stay, I’ll be waiting
I’ll be waiting,
I’ll be waiting
I assume the reasons that push us to change
I would like that they forget about their color,
so that they can have hope
Too many views on race that make them desperate
I like the doors wide open
So that friends can talk about their pain and their joy
Then we can give them information, that will bring us all together
It’s not a second, seven seconds away
Just as long as I stay, I’ll be waiting
It’s not a second, seven seconds away
Just as long as I stay, I’ll be waiting
I’ll be waiting,
I’ll be waiting
And when a child is born into this world
It has no concept
Of the tone of the skin he’s living in
And there’s a million voices!
And there’s a million voices!
To tell you what she should be thinking!
So you better sober up for just a second!
Seven seconds away
Just as long as I stay, I’ll be waiting
It’s not a second, seven seconds away
Just as long as I stay, I’ll be waitin
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Welcome to the METH SEX FANTASY  journal! This journal is about the deep rooted sexual fantasies that occur in men, while one is on meth.

Meth is the substance by which the conscious mind is mildly sedated into a trance and the sub-conscious mind is able to unleash the desires and fantasy of the true self. It is not unnatural to be sexually uninhabited. The state of mind that occurs, elevates the soul into a shaman existence in the interim of reality. The interim of reality is that space that occupies the pre-spiritual realm of reality. It lies between the collect reality and spiritual realm.


Think and Grow Rich – Chapter 3  Napoleon Hill


Fortunate, indeed, is the person who has discovered how to give sex emotion an

outlet through some form of creative effort, for he has, by that discovery, lifted … The

human mind responds to stimuli, through which it may be “keyed up” to high rates of vibration, known as enthusiasm, creative imagination, intense desire, etc…Think and Grow Rich – Chapter 3. Napoleon Hill … The mixing, or blending, of these three emotions has the effect of opening a direct line of communication between the finite, thinking mind of man, and Infinite Intelligence. HOW TO DEVELOP FAITH There comes, now ….. You’ve got to think high to rise, You’ve got to be sure …

The Sociology of Space: Materiality, Social Structures, and Action

INTERIM. CONCLUSION. A concept of space is said to be absolutist when an immanent reality beyond action, material bodies, or human beings is attributed to space, or when three-dimensional Euclidean space is assumed as the indispensable presupposition of all constitution of space. In particular, in case of a systematic …


Spirit Walking: A Course in Shamanic Power

Shamanism is an ancient spirituality rooted in the belief that all matter has consciousness and that accessing the spirit in all things is part of what keeps the world and people healthy and in balance. …


There is a dark side of reality, that we should not fear. While on meth the dark side is within the interim of reality and if we utilize our emotions by raising them to a higher level and mixing them together, we can raise our physical and spiritual to that higher level of existence and access the balance of our lives. The darker side is where we might be able to gain the energy to over come our fears.


Also one should consider the Meth Sex Fantasy as a ritual by which society interacts with the environment to increase it’s self with nature/the infinite intelligence.  As in KIOWA BELIEF AND RITUALS By: Benjamin R. Kracht

Rituals are specific courses of actions, done by social collectives. The rituals extend from the root of the society and represent the terms of the constructed reality as lived. The principles, moral, beliefs, virtues and expectations placed upon each individual within the collective. Rituals include collective behavior that is utilized in religious worship, rites of passages, community development/witch doctor, and sacraments. As with Christian Sacraments, rituals involve a physical activity within the environment, which is observable. Sacraments signify God’s grace in a way that is outwardly observable to the participant. That grace of God is defined differently in different cultures around the world. The grace of God, being the blessing by which we are in existence-becomes more interesting as we observe it from different cultural lenses. All of the variation have basic core elements. One being the need for humans to interact with the spiritual realm of the divine/universe. The way this is done in all cultures is through rituals, where by repetitive drums beats, creating waves of sound cause a hypnotic state of consciousness, by which the spiritual realm can be contacted. There is always some type of olfactory natural to the earth. Many indigenous cultures use sage, lavender, or cedar to create a olfactory pleasant offering to the energies of the universe. There is usually a verbal hum, that is accompanied by a physical dance/body movement, that corresponds to the drum beats. All of these practices provide a way for the human to interact with the spiritual realm.

Also included as rituals are prays, in psychology it is the used in a technical sense for a repetitive behavior systematically used by a person to neutralize or prevent anxiety; it is a symptom of  obsessive-compulsive disorder. There are praise rituals for the human living experience such as the Swahili ‘matunda ya kwanza’ – first fruit of the harvest. Which evolved into African Americans celebration of Kwanzaa.  Another harvest ritual is the Native Americans description of a “Strawberry Moon” which becomes a Farmer’s Almanac to agriculture.


Welcome to the METH SEX FANTASY  journal! This journal is about the deep rooted sexual fantasies that occur in men, while one is on meth.

Meth is the substance by which the conscious mind is mildly sedated into a trance and the sub-conscious mind is able to unleash the desires and fantasy of the true self. It is not unnatural to be sexually uninhabited. The state of mind that occurs, elevates the soul into a shaman existence in the interim of reality. The interim of reality is that space that occupies the pre-spiritual realm of reality. It lies between the collect reality and spiritual realm.


Think and Grow Rich – Chapter 3  Napoleon Hill


Fortunate, indeed, is the person who has discovered how to give sex emotion an

outlet through some form of creative effort, for he has, by that discovery, lifted … The

human mind responds to stimuli, through which it may be “keyed up” to high rates of vibration, known as enthusiasm, creative imagination, intense desire, etc…Think and Grow Rich – Chapter 3. Napoleon Hill … The mixing, or blending, of these three emotions has the effect of opening a direct line of communication between the finite, thinking mind of man, and Infinite Intelligence. HOW TO DEVELOP FAITH There comes, now ….. You’ve got to think high to rise, You’ve got to be sure …

The Sociology of Space: Materiality, Social Structures, and Action

INTERIM. CONCLUSION. A concept of space is said to be absolutist when an immanent reality beyond action, material bodies, or human beings is attributed to space, or when three-dimensional Euclidean space is assumed as the indispensable presupposition of all constitution of space. In particular, in case of a systematic …


Spirit Walking: A Course in Shamanic Power

Shamanism is an ancient spirituality rooted in the belief that all matter has consciousness and that accessing the spirit in all things is part of what keeps the world and people healthy and in balance. …


There is a dark side of reality, that we should not fear. While on meth the dark side is within the interim of reality and if we utilize our emotions by raising them to a higher level and mixing them together, we can raise our physical and spiritual to that higher level of existence and access the balance of our lives. The darker side is where we might be able to gain the energy to over come our fears.


Also one should consider the Meth Sex Fantasy as a ritual by which society interacts with the environment to increase it’s self with nature/the infinite intelligence.  As in KIOWA BELIEF AND RITUALS By: Benjamin R. Kracht

Rituals are specific courses of actions, done by social collectives. The rituals extend from the root of the society and represent the terms of the constructed reality as lived. The principles, moral, beliefs, virtues and expectations placed upon each individual within the collective. Rituals include collective behavior that is utilized in religious worship, rites of passages, community development/witch doctor, and sacraments. As with Christian Sacraments, rituals involve a physical activity within the environment, which is observable. Sacraments signify God’s grace in a way that is outwardly observable to the participant. That grace of God is defined differently in different cultures around the world. The grace of God, being the blessing by which we are in existence-becomes more interesting as we observe it from different cultural lenses. All of the variation have basic core elements. One being the need for humans to interact with the spiritual realm of the divine/universe. The way this is done in all cultures is through rituals, where by repetitive drums beats, creating waves of sound cause a hypnotic state of consciousness, by which the spiritual realm can be contacted. There is always some type of olfactory natural to the earth. Many indigenous cultures use sage, lavender, or cedar to create a olfactory pleasant offering to the energies of the universe. There is usually a verbal hum, that is accompanied by a physical dance/body movement, that corresponds to the drum beats. All of these practices provide a way for the human to interact with the spiritual realm.

Also included as rituals are prays, in psychology it is the used in a technical sense for a repetitive behavior systematically used by a person to neutralize or prevent anxiety; it is a symptom of  obsessive-compulsive disorder. There are praise rituals for the human living experience such as the Swahili ‘matunda ya kwanza’ – first fruit of the harvest. Which evolved into African Americans celebration of Kwanzaa.  Another harvest ritual is the Native Americans description of a “Strawberry Moon” which becomes a Farmer’s Almanac to agriculture.

METH SEX FANTASY: Fauns, Saytrs and Centaurs:



Mythical beast with the upper torso of a human and the legs and tail of a goat, sometimes depicted with goat’s  horns coming out of their skulls. Bipedal. Not to be confused with satyrs, who were much naughtier.


The Satyrs were creatures who looked like men, but had the hooves as feet as well as the tails of goats. They could be best described as goat-men. Many of the Satyrs accompanied Dionysus (Bacchus) pouring his wine and playing music on their flutes for him.


A mythical creature that has the upper body of a human and the lower body of a horse. They tend to be pictured shooting bows and arrows and with braided hair. At times they are picture rough and earthly, demonic and libido driven. Centaurs are mostly often displayed as libido wild, drunkards who tend to be sexually lure and delight the sexual desires of human men.













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Crystal Meth, Addiction, Substance Abuse

Imagine if you will the most intense, amazing, and powerful, mood-altering, and mind-blowing meal of your life. Every bite is a smorgasbord of gastronomical orgasmic overload, with each bite propelling you to the next. While eating this meal of a lifetime, you experience extreme feelings of joy, pleasure, fulfillment, satiety, power, and importance. You cannot wait until the next time you can have this delectable delight.

You begin to plan, coordinate, organize, prepare, and fantasize about the next time you can indulge in the gluttonous smorgasbord of good feelings. Soon, you begin having this meal a couple of times per week. You find that the good feelings and pleasure you experienced your first couple of times with his meal does not match the initial event. You attempt to add new foods, new ways of preparing the meal, eating at different times of the day, spending more money on foods, yet you find you cannot match that initial experience.

In no time at all, you are giving up activities that were once important, isolating from loved ones, becoming pre-occupied with your next meal, you begin seeing weight gain, elevated blood pressure and other health issues, and a change in your feelings and emotions. You find after each gluttonous meal that those once good feelings you experienced after eating are replaced by shame, remorse and a promise to change these behaviors.

Well, for many men who have used methamphetamine, their first couple of times using meth and engaging in sexual activity is similar to this meal of a lifetime. The senses are heightened to a degree that cannot be attained or achieved through normal human activity. The initial “high” that is experienced becomes a futile effort in “chasing the dragon” in trying to recreate those first initial experiences. What started out as recreational, part-time use, soon consumes the individual. Once pleasurable and meaningful activities soon become unimportant, boring, and slowly drift out of the individual’s life. The obsession to use methamphetamine takes over and soon the individual experiences a change in their personality, a shift in morals and values, and the consequences of their continued use. Sometimes this happens quickly and other times, slowly.

Now, add the powerful experience of sexual activity to this combustible mix and you have set the stage of an interconnected and difficult challenge to tease apart meth use with sexual activity. Imagine the combined efforts of having sex on meth! A combined overload of Dopamine, Serotonin, and Endorphins followed by the release of Oxytocin post-orgasm and the individual has achieved the elusive, powerful, temporary, and unachievable through natural human efforts, the sexual experience of a lifetime.

Crystal Meth, Addiction, Substance Abuse

Meth and sex neurotransmitters activated during meth use and sexual activity.

So, how does the cycle begin

Typically, many individuals have reported that their first meth use and sexual activity was like no other experience in their life. Meth is a stimulant that initially provides acute psychological effects on the brain including increased confidence, alertness, mood, increased sex drive, increased energy, talkativeness and decreases boredom, loneliness, and timidity. When used, crystal meth causes the user’s brain to produce abnormally high levels of dopamine. Users experience increased energy, prolonged sexual performance and suppressed appetite. It also causes intense sexual desire and lower sexual inhibition which can lead to sexually risky behaviors.

Many men in the gay, bisexual and M2M population report using meth due to cultural factors of internalized homonegativity, oppression and discrimination, shame, loneliness, a need for “false” intimacy, and societal heterosexism and heteronormative culture that views heteronormative behaviors and practices as the “acceptable” norms. Meth use allows individuals to engage in sex/sexual behaviors that fall out of the “accepted norms”, provides a sense of false confidence/self-esteem, and can provide a sense of belonging to a sub-culture that accepts the individual user as they are. Additionally, youth and beauty are revered in this community which set a high standard for anyone that falls outside of these parameters to feel less than or inadequate. The advent of the internet and hook-up apps provides the perfect backdrop and venue for seeking out like individuals who are looking to hook-up and score meth.

Unfortunately, this illusion and the perceived benefits of using meth and engaging in sex can only last so long. Meth use and sex may lead to high risk behaviors including an increase in the number of sexual partners, a decrease in disclosure of HIV status, a decrease in condom use, an increase in the probability of engaging in anal receptive sex, prolonged sexual encounters, intentional unprotected sex and extreme sexual behaviors.

How do we break the cycle

There is no one method of treatment that can address the complex interconnectedness between crystal meth use and sexual activity. Treatment and recovery must be individualized to each person. This may be through total abstinence or a harm-reduction model, or somewhere in between. Research supports that quitting all mood-altering substances (abstinence) increases an individual’s chances of sustained recovery.

Kinkster MAG, AIDS, HIV, Gay Men

One thing is for sure: Education, support, and self-introspection are required in order to break the cycle of the meth and sex connection. At PRIDE Institute, we work with hundreds of men each year that meet the criteria for substance use disorder-methamphetamine and report that they live outside of their value system for sexual behaviors. A “diagnosis” of a sexual disorder is not required; it is self-identification by the individual that seeks treatment that determines if the individual engages in sexual behaviors and activities that do not align with their value system and have identified that they cannot engage in sexual activity without the use of substances. We see men from all walks of life; from those who are professionals with a high economic status with minimal consequences related to their use to those who are living on the streets and indigent. As we know, addiction does not discriminate. It is also important to understand that a 28 day stay in a treatment setting does not recovery make. The first step in recovery is to remove the problematic substance and/or behaviors followed by a rigorous and honest look at the behaviors, attitudes, and thinking that keep the individual stuck in a cycle that is difficult to break. Let’s be honest…although not impossible, the rewards and the hijacked brain of those that use meth can make long-term recovery difficult but not impossible. It is not an uncommon phenomenon to see individuals return for a second, third, tenth or fifteenth treatment episode.

Because the pay-offs for using meth and engaging in sex can often be temporarily extremely rewarding and the brain reward system is hijacked by use, this reinforces the perceived pay-offs. It is crucial to have the individual take a look at the underlying issues that support these continued behaviors. As mentioned earlier, self-esteem, body image issues, need for validation, discrimination, shame, lack of confidence, feelings of inadequacy, internalized homo or bi-negativity, or the desire to escape or numb feelings and emotions, can all play into reasons for using. Other reasons may include the desire to feel powerful, seductive, to engage in sexual behaviors that aren’t considered part of the norm. Whatever the issues may be, the client must commit to begin exploring these issues in safe therapeutic relationships. In early recovery, it is also important that an individual commits to abstaining from meth use and sexual behaviors. It is very difficult to do the work that needs to be done if the individual is still engaging in these behaviors. This is not a permanent edict; at PRIDE we have found that individuals need time away from the behaviors in order to fully access their feelings and emotions, and not use these unhealthy coping measures to escape those feelings.

As an individual begins to uncover and articulate honestly the underlying issues that may be contributing to their behaviors, it is important that they also identify and acknowledge the pay-offs they have received from meth use and sexual activity. Whatever the pay-offs may be, it is important for the individual to begin exploring and identifying how these pay-offs can be gained in a healthy manner. If increased self-esteem is a pay-off for meth use, the individual must begin to identify, explore and practice healthy behaviors and thoughts that boost self-esteem.

It is imperative to talk about sober sex and how this may look to an individual. A safe and trusting space with like individuals can help normalize and allow for individuals to talk openly about issues that have led to or kept an individual stuck in the shame cycle. The individual must identify boundaries within their sexual life, and determine which behaviors and activities support their health and does not lead back to meth use. There are several models in the treatment of sexual behaviors that asks the individual to identify behaviors that are always unsafe to them, behaviors that may be unsafe, and behaviors that are always safe. The client identifies these behaviors and sets boundaries according to their where these behaviors fall in their identified boundaries. For example, a client who identifies that they cannot engage in fisting without using meth, then, particularly in early recovery, should avoid engaging in fisting activity. This is not to say that fisting cannot be eventually re-introduced to into the individual’s sexual repertoire, but it must be done slowly, with caution, and a safety plan created, should the client be triggered to use meth during this activity.

Part of this entire process is for the individual to identify their individual values and identify behaviors that support these values. If water sports are part of an individual’s value system and behaviors that do not lead to meth use, then by all means, get your fill. There is not judgment on the behavior. We are all sexual beings and have our likes and dislikes. The issue surfaces if and when a behavior/activity falls outside of the individual’s value system and engaging in these behaviors cannot be done without the use of meth.

It is of the utmost importance for individuals to talk about their likes and dislikes, their feelings and thoughts about sober sex and, moving forward, how these activities can be performed without the use of substances. Fantasy work can be a wonderful tool to help an individual begin identifying what they are seeking in their sexual lives and intimate relationships. The exercise can lead to building trust in a group and can offer insight into an individual.

At PRIDE Institute we have found that a group of individuals with the commonality of meth use and sexual behaviors, after establishing trust with each other, allows individuals to talk openly and without shame about their experiences. To know and understand that there are many other people who have similar or same experiences, is empowering and can help decrease the stigma and shame associated with meth use and sex. By normalizing experiences and talking openly with others about their sexual lives, the hope is that the individual can leave treatment and continue this work in support groups, individual therapy, or an identified meth and sex process group. In addition, there are a host of wonderful workbooks that can be utilized to move the client through recovery.

The interconnectedness of meth use and sexual activity is a difficult bind to break. It is not impossible, but it takes hard work, a willingness to go to any lengths to change, and the ability to be honest and vulnerable. Most individuals we have worked with at PRIDE Institute find comfort, support, and empowerment in doing this work with a group of like-minded individuals with a history of similar or shared experiences. The individual ultimately has to do the work, but they do not have to do it alone.

Now, if I could just quit planning my next meal….

Todd Connaughty, MA, LADC, Director of Clinical Services



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Los Angeles Mac 10 Logistical Index Year 2020



A Macro 10, is a theoretical term that details the logistics of a geographical location. The logistical data that is valuable not only to consumers, but also political strategy projections, CRIME Index Reporting, Societal Development (urban/rural/and infrastructure), Poverty, and local/State business growth. The logistical data collected, creates a macro societal trend index: which provides logistical insight into future trends in social settings. In the United States, the Macro 10 city provides insight into the next 10 years (decade) by which the nation will experience similar growth.

PRIOR MACRO 10 CITIES in the United States:

1990-1999 SEATTLE, WA

2000-2009 LAS VEGAS, NV

2010-2019 PHOENIX, AZ

2020-2030 LOS ANGELES, CA (Second time as a Mac 10 city. First time 1970-1979)

For Los Angeles, the future is going to be real bright (GOLDEN) as detailed in a G.Q. article Jan 2016, Los Angeles has come to some incredible ethnic fusion, that is producing an original energy that is amazing. Just as Seattle, WA had a global influence from 1990-1999, Los Angeles can look towards the same growth.


1) Los Angeles host the Superbowl and the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles will be the first team to host the super bowl and win the super bowl.

2.) Los Angeles host the Olympics for the second time

3.) Los Angeles city mayor and staff provides a national blue print for civic involvement with homeless programs that are effective.

4) Los Angeles creates prisoner felony discharge programs.




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An Indigenous Hut In Balboa Canyon San Diego, CA: Communication of Folklore

replica-of-a-indigenous-hut-at-the-tibes-indigenous-ceremonial-center-f93kwa(Note the hut resemble this one (http://www.alamy.com/stock-photo/ceremonial-artifacts.html) but it was more open top. It also had small boulder type rocks as a foundation, by which he was able to built a window. The entire hut was made from “weathered-Holy Week Day 3” material found in the canyon and is similar or the same as planets/trees in Central Mexico, where Tenochtitlan. The foundation as he referred to it, was very Western Civilization European/WEC.)

Through out my travels (starting 1989): I have made a point of asking some people, if they mind if I utilize the information we talked about, should I ever make something of myself and write a dissertation. All have agreed. I wanted them to understand, that even in my struggle to live, some amazing people (like themselves with their lives) HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD. By which their life is so pinnacle to others. This is often unseen and yet as expressed by them: the anger, hurt, pain, disappointment, FAITH, love and pleasant generalization of their lives, can bridge people closer. I sometimes have to explain it, which is difficult for me. So I’ve come to just define it as US as in we Earth humans are so stratified that it takes repeated events to mutates from our social constructed reality (SCR).

Every once in a while (lately 2015 Los Angeles) I’ve asked a person could I write their story or aspects of their story on the internet. For example:
I can only promise them what I believe about what they’ve commented on or expressed as a soul felt fear or pain. And they themselves know to the best of my ability I will attempt to get the gist of their concern on the internet. This posting is about a Mexican American seeking his indigenous identity. Seeming we never exchanged names, I will refer to him as Yankwik Mexikayotl San Diego (YMSD).
With that brief opening, here is an amazing story. I asked a Yankwik Mexikayotl (https://mexikaresistance.com/what-is-yankwik-mexikayotl/) if he mind, if I post his story on one of my blogs. The story would explain the discussion he and I had alone and the discussion we had with other people (not interested in the subject). The subject would be his soulful desire to build an hut in Balboa Canyon-San Diego, like his indigenous ancestors did. THE ORAL STORY OF Yankwik Mexikayotl Balboa Canyon San Diego (Seeming I never asked him his name. Nor did he ever tell me it. We both felt it was useless-seeming the subject we discuss. So for this post/story his name is YMSD).
I had just returned from Los Angeles (Mid July, 2016). I was not to happy upon arriving in San Diego for the second time. But something that occurred the first time (May 2015) required me to return. I left San  Diego the first time October 2015, and stay in Los Angeles seeking to continue my REVOLT all the way to Red Russian River in Northern California.  While in Los Angeles (March 2016) on the transportation van to a Winter Shelter. I enjoyed listening to  the Pastor on Christian radio. This particular morning, the pastor stated that…”Shaman get their power from natural environments: mountains, lakes, forest.” I immediantly  add CANYONS to that list, seeming my love for them.  The pastor went on to state, “Wheras a Shaman gets his power from nature: A pastor, minister gets their power from their congregation.”  Which is true. The power by which GOD has blessed them is found in either a growing congregation or nature (for Shamen).
Thus day two on the return to San Diego (Mid July 2016) after visiting a “friend” I met during the first visit, I decided to go to the canyon and see if the pastor was correct.  So into the Balboa Canyon I went. Just as I use to do on the first visit. But this time I verbalized what the pastor had expressed and wanted to see if I could feel it. I was expecting to feel some type of connection with nature and my love for the Canyon. I did feel that connections and proceed to go about doing an Sociological observations of all factors in the Balboa Canyon, that I felt represented what I had defined as a canyon. For me, a Canyon represents the dual nature of life and death. Within a canyon, all that is alive exist in other geographical locations. All that is dead, exist in similar form (depending on HUMANS and BIO-LOVE) or varied form (depending on several geological variables. ex. Platetonics).  
The observations I worded in qualitative form with a comparison. Thus if I did not notice something first visit. Then document it and as the year proceeds we can see if that is a new event or repeated/cycled event that I am just becoming aware of. For example I documented bees during pollination in my favorite area of the canyon.  I also decided, to write in large letters, the expression. CHIESPIRT…CONSCIOUSLY GOING ABOUT LIFE WITH ACKNOWLEDGEMENT TO ALL CREATED BY GOD. I intentionally on wrote this on “weathered” parts of planets and rocks that exist in the canyon. ( 1 0f 4 encounters occurred between  YMSD and I).
As I walked about the canyon, I came upon an area, that I did not notice last time I was in San Diego. The reason I did not notice it, was because there was a rock/small boulder formation that made a large circle. I really focused on this area, because there was so much “weathered” from the Canyon Clearing (which I was use to–seeming during the first visit Summer 2015. My Cal-Work was at Balboa Canyon, which I did apply for an entry level position. But decided not to complete the application for review, by taking a typing test. WHY I AM IN REVOLT!   No Margret Finn this is not pre-Schizophrenia. Just one human who wants and will have the TRUTH told. Recall you made me and Johnny express and commit to our, as you worded it…”WE ALL MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR EACH OF OUR ACTIONS IN THIS TERRIBLE MESS CREATED” mines was in a memo to you, johnny and an other case manager from a different agency. Then you made Johnny express his commitment, then you move right pass yourself and continued the nature of the meeting! WRONG and thus my revolt and life will prove how wrong you were. Unless you had to do what you had to do, because of MIXED AGENCIES OF USA INTELL…)
As I noticed the circular formation of small boulders. I felt really comfortable and sat upon a tree stump. And continued my observation from that peaceful location. There was a guy there, doing a mosquito testing. I was so comfortable that I didn’t even notice him. About 45 minutes later, YMSD approach with another person. He saw me and immediately rush towards me to see what I was doing. As he approached, he was explaining that he had worked hard moving the small boulders. And that he had created that spot. I informed him, that I was just writting and I felt comfortable in this spot. I told him that I also placed a CHIESPRIT expression on the tree stump and a few branches, and apologies and then I left. ( 1 0f 4 encounters with YMSD).
Two weeks later I was over at the same friends house, and ended up with one of his friends and in the canyon. This time YMSD knew the person I was with. YMSD had a person with him that I met. They all seemed to know each other.  YMSD looked at me, and stated…”Are you the one that was here before. Chiespirt?’ I responded “Yes, and wow you’ve done an AWESOME job. This is so indigenous and the best part,  you only used what was in the canyon. Beautiful job. It’s going to be hard for them to tear this down. Seeming it all comes from the canyon.” He was proud of himself and stated, that he tried to read some of the data in books. But it got complicated. Thus he decided to try praying to his ancestors (which either come from the Aztec or  Mayans. The factor he was not sure, was amazing. Seeming both cultures did not always attack neighboring tribes. Some tribes simply by promixity became part of both ‘EMPIRES’ as history explains it. Thus he could have been praying to those ancestors. In hope, that Faith would carry on his internal discourse desire.
I explained to him that praying to his ancestors is logical. I recall meeting a Hindu in Seattle, WA. He noticed I was disappointed as I walked across the University of Washington Campus (1994). He probed me and I explained some difficulty I was having with one Professor. By which I am unable to comprehend some assigned literature, which he has determine is below the level of expectation for that institution.  He then explained something clearly to me. Do not let yourself be removed from your existence because of expression like that in the academic environment. Consider this, most literature in the United States is going to be Western Civilization Based and your indigenous ancestors are not Western in that soul/existences.  He went on to explain to me, it seem understandable to him that attempting to assimilate to conditioning that is not nature to your linage is going to be more difficult.
He then informed me, that he is going to mention a series of books, termed the VEDAS. Do not try to read them now. Your energy will naturally guide you to them. When you first find them, you won’t be able to read them. As time progresses you will read them and understand them and thus you will understand the origin of yours, mines and other indigenous humans upon the earth.  Today I am aware of the Vedas and my journey continues.  YMSD understood, data in books, is not the only means by which to abstract knowledge. Praying to his ancestors is a the best way to utilize his intelligence (intelligence meaning: ability to collect data, to accomplish a objective).
The two persons with us. Wanted to advance the conversation. One expressed for me to tone it down. YMBC interrupted and express he wanted to continue discussing indigenous ancestors and the hut. He then stated, so your “Chiespirt, do you mean that I am thinking/feeling Chiespirt. By consciously utilizing my ethnicity to help me become more aware of my ancestors: as they lived and existed on this planet?”  Yes, I responded. You are becoming aware of their existence, acknowledging their and your rituals of habitation. You also acknowledge this planet as it exist and all creations. You naturally did not find a need to cut down a tree, correct?”  He then thought and expressed. Under any other circumstance, this land would be of his ancestors and onward. I agreed. This month in Smithsonian Magazine, the article Myth and Reason on the Mexican Border, clearly explains the history of the San Diego region 1846-1848.
“…The descendants of all these native peoples remain, and following the border today one encounters the reservations and tribal lands of indigenous folk, from the Cabazon people near Coachella, California, and the Ewiiiaapaayp Band of Kumeyaay Indians (also known as the Cuyapaipe) near San Diego, to the Cocopah at the Arizona state line, the Tohono O’odham farther east, the Mescalero Apache in southern New Mexico, and in Texas the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo near El Paso and the Kickapoo people in Eagle Pass. Among other things, the borderland is a living repository of native peoples…” Smithsonian Magazine Oct 2016.    http://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/myth-reason-mexican-border-180960357/
Again the two other persons divided the conversation. Once again YMSD interrupted them and asked me, how do I feel about my indigenous ancestors.  I explained to him, when I was younger (K-12) I protected my ethnicity by not expressing it to others and letting them make decision upon their own. As I got older I decided to let my true emotions evolve. Today I stated it by expressing. “My ethnicity is…I AM A DESCENDANT OF A KIDNAPPED AFRICAN. WHO DID NOT COME SEEKING LIBERTY or FREEDOM.” One of the other guys, starting choking. I asked him what was wrong. He stated, “I’m sorry, but I have never heard that expressed that way. KIDNAPPED.” I explained to him, it true, for me. How other African American people want to evolve their ethnic mapping, is up to them. Eventually I left and returned the next day. My ethnic mapping is as follows…https://1drv.ms/w/s!Ap60AZ-G3zPrhEN7u-ZPIFjUdto
I remained in the canyon all that night. The next day, YMSD saw me and invited me to his hut. While we were there, a discussion came up. By which I expressed…”The canyon CLEARS the areas.” He replied, “What do you mean, the children CLEAN the canyon.” I let it go. But later that night as I and the friend who lives in that neighborhood returned to the canyon. I saw what I thought were people. My friend had forgotten his glasses and did not see them. Thus I went to the section of the canyon, where I was amazed at what I saw. My friend eventually left to return home, because he could not see what I was seeing.
What I was observing, was broken up into various visual displays. Some of it was projection video from video projectors. This creates a hologram illusion. Yet near that section, I saw really people. They gathered in several groups under the trees. Some of them were wearing ‘the scary movie mask.’ The majority of them weren’t wearing any mask. From about 1AM -8AM I stood in the area, where real people had gathered. No communication was going on. I went from group to group, simply just looking at them in their eyes. Their ages varied. The majority were older adults to senior citizens. Their ethnicity varied. I saw African American couples. Mexican couples and Senior citizen couples. Which really couldn’t be explained.
As I approached some of them, they would move further into the trees. I decided I was not leaving until I felt I understood what was going on. We stood there for hours. Then I decided to walk the trail in the canyon. As I walked the trail towards the steps. I observed more people. At first I thought they had come to clean the canyon. But why at 1AM. Then I thought maybe this is San Diego’s version of “COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT” to secure the park from lewd behavior. But none of these thoughts added up. Some attempted to lure me to them. Those I stayed away from. They seem to be more projected visual images. I returned to the area (creek area) and kept observing those around me. No one communicated.
As the sun rose/twilight hour, I noticed that these people still were present. It seemed that some of them wanted to leave, but they remained. Those with the “scary movie masks” on seemed to be gone. I still couldn’t explain what was going on.  In the creek, I observed children (ages 8-10) walking in the creek in a line, with knee high water boots on. They seemed to be carrying boxes. I thought, “Since when does this occur and how did YMSD know about children cleaning the canyon at 4:30-5:00AM.”  Everything seemed ridiculous. But then, unexplained suggests man intentional involvement.
By 6AM, the sun has risen more and all was more visible clearly. The children seem to have been gone, and only the adults remained. By 7:30AM I was fumbling with my jacket to get a pen to write down the presences of a HELLO KITTY stuffed animal in the creek, along with other dumpings. It made no sense as to why people would drive near the canyon and dump items into the canyon intentionally. And if the children and adults were part of a community clean up team. Then what did they clean up.  As I was fumbling for a pen. A pipe (smoking pipe. Still and will continue R.E.D.U as started in 1992 regarding Q.C.D.C). I heard a senior citizen lady express….
“I thought I saw…?” her husband responded,…”Don’t think, lets go see.” As they approached me, they looked me in the eyes and felt comfortable with me. At the same time, another senior citizen across from me, saw it too. She proceeded to call the Sheriff. As I was leaving the canyon, I ran into the Sheriff, who questioned me as to what directions I am coming from. I explained that I had been all over the canyon and was headed to the opposition side (tennis courts). He looked me in my eyes and let me go.
 The final encounter with YMSD ended on a good, yet sorrow note. He was probing questions as to why people dump trash/items in the canyon. He was questioning why people utilize his hut for activity without him there. He was really concerned that people bring modern items into this indigenous hut and leave those items. Interrupting his spiritual flow.
That day he had drawn a Mexican Aztecan Totem of a Jaguar. It was an amazing drawing and it confirmed his true intentions of exploring his indigenous tribe. He explained that he feels that he has to make a decision as to remaining in the hut-full time: thus leaving where he was living with a family member. He wasn’t sure if the hut was a good ideal. I assured him never allow other people to remove you from your spiritual/soulful intent. They will always attempt to prevent that which they do not understand or don’t want you to understand. Allows follow your heart. I think you did an excellent job. The circumstances by which events happen, are not up to you to control. You accomplished your self driven goal and you can do it again. The fact remains, YOU DID WHAT YOU FELT YOU COULD ACCOMPLISH! So don’t be so hard on yourself.
The expressions that later arose from other regarding him, seemed TYPICAL S.C.R. created. Some express thoughts of his family member, and detailed his mother as that person.  They detailed the huge house that he lives in with his mother near the northern section of the Balboa Park. Some questioned his true intent and purpose.  As I listened to these comments. I really had to ask myself, “WOW is it real or not?” They have provided more data about somebody in a state of discovery. It doesn’t matter as to the nature of his discovery, he did more spiritually for himself in regards to other issues he may have been confronting. It really irritates me sometimes how people just can’t LIVE AND LET LIVE!!!
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JIM CROW Segregation Day Re-Enactment

This month (September 24, 2016) the Smithsonian opened the National Museum of African American History and Culture. The opening was proceeded with a dedication from President Obama, who stated encouraging thoughts by which this museum could provide our nation, armisticeness toward racial/ethnic tensions. Obama stated, “This national museum helps to tell a richer and fuller story of who we are…By knowing this other story we better understand ourselves and each other. It binds us together. It reaffirms that all of us are America, that African-American history is not somehow separate from our larger American story…It is central to the American story.” (K.Bohn, S.Malveaux and E.Scott, 2016)

We applaud the President and the tremendous efforts of the Smithsonian Library. Keeping with the concept of “a richer and fuller story”. I suggest the ideal of Jim Crow Sign Segregation Re-Enactment Day for Martin Luther King Jr. 2017 or 2018 birthday and for the entire month of February-African American History Month. This re-enactment is a paradigm by which we as Americans can confront within ourselves: total ethnicity acknowledgement of our nations diversity, especially that of African Americans.


The objective is the displacement and education of the Jim Crow segregation signs/story, actually being assessed by today’s generation and prior generations, from text books/internet. These measures are limiting within themselves. With an Jim Crow Segregation Sign Day Re-Enactment, we could provide an engagement of these signs into our individualistic mental chronicles. Thus providing proof to American citizens, the great complexities we have ACCOMPLISHED with our ethnicity-our American ‘melting pot soup du jour’.


We should consider placing the signs exactly where they existed in the year 1955, through-out the United States. All public and private (if private wants to participate) should place a Jim Crow Segregation Sign were it was in the past, and let the future reside over us, as we come to understand/tolerate our difference more so, through the ‘due process’ of our collective triumph.


The purposes of this project would be to establish:

1) Interactive Learning Experience for adults who have experience with these signs and children who don’t know or have not actualized the sign and meaning themselves.

2) To prove to Americans and others, how far we’ve really come with racial tensions.

3.) To get American citizens involved with American issues. (Obama recent statement about the African American Museum “…I think, explains why this museum is so necessary, because that same object reframed, put in context, tells us so much more…”) The Presidents statement, best expresses : the benefit a Jim Crow Segregation Sign Re-Enactment could provide for the Nation , by the people, for the people. It reveals to us, our American History, with all of the bad and good within it!

For more information on Jim Crow and the Segregation Signs, visit: http://www.ferris.edu/jimcrow/what.htm

For more information on the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture visit: https://nmaahc.si.edu/

K.Bohn, S.Malveaux and E.Scott. (2016). Obama:African-American Museum helps tell fuller story of America.CNN. http://www.cnn.com/2016/09/23/politics/smithsonian-african-american-museum-obama/

Myrdal, G. (1944). An American Dilemma: the Negro problem and modern democracy. New York, NY: Harper. http://www.ferris.edu/jimcrow/what.htm

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ZERO – ZERO (Won!)

Zero-Zero (Won!) by: Paul Dewitt Goree 2016/823/9 San Diego (BCSD)



Zero-Zero is a factor, I finally understand within my FAITH and Spiritualism! This years, Holy Week, day three is where I stop on my posting of Holy Week. Day 3 represents for me, the continued thoughts of Jesus and the olive branch-which was CURSED. Cursed meaning, not serving its’s purpose, as GOD had created it to be. On day 3, Peter (Simon) questioned it being WITHERED now. By which Jesus seemed to think that by cursing it, the withered state of all creations in the universe have no meaningful purpose. Well unless Peter (Simon) plans/has thought/intent to make something of it (man made) and thus although not expressed day 3 (but is within the Bible)…what ever is created, then give it to CEASAR!

This lyrical book (8-10 lyrical songs) is a combined thought within me, of what I titled/labelled CHIESPIRIT.





Hated it growing up…

Hated the whole damn conception…

Socially created norm, cutting my FREE-FREE blessed soul.

Anything GOD needed-My purpose fully in his plan

And when the coin flip, there’s lessons through my pain.

I can’t deny none of it…

Yet the S.C.R. focus, all the worst human motions-possibilities

I’d rather be floating u[ on a cloud in my minds’ EYE: creative eyes

From God own hands…



Who took the hit first (I, I, I, I, I)

Who took the fall next (I, I, I, I, I)

Who took the KICK right down to the ground

Exactly where the fist first placed a wound.

I’m faded into a cosmic consciousness within

Hoping you’d do, the worst that you could do

Why defended what you’re about?

Were never being real…

When it won’t be you, later trying to figure out

why it feels like my soul is sipping

from the wound on my eye

soul is sipping out

from the wound on my eye

my is sipping out

slowly sipping out into space

neither one of us own!


NO, no I don’t need to explain it again!

Every time someone see it, it seems like they feel it within

And I don’t won’t to remind myself, what I really was thinking then

Between me first-GOD first, my body 2nd state, “Stay down, Stay down”

Endure the pain and let the ending come

Soon you’ll be in the sunrise, don’t you know!

Not every decision in life is ours’, I know

But from my point you did a half ass job-should take me out of existence

(Wrongful emotions, wrongful emotions)





Hail, what the worth is

Was it enough to keep all the dreams alive-all those dreams alive

Hell is where some say it’s ending

Is that just expressed to keep the Shepard true- when the wolves no long give a damn

No need to wear that fake ass wool!

Is it just the same today, as it was yesterday,

I think it is, yes I know it is…




Zero-Zero as it begun

Zero-Zero as it is vain

Zero-Zero raised the first dust

So Zero-Zero, won the earth!!!

Now down on earth

Somebody get a thirst

Zero-Zero gonna cure it, cost it

Yes down on earth

Somebody lose their soul

Zero-Zero gonna save it-redeem it

Zero-Zero, nothing from nothing (withered, withered, withered)





There was no assembly today

It felt forever had come our way

We won’t be coping alive, in this living experience

Yet there was no sense of tomorrow

More like the end is present ground

I saw the shadow fade

Dark turned safe

Trust distained and the many, many, many broken consciousness…




The earth in disarray

They turned their heads one day

And killed in vain, the one with a message so true-so tamed


The moon became the sun

The sun became the moon

Everyday the fire burned and burned all that stood


The ocean turned to sand

The sky blurred orange and red

And still they sat there waiting for the messenger they killed































There was no assembly today

It felt forever had come our way

We won’t be coping alive, in this living experience

Yet there was no sense of tomorrow

More like the end is present ground

I saw the shadow fade

Dark turned safe

Trust distained and the many, many, many broken consciousness…





The earth in disarray

They turned their heads one day

And killed in vain, the one with a message so true-so tamed


The moon became the sun

The sun became the moon

Everyday the fire burned and burned all that stood


The ocean turned to sand

The sky blurred orange and red

And still they sat there waiting for the messenger they killed






Trumpets blared, blared and blared

News from his Majesty today, all hear – hear and be

A celebration to come, all you subject will enjoy

Festivals of better times, yes this is all for you

Treasure in every hand – pleasure for every living subject in the land of his….

And all will eat like Kings

And all will drink like Kings

Be in favor of all – for all

And all will be announced

They love be devoted mounts

Of unconditional respect through-out the land




Tell me, tell me, tell me

Did you see, the Emperors’ new rob?

Tell me, tell me, tell me

Did he radiate – bright light for infinity

Ohhhh, tell me, tell me, tell me

Did you play along?

Did you make a bet?

Did you cue the enemy?

Did you look bewildered at him

Or feel the shame you felt he felt?

Or did you simply blow the candle out

And go to sleep?


I recall the days of  ‘LIFE MAGIC’-99 Vegas Crazed up trick bag

Boy I had some fun—believe me Right!

Yet I kept waiting, waiting in that line

Still no name on the DOCKY today! WTF

Is it me, or was it all a dream…..

As for friends, that I thought were down, all were paid and placed.

And the questions about money, Damn I was in the Vault

That funny – funny vault turning out to be the same

Ohhh, but it comes around

Ohhh, yeah but it’s who involved

Somethings we never know

Ohhh, someone should have told me

It was like MAGIC, but now it’s Hope change – ruining

Ohhh, Ohhh, someone should have told

It was like MAGIC, but now it’s faith tilted!

Ohhh, Ohhhh, Ohhh, somebody should have told me about the

De Mon Faire Magic Hands

(Which hands-Caesars’ hands-magic hands)


At least back then it seemed sensible

A fool gets played every minute they say

And since I’m with the dirty, might as well jump right in.

No question of what this shit’s about

Beside, I’m still trying to figure out

How I walked away from 3 Attempted Murder Charges, Charges

(You’re innocent till proven guilty – don’t forget that son)

Now, they upgraded the system, demeaning my faith, demeaning my hope

My total blinded trust in the INVISIBLE force of the universe creation

Yeah they did this, yeah they do this all the time


(like in the movies-shit right out of the movies)

And now my SOUL CREATOR, is over dubbed external chip in my ear!

WTF, WTF, RFID- upgraded what?





It’ll fade, time will fade it all away

(fade, fade, fade…)

There’ll be no claim, be no name, no fame and no detested

(as fade, fade, fades away)


HUGGING THE TREE OF LIFE, SMILING, PEACEFULNESS in my soul, thank you Jah again!




Not in presence

Any more among all men

Don’t wanna be wanted

By anybody –nahhhh


Not in presence

Any more amongst the sheep

Not in state of mind, state of love, state of life

Among the wanted world….

I’m free, soul free, x-pressions undone

I’m free, soul free, x-pressions undone



As Jah changes the seasons, people change, the world changes

Maybe it’s for the better, but still someone’s getting hurt!

Yes it everyday…

And DEMOCRACY, yet call it Babylon if you won’t (if you dare)

They will just swept, swept, swept it all away into that big hole

That the rug will cover, so pretty, yes it’ll be so pretty perfect.

And I’ll still be on the HIGHEST MOUNTAIN IN AFRICA

HUGGING THE TREE OF LIFE, SMILING, PEACEFULNESS in my soul, thank you Jah again!





I feel I can breath –Exhale, the carbon of confusion

Early, early, early this morning I greeted the rising sun

And I felt blessed again, yes I know I’m LOVED>

Yet that short lived glory in my mind, went as it came

Knowing the fact remains – It’s another day to be…

(another day to be, another day)


How did Jupiter

Get into the womb?

See was it right or lies

How we’d come unglued

Tell me how did Jupiter

Get into the womb?
Are some still playing games?

Is the Phoenix way, just to true, turned BLUE…

How did Jupiter

Get into the womb?

I’m still feeling the same pain

Feeling the same joys….

How did Jupiter

Get into the womb?


(He’s dead, he’s dead, he’s dead, he’s dead in the background)

(He’s dead, he’s dead, he’s dead, he’s dead in the foreground)
Yet I always thought LIFE, for the living, yes the living

So how can it be

That Jupiter got into the womb?



My soul, my soul to Jah I know it belong

It was that breath of life, which made me a LIVING THING

(Not man!)

And all these facts we share, we share them all the same

I’m still in awe that it just can’t be explain…


LOVE, love, love, love…

Love is unbounded, spinning the universe…

It’s all that JAH/GOD knows, GOD LOVE, GOD AND JAH all in one

So as I walk this earth, knowing that I carried (so carried and loved)

Every bump that I stumble, every person misleading-becomes…

Becomes part of the LOVING again…

And still I am in AWE, of the total connection I’m feeling in my soul

And yet the ear that I have, from the words other say, just don’t do much good.

I pray that there are no lies… Only love, only peace on CHI in the world for everyone to praise- PRAISE JAH!











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Fragmento de Almas Maldición

Todos los de Boyle Heights para robar mi teléfono e id , y os fragmento de su alma que maldigas.Las cenizas a las cenizas , polvo al polvo gira y se dobla los huesos para reventar esparzo estos huesos , estos huesos llenos de mi rabia tomarlos como una ofrenda para llevar tu dolor enemigo veo a tu enemigo antes que yo ahora lo ato , aplastarlo , y derribarlo Con estos huesos que ahora no aplastar Grind tus enemigos en polvo Con los fuegos eternos fuera de control con esta maldición tomo tu alma esta es mi voluntad sea hecho. Las cenizas a las cenizas , polvo al polvo gira y se dobla los huesos para reventar esparzo estos huesos , estos huesos llenos de mi rabia tomarlos como una ofrenda para llevar tu dolor enemigo veo a tu enemigo antes que yo ahora lo ato , aplastarlo , y derribarlo Con estos huesos que ahora no aplastar Grind tus enemigos en polvo Con los fuegos eternos fuera de control con esta maldición tomo tu alma esta es mi voluntad sea hecho!
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Holy Week 2016–Day 2

jesus at the market


Monday morning he returned with his disciples to Jerusalem. Along the way, Jesus cursed a fig tree because it had failed to bear fruit. Scholars believe the symbolism extended to all believers, demonstrating that genuine, living faith is more than just outward religiosity.

Mark 11:12-25New International Version (NIV)

12 The next day as they were leaving Bethany, Jesus was hungry. 13 Seeing in the distance a fig tree in leaf, he went to find out if it had any fruit. When he reached it, he found nothing but leaves, because it was not the season for figs. 14 Then he said to the tree, “May no one ever eat fruit from you again.” And his disciples heard him say it.

True faith must bear spiritual fruit in a person’s life. Christ was speaking of God’s future program for Israel. Other passages to consider when studying the Olivet Discourse are Daniel 9:24-27 and Revelation 6:1 – 19:21, which refer to the future seven-year period called the tribulation. God’s program for the Church concludes with the rapture, which is not taught in the Olivet Discourse. The rapture of the Church is found in John 14:1-4; 1 Corinthians 15:51-52; and 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18.

In Matthew 23, Jesus had spoken to the Pharisees concerning judgment. This can be seen in the “woe” statements in that chapter. In 24:1, Jesus was leaving the temple when the disciples called His attention to the magnificent buildings on the temple mount. Jesus then tells the disciples that “not one stone here will be left on another; every one will be thrown down” (verse 2). This prophecy was literally fulfilled in A.D. 70 when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem. The temple was burned. The gold in the temple melted in the fire and ran down into the cracks between the stones. As people later searched for the gold, they toppled every stone from its place. This destruction of Jerusalem was but a foreshadowing of what is yet to come.

Jesus’ prophecy of doom got the disciples curious, and probably more than a little concerned. When they were alone with Jesus on the Mount of Olives, they asked Him, “Tell us, when will these things be, and what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?” (verse 3). What follows in Matthew 24–25 refers to the future, seven-year tribulation period and the second coming of Christ at the end of the tribulation. During that time, God will complete His chastisement and purification of Israel and judge the whole world (Daniel 9:24-27; Revelation 6–19).

Daniel 9:27 indicates that the tribulation will be divided into two equal parts. Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 24:4-8 refers to the first half. The “birth pangs” (verse 8) refer to the sufferings that Israel will experience during the first 3 1/2 years. The signs with reference to the end of the age are the coming of false messiahs (verse 5), the threat of wars and widespread conflict (verses 6-7), and various natural catastrophes (verse 7).

Revelation 6 is a parallel passage. The apostle John writes of the seal judgments. Revelation 6:2 speaks of a rider on a white horse, which refers to a false messiah called elsewhere the Antichrist and the Beast. Revelation 6:4 says that peace is taken from the earth. Revelation 6:6-8 speaks of famine and death. Jesus said these things are only the “beginning of birth pangs” (Matthew 24:8). Worse is yet to come.  In Revelation 13, the second half of the tribulation begins when the Beast, or Antichrist, sets up his rule for 42 months (cf. Daniel 9:27; Matthew 24:15).

In the Olivet Discourse, the second half of the tribulation is described in Matthew 24:9-14. Persecution of the Jews and death (verse 9) will be the result of the Beast’s rise to power. The Antichrist will also persecute anyone who refuses to follow him (Revelation 13:1-18).The salvation promised in Matthew 24:13 is deliverance from the Beast’s persecution. The one who endures until Christ returns will be saved from the Beast. Jesus says that “this gospel of the kingdom” will be preached worldwide before the end comes. In other words, the good news (gospel) will be available during the tribulation; the message will be that Christ will soon return in judgment to set up His earthly kingdom (Revelation 20:4-6). This message will cause many people to realize their sinful state and receive the Savior during the tribulation.

Matthew 24:15-26 gives further details concerning the tribulation. Jesus refers to an “abomination” and desolation of a future temple in Matthew 24:15-22; this is more clearly spoken of in Luke 21:20-24. The Beast will take authority and set up an image of himself in the future temple (Daniel 9:27; 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4; Revelation 13:1-18). When this happens, Jesus says, head for the hills.

When Jesus arrived at the Temple he found the courts full of corrupt money changers. He began overturning their tables and clearing the Temple, saying, “The Scriptures declare, ‘My Temple will be a house of prayer,’ but you have turned it into a den of thieves.” (Luke 19:46). On Monday evening Jesus stayed in Bethany again, probably in the home of his friends, Mary, Martha, and Lazarus.






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Holy Week 2016-Day 1


Sunday 3/20/2016

On Palm Sunday Christians celebrate the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem, the week before his death and resurrection. For many Christian churches, Palm Sunday, often referred to as “Passion Sunday,” marks the beginning of Holy Week, which concludes on Easter Sunday.

Jesus traveled to Jerusalem knowing that this journey would end in his sacrificial death on the cross for the sins of all mankind. Before he entered the city, he sent two disciples ahead to the village of Bethphage to look for a donkey an unbroken colt:

“Go to the village ahead of you, and as you enter it, you will find a colt tied there, which no one has ever ridden. Untie it and bring it here. If anyone asks you, ‘Why are you untying it?’ say, ‘The Lord needs it. ‘ ” (Luke 19:29-31, NIV)

The men brought the colt to Jesus, and placed their cloaks on its back.Then Jesus sat on the young donkey and slowly, humbly, made his triumphal entry into Jerusalem, fulfilling the ancient prophecy in Zechariah 9:9.

The crowds welcomed him by waving palm branches in the air and shouting “Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!”

On Palm Sunday, Jesus and his disciples spent the night in Bethany, a town about two miles east of Jerusalem. In all likelihood, Jesus stayed in the home of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus, whom Jesus had raised from the dead.

https://youtu.be/5DK0vsjn6rE   mqdefault



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Great Music and Lyrics



Visit Great Music and Lyrics, for the best of American Music!


The music of the United States reflects the country’s multi-ethnic population through a diverse array of styles. It is a mixture of music influenced by West African, Irish, Scottish, Mexican, and Cuban music traditions among others. The country’s most internationally renownedgenres are jazz, blues, country, bluegrass, rock, rhythm and blues, ragtime, hip hop, barbershop, pop, experimental, techno, house, dance,boogaloo, salsa, and rock and roll. The United States has the world’s largest music market with a total retail value of 4,481.8 million dollars in 2012,[1] and its music is heard around the world. Since the beginning of the 20th century, some Forms of American popular music have gained a near global audience.[2]



Native Americans were the earliest inhabitants of the land that is today known as the United States and played its first music. Beginning in the 17th century, immigrants from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Germany and France began arriving in large numbers, bringing with them new styles and instruments. African slaves brought musical traditions, and each subsequent wave of immigrants contributed to a melting pot.

Much of modern popular music can trace its roots to the emergence in the late 19th century of African American blues and the growth of gospel music in the 1920s. The African American basis for popular music used elements derived from European and indigenous musics. There are also strong African roots in the music tradition of the original white settlers, such as country and bluegrass. The United States has also seen documented folk music and recorded popular music produced in the ethnic styles of the Ukrainian, Irish, Scottish, Polish, Hispanic and Jewishcommunities, among others.Frank_Sinatra_by_Gottlieb_c1947-_2

Many American cities and towns have vibrant music scenes which, in turn, support a number of regional musical styles. Along with musical centers such as Philadelphia, Seattle, New York City, San Francisco, New Orleans, Detroit, Minneapolis, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Nashville,Austin, and Los Angeles, many smaller cities such as Asbury Park, New Jersey have produced distinctive styles of music. The Cajun and Creoletraditions in Louisiana music, the folk and popular styles of Hawaiian music, and the bluegrass and old time music of the Southeastern states are a few examples of diversity in American music.

The music of the United States can be characterized by the use of syncopation and asymmetrical rhythms, long, irregular melodies, which are said to “reflect the wide open geography of (the American landscape)” and the “sense of personal freedom characteristic of American life”.[3]Some distinct aspects of American music, like the call-and-response format, are derived from African techniques and instruments.


Throughout the later part of American history, and into modern times, the relationship between American and European music has been a discussed topic among scholars of American music. Some have urged for the adoption of more purely European techniques and styles, which are sometimes perceived as more refined or elegant, while others have pushed for a sense of musical nationalism that celebrates distinctively American styles. Modern classical music scholar John Warthen Struble has contrasted American and European, concluding that the music of the United States is inherently distinct because the United States has not had centuries of musical evolution as a nation. Instead, the music of the United States is that of dozens or hundreds of indigenous and immigrant groups, all of which developed largely in regional isolation until the American Civil War, when people from across the country were brought together in army units, trading musical styles and practices. Struble deemed the ballads of the Civil War “the first American folk music with discernible features that can be considered unique to America: the first ‘American’ sounding music, as distinct from any regional style derived from another country.”[4]


The Civil War, and the period following it, saw a general flowering of American art, literature and music. Amateur musical ensembles of this era can be seen as the birth of American popular music. Music author David Ewen describes these early amateur bands as combining “the depth and drama of the classics with undemanding technique, eschewing complexity in favor of direct expression. If it was vocal music, the words would be in English, despite the snobs who declared English an unsingable language. In a way, it was part of the entire awakening of America that happened after the Civil War, a time in which American painters, writers and ‘serious’ composers addressed specifically American themes.”[5] During this period the roots of blues, gospel, jazz and country music took shape; in the 20th century, these became the core of American popular music, which further evolved into the styles like rhythm and blues, rock and roll and hip hop music.images (3)

Music intertwines with aspects of American social and cultural identity, including through social class, race and ethnicity, geography, religion, language, gender and sexuality. The relationship between music and race is perhaps the most potent determiner of musical meaning in the United States. The development of an African American musical identity, out of disparate sources from Africa and Europe, has been a constant theme in the music history of the United States. Little documentation exists of colonial-era African American music, when styles, songs and instruments from across West Africa commingled in the melting pot of slavery. By the mid-19th century, a distinctly African American folk tradition was well-known and widespread, and African American musical techniques, instruments and images became a part of mainstream American music through spirituals, minstrel shows and slave songs.[6] African American musical styles became an integral part of American popular music through blues, jazz, rhythm and blues, and then rock and roll, soul and hip hop; all of these styles were consumed by Americans of all races, but were created in African American styles and idioms before eventually becoming common in performance and consumption across racial lines. In contrast, country music derives from both African and European, as well as Native American and Hawaiian, traditions and yet has long been perceived as a form of white music.[7]


Economic and social classes separates American music through the creation and consumption of music, such as the upper-class patronage of symphony-goers, and the generally poor performers of rural and ethnic folk musics. Musical divisions based on class are not absolute, however, and are sometimes as much perceived as actual;[8] popular American country music, for example, is a commercial genre designed to “appeal to a working-class identity, whether or not its listeners are actually working class”.[9] Country music is also intertwined with geographic identity, and is specifically rural in origin and function; other genres, like R&B and hip hop, are perceived as inherently urban.[10] For much of American history, music-making has been a “feminized activity”.[11] In the 19th century, amateur piano and singing were considered proper for middle- and upper-class women. Women were also a major part of early popular music performance, though recorded traditions quickly become more dominated by men. Most male-dominated genres of popular music include female performers as well, often in a niche appealing primarily to women; these include gangsta rap and heavy metal.[12]


Visit Great Songs and Lyrics for the best of American Music.

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Continuing with the Maslow Theorem: Great Society. Poverty In The USA. This work Maslow Theorem #4 Dome Nation USA details Maslows’  “Expressive Mechanism” within society. It is represented in several of the following events of my reflection (including the purpose of reflecting). As stated in earlier post on this subject, Maslow Theorem represents upward social mobility for the USA. This particular work focus’s on motivation within a collective. In the United States, Maslow details the “Coping Mechanism” by which society adjust to the torment of social upward mobility. This in effect, is restrictive as it stratifies the population. Some endlessly work hard (Puritan Work Ethics) and end up achieving less, due to economically differences.  In Robert T. Kiyosaki’s work he details the payroll system in the United States. Whereby the type of employment and the interval of payment, has an impact on the opportunities accessible. Day labor pay, has less opportunity and thus may seem to be continuously in an non-developing state of existence. Whereas, an annually paid individual, not only gains from the interest on his pay, but the asset of its value. The day labor individual, thus ends up coping to exist in the United States. This is the majority of working Americans.


I want to really reflect on my 25 year absence from California because now an unresolved issue is 10 fold. In 1988 I enrolled in speech and debate class to complete high school graduation requirements. I was new to the team and tried several categories. At one of the competitions I entered the EXPOSE Reporting category and detailed an observation by me of homeless people under the 5 freeway where I grew up on the city borderline of Costa Mesa and Santa Ana.

The ironic economic image was of the luxurious South Coast Plaza Mall and newly built performance art center. Back then it worried me that society could allow economics and development to over shadow what I considered the right-people helping people thing to do. Today I easily convey Social Democracy as a unifying Maslow Theorem solution. Since 1989 I have witnessed this nation make the better turn towards Social Democracy .


This nation as a whole, still from my perspective desires THE GREAT SOCIETY factors to really provide each and every American the purest form Liberty- to be all they desire to be!  I have been working on the Maslow Theorem, to bring to the attention of nearly 80% of regional HUDs the importance of universal housing in the United States to help complete the lower level of Maslow’s’ physiological needs. This nation then will raise to a higher worth and Liberty. A new class of entrepreneurs will emerge from individually utilizing their American Liberty to the fullest. This new class of entrepreneurs will create new small businesses, new inventions, new services as our nation moves towards a Social Democracy.

socal democracy entrepreunuers

I am homeless again in San Diego and I have much to consider. I have lost much in Phoenix and housing offered has altered my life. Luckily for me FAITH is that strong and as I have lived these days homeless in 3 states (NV-2007/2008′ 2011: AZ-2011-2012, 2014-2015: CA-2015/present): I have observed much. hence Maslow Theorem (an academic mess, with some relivant points-not to the standard of papers/reports I have written for class and have posted). However the housing issue continues grow with me. In 2014 I witness our nation’s façe Marine County and the city of New Orleans enforced encampment laws. In Phoenix where I was living the only homeless campus/shelter (non-faith based) began to close a portion of its campus. Leaving many homeless fewer options than before. In Phoenix great organizations like Home Inc exist to end the homeless problem in Arizona, but what about the rest of the nation.

I have tethered upon a project I term Dome Nation USA which will be Kickstarter funded by the individual people of this nation, for this nations homeless and housing population. Whereas in Phoenix the citizens of Maricopa County proved their American helping hands by funding a homeless campus -proving their concern about the problem. Likewise I am confident Americans will donate to fund the purchases of tents, living equipment, Trespassing violations fees, etc. All of these tents will represent a collective nations concerns and push politicians locally and federally to attend to this the housing issue in the United States. These are ideals I feel can be successful, but as with all creations a persons state of mind must be clear and focus. Also commitment and involvement from the community. Again ’Expressive Mechanism” not at work in the United States. Instead, we default to our “Coping Mechanism” and attempt individual gains. Kickstarter is an excellent interactive media that is “Expressive” and can result in collective change. But without community support from the individuals it pertains to-nothing evolves.


I am too torn about the events of Vegas and Phoenix’s and now peace just seem impossible to obtain as I put effort forward to only have “strange things’ occur. Like me finally finding employment in San Diego I like and was good at. To only have all my clothes misplaced by someone in a transitioning program. That event minimized all my effort to present myself a certain way at work. The rest of the week was no better at the transitioning shelter (two clocks different tines). However I excelled which only made me realize transitioning in this city at this tine in my life failed me. Thus I had to remove myself and not let ideals of those events be, what may have been intentional efforts of a sub-cultural collective. There is nothing worst than an individual attempting self determinate actions, only to be minimized.


Here are some statistics comparing homeless rate increase from 2013 to 2014.  California leads the nation in homelessness.

homelessness-estimates-by-state_hud 2013

homeless-map1 (1) 20142014 Estimates

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The Non-Citizen, American Citizen!


The Non-citizen, American Citizen (8/2015)

Where is my United States Federal issued Citizenship Identification Card (Clinton Administration)? So now I can’t leave the country!  Damn I’m starting to feel occupied in my own country, which won’t acknowledge my national citizenship. What’s next, inter-state visas?

From the past, a history lesson regarding American (United States Identity Card): Provided by: EPIC (https://epic.org/privacy/id_cards/)

National ID cards have long been advocated as a means to enhance national security, unmask potential terrorists, and guard against illegal immigrants. They are in use in many countries around the world including most European countries, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Currently, the United States and the United Kingdom have continued to debate the merits of adopting national ID cards. The types of card, their functions, and privacy safeguards vary widely.

Americans have rejected the idea of a national ID card. When the Social Security Number (SSN) was created in 1936, it was meant to be used only as an account number associated with the administration of the Social Security system. Though use of the SSN has expanded considerably, it is not a universal identifier and efforts to make it one have been consistently rejected. In 1971, the Social Security Administration task force on the SSN rejected the extension of the Social Security Number to the status of an ID card. In 1973, the Health, Education and Welfare Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Automated Personal Data Systems concluded that a national identifier was not desirable. In 1976, the Federal Advisory Committee on False Identification rejected the idea of an identifier.

In 1977, the Carter Administration reiterated that the SSN was not to become an identifier, and in 1981 the Reagan Administration stated that it was “explicitly opposed” to the creation of a national ID card. The Clinton administration advocated a “Health Security Card” in 1993 and assured the public that the card, issued to every American, would have “full protection for privacy and confidentiality.” Still, the idea was rejected and the health security card was never created. In 1999 Congress repealed a controversial provision in the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 which gave authorization to include Social Security Numbers on driver’s licenses.

In response to the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001, there has been renewed interest in the creation of national ID cards. Soon after the attacks, Larry Ellison, head of California-based software company Oracle Corporation, called for the development of a national identification system and offered to donate the technology to make this possible. He proposed ID cards with embedded digitized thumbprints and photographs of all legal residents in the U.S. There was much public debate about the issue, and Congressional hearings were held. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich testified that he “would not institute a national ID card because you do get into civil liberties issues.” When it created the Department of Homeland Security, Congress made clear in the enabling legislation that the agency could not create a national ID system. In September 2004, then-DHS Secretary Tom Ridge reiterated, “[t]he legislation that created the Department of Homeland Security was very specific on the question of a national ID card. They said there will be no national ID card.”

The public continues to debate the issue, and there have been many other proposals for the creation of a national identification system, some through the standardization of state driver’s licenses. The debate remains in the international spotlight — several nations are considering implementing such systems. The U.S. Congress has passed the REAL ID Act of 2005, which mandates federal requirements for driver’s licenses. Critics argue that it would make driver’s licenses into de facto national IDs. EPIC and others have called for the repeal of this ill-conceived national identification law.

The REAL ID Act of 2005


The REAL ID Act of 2005 creates a de facto national identification card. Ostensibly voluntary, it would become mandatory as those without the card would face suspicion and increased scrutiny. It is a law imposing federal technological standards and verification procedures on state driver’s licenses and identification cards, many of which are beyond the current capacity of the federal government, and mandating state compliance by May 2008. In fact, REAL ID turns state DMV workers into federal immigration officials, as they must verify the citizenship status of all those who want a REAL ID-approved state driver’s license or identification cards. State DMVs would far move away from their core mission — to license drivers.

REAL ID was appended to a bill providing tsunami relief and military appropriations, and passed with little debate and no hearings. The REAL ID Act repealed provisions in the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004, which contained “carefully crafted language — bipartisan language — to establish standards for States issuing driver’s licenses,” according to Sen. Richard Durbin. After more than two years, the Department of Homeland Security issued draft regulations for state compliance on March 1, 2007.

The National Conference of State Legislatures estimates (pdf) that the cost to the states will be more than $11 billion over five years. This is more than 100 times the $100 million cost that Congress initially estimated. For 2006, $40 million was allocated for start-up costs. It is likely that the cost will be shouldered by the public. The Department of Homeland Security originally estimated that REAL ID will cost $23.1 billion over 10 years. But, when the agency released the final rule in January 2008, it made dubious assumptions and claimed that the national ID system would only cost $9.9 billion.

EPIC and 24 experts in privacy and technology submitted detailed comments (pdf) in May 2007 on the draft regulations explaining the many privacy and security threats raised by the REAL ID Act. The fundamentally flawed national identification system is unworkable and the REAL ID Act must be repealed. In particular, the group admonishes DHS for its failure to include adequate privacy and security safeguards for this massive national identification database. DHS’s own Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee has refused (pdf) to endorse the agency’s plan. “The Committee feels it is important that the following comments do not constitute an endorsement of REAL ID or the regulations as workable or appropriate.”

DHS’s Final Rule to Implement REAL ID

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff released the agency’s final regulationsfor REAL ID on January 11, 2008. The Secretary scaled back some of the requirements, reduced the cost, and extended the deadline for state compliance. However, Secretary Chertoff also indicated that the REAL ID card would be used for a wide variety of purposes, unrelated to the law that authorized the system, including employment verification and immigration determination. He also indicated that the agency would not prevent the use of the card by private parties for non-government purposes. As part of the cost-saving effort, Homeland Security has decided not to encrypt the data that will be stored on the card.

In an opinion column written by Secretary Chertoff after the publication of the final rule, he said, “embracing REAL ID” would mean it would be used to “cash a check, hire a baby sitter, board a plane or engage in countless other activities.” This is a description of a national identification system, which is illegal in the United States. When it created the Department of Homeland Security, Congress made clear in the enabling legislation that the agency could not create a national ID system. In September 2004, then-DHS Secretary Tom Ridge reiterated, “[t]he legislation that created the Department of Homeland Security was very specific on the question of a national ID card. They said there will be no national ID card.”

EPIC Analysis of Final Rule to Implement REAL ID

In a detailed analysis (pdf) of the final rule, EPIC explained that the Department of Homeland Security’s REAL ID system includes few protections for individual privacy and security in its massive national identification database. It harms national security by creating yet another “trusted” credential for criminals to exploit. The Department of Homeland Security has faced so many obstacles with the REAL ID system that the agency now plans an implementation deadline of 2017 — nine years later than the 2008 statutory deadline. It is an unfunded mandate that would cost billions, with the burden ultimately being placed on the individual taxpayer.

Technical experts familiar with the challenges of privacy protection and identification presented the Department of Homeland Security with a variety of recommendations that would have minimized the risks of the REAL ID system. The DHS made some modifications, but left the essential system in place. As REAL ID currently stands, the costs are many and the benefits are few. EPIC also detailed the State rebellion against REAL ID.

EPIC urged the alternative model of a system of decentralized identification. This reduces the risks associated with security breaches and the misuse of personal information. Technological innovation can enable the development of context-dependent identifiers. A decentralized approach to identification is consistent with our commonsense understanding of identification. If you are banking, you should have a bank account number. If go to the library, you should have a library card number. If you rent videos from a store, you should have a video rental store card number. Utility bills, telephone bills, insurance, the list goes on. These context-dependent usernames and passwords enable authentication without the risk of a universal identification system. That way, if one number is compromised, all of the numbers are not spoiled and identity thieves cannot access all of your accounts. All of your accounts can become compartmentalized, enhancing their security. View the full report: Marc Rotenberg & Melissa Ngo, EPIC, REAL ID Implementation Review: Few Benefits, Staggering Costs (pdf) (May 2008).

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Margret Finn of South West Behavioral Services, LIES about Phoenix Police Department

Margret Finn of South West Behavioral Services, LIES about Phoenix Police Department. (Case Manager Neglect ) by: Paul Goree


This is the ongoing details regarding the neglected actions and defamations of South West Behavioral Services case manager Margret Finn. Till date 4 years have elapses and still no conclusion or actions have been taken against Margret Finn. Margret Finn herself has failed to acknowledge her wrongful actions, and there effect upon client Paul Goree. Thus I will continue to disclosure valuable details of the events as they occurred from Nov 2012 to the present.

In is imperative that all case managers and civic personal that interact with citizens, understand the affect they have on an individual. Deceptive behavior and expression, not only cause confusion for clients, but also reflect upon inter civic departments. For example, Margret Finn has cost the state of ARIZONA and CALIFORNIA, valuable social service dollars, as I continue to be unable to progress forward without CLOSURE of her actions. I think Mrs. Finn fully needs to understand the doubt she has cast upon other interlinked departments, such as the Phoenix Police Department is detrimental to the social collective.

“There is a police/social work partnerships that serve as a community response to crisis situations signaled by calls for police service.” (Charles W. Dean, Ph.D., University of North Carolina). The importance of the police/case management partnership is to provide communicational link by which the police department aids in the socio factors of development for the client. These factors are within the environment of the client’s placement. And aid the police department as the officers secure a safety-productive environment not only for the client, but for the general society.

November 2012, Margret Finn’s clients Paul Goree and Angel Thurman had an incident with the Phoenix Police Department. Client Angel Thurman called 911, and made a complaint against client Paul Goree. The complaint expressed notions that Paul Goree had threaten Angel Thurman with several knives. The 911 dispatched 5 Phoenix Police units to 4802 N 19th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85015. The police officer after securing the apartment and gathering the report, concluded by providing a CIVIC 101 Lesson of appropriate usage of 911 services to Angel Thurman. The officer then requested the name and phone number of the case manager: Johnny Garcia/Margret Finn South West Behavioral Services. Finally the officer informed me as he wrote upon his report, that he would be requesting a SEPARATION INTERVENTION, seeming he had concluded that Thurman and Goree’s living arrangement was not going to be practical: and would only result in repeat incidences.
I agreed with the officer and later reflected upon the monetary cost, Angel Thurman’s false phone call cost the city of Phoenix. That cost also includes the 2 later complaints (December 2012 and February 2013). Three 911 calls to the Phoenix Police Department, expressing complaints from Angel Thurman about the living discomfort both he and I were experiencing. Yet not one intervention from Margret Finn and South West Behavioral Services.

When I confronted Margret Finn with questions as to why she nor Johnny Garcia intervene as the Phoenix Police Department had requested, she replied, “She had not received any police reports or incident reports from the Police Department.” Once again Margret Finn lies to conceal her unethical manners. I questioned whether Mrs. Finn actually expects me to believe that the Phoenix Police Department is lying. This is the type of character flaw that should to be examine regarding Mrs. Finns conduct as a case manager.

The 911 calls and the corresponding police reports can easily be pulled to provide the evidence needed to conclude Margret Finns and South West Behavioral Services neglect. Had Mrs. Finn attended to the 3 police interventions ranging from November 2012 thru February 2013, I would have been placed in a different environment, and proceed forward productively. At this point, I will seek legal representation against Mrs. Finn and South West Behavioral Services. I think Mrs. Finn does not fully understand the importance of her position as if affects the lives of others and incurred financial expenses and continued dependency upon social services, effecting the state’s economic security.

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Why The Game…Is It Any Wonder (1 of 5 Why The Game-Sectional Chapters of No Mass: Cosmic Games)

WHY THE GAME…IS IT ANY WONDER (1 of 5 Why the Game-Sectional Chapters of No Mass:Cosmic Games) (by: Paul Goree 2011-2014)

Lot seemed perturb, only to be further frustrated; as he attempted to cognate some feelings of discontent. If it was nothing to be felt, then why would a settled suggestion exist. A suggestion, from the No Mass, stating as usual, what they would like to implant into Lots mind. As long as he fought the thoughts, which were not internal: he had the upper hand on this very exhausting communication.

LOT to ST. P
I dont’ get it? What is the feeling, of which nothing is felt, yet something is thought, ought to be felt!

It’s just the game. The Game insist on having total control. Thus No Mass, pound upon a mind, like a constant jack hammer. It’s intent is to cement, seeds of conformity. By creating confusing within the internal mind, No Mass knows that sooner or later, the subject will break! It’s a cruel tactic, but no different than the one used on earth for brain washing.

I remember when I first came into contact with No Mass. They seemed like the most rudest creatures on earth. They had a way of sizing up entire events, without any regards to the universal error they had made. The error was because they lacked to include within their total, 80% of the totals variables. Their equation, left out unknown values, which are the core of 3rd dimensional social dynamics. It is termed, Simple Social Interaction. It hypothesizes that:

Wij = aj + B jE ( Wj) + yj Xij + uij

(This equation is altered, using individuals as the expressions, instead of countries, as stated in Daniel Felsenstein work.) The equation supposes that two individuals are identical except for the fact that A had more space than B. If the populations are the same where both resided, the inhabitant of B would have more opportunity to interact, considering proximity. This equation would have to take into account other variables, such as the earning levels of each, characteristics, education, sex, health, etc. The entire scope of defining an individual, is much more than it’s 20% sum. Yet No Mass, in their attempt to re-condition a mind. Selectively removed all variables that accounted for individualism. This way, they could have more control of the collective.

No Mass attempts to prevent Kiais-Spiritual Kiais, the soul shouting out to the universe. Unfortunately in the 3rd dimension, the majority are unaware of this fact. They may pray, but their prays are not complete in proportion to the essence to their faith. Many over come this, through empowerment and human discipline. When such great events occur, the critic of such triumphs are shadowed. To make matters worst, the triumphs are often diffused early in their stages, by professional, who out of their own jealous worth; intentionally attend and not attend to create failure.

They didn’t want self pride to become a characteristic of the collective. They instead wanted the collective to be the pride of their individual defective souls. Each soul was ugly, damaged, sinful, manipulative, evil, and could not be trusted. However as a collective, the individual souls, formed a new identity for themselves. And this is where their pride should encompass.

They hated individualism. The ideal of an individual seeking internal peace, through reflective dialog within the self, was not tolerated. Negativity streamed the air, to interrupt such people, as they sought to meditate. There was no UNCONDITIONAL RESPECT for any person, seeking peace first for the internal, then the external. Such people were considered dangerous, because they socially isolated themselves from the external. It was considered offensive to be alone, think alone, dream alone. It isn’t a wonder-it is incidental and it conditions, preventing the TAO humble tolerance. I was hated for my silence. While in my silence, I was reflecting my entire life. I was laughing inside to my silly antics. I was crying inside for my non-compassion. I was redeeming myself for the many times I wasn’t loving. And by doing this in silence, in my mind, alone, I was hated. People like to learn from one another-yes this is true. But before one can learn from another, shouldn’t they let that other learn of themselves first. Thus preventing chaos!

The feeling of frustration that you may feel, Lot. I understand-seeming the soul is captured within the physical elements of the 3rd dimension. Now that you are quasi physical in the 4th dimension, you have a clearer understand of energy. Your soul energy here is the same as it was in the 3rd dimension. One exception, you had less control of it. Seeming it was restricted by the physical body. The physical body prevented the soul from existing as a total. In-fact the conditions by which the soul existed, were quit cramped, and created an invisible pressure, equating to stress. Many awakening thoughts and practices in the 3rd dimension, sought to clarify the soul energy. They expressed such thoughts of the internal self seeking peace. Well that is in direct contradiction of 3rd dimensional reasoning.

The awakening thoughts suggest that the conflict of the internal soul seeking peace, creates external fixations. These fixations become psychosis to the peace seeker. When the peace seeker is in meditation, they are able to move the fixations into bubble like containers. These bubble containers rise above the peace seekers head, and become separate from the peace seeker, reliving prior stress. The more advance the peace seeker get, the bubbles start to burst. The objective is to burst all of the bubbles, thus removing the soul from the manifestations of the external world, that have occupied the mind/wit/soul/sub-conscious. Once this free empty state of mind is obtained. The soul can attempt to do what it does best. Transmute it’s self into the spectrum of the universe. Very few in the 3rd dimension get the opportunity to enjoy this wonder.

Lot you speak of feeling something, with nothing to feel, but ought to be felt! Well considering your quasi 3rd dimensional state, that is what it is-confusion. Yet imagine 4th dimensional existences, feeling the same as you, but towards a 5th dimensional lacking. In which they soulfully seek. Is it any wonder?

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Case Manager Neglect: Importance of Civil Liberties


We the people, of the nation for the people by the people: Value the guarantee of security, found in our civil liberties. These liberties are rooted in the Bill of Rights. They ensure that as a citizen of the United States of America no individual or organizations can violate our pursuit of happiness and life!!! Yet case managers like Margret Finn and Johnny Juan Garcia from South West Behavioral Services, have proven these liberties NO LONGER have any weight or security. Their neglective and violating actions are being done at a time when our nation is defending AMERICANS from terrorist. Yet their actions (terrorist in nature) slowly erode the core values by which we are subject to a desensitized understanding and acceptance of our rights. I can not and will not let this ordeal be sweep under the rug:because no matter what the out come is-my AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES WILL NOT BE VIOLATED AND GO UNATTENDED!

margret finn

Margret Finn
South West Behavioral Services
Violated 5th Amendment of Paul Goree (May 2013)

May 2013- Mrs. Finn failed to acknowledge the private property rights of Mr. Goree. All Americans have the right to the TOTAL ownership of their private property and purchases. It is irrelevant if the private property is .10 cent lollipop or $80,000.00 car. If we allow these minute variances become non-acknowledge, then we contribute to our nations decline. My paid invoice from COX Communication gurantees ownership, by which I am the only person who can delegate usage, sale, or transfers: Not Mrs. Finn.

margret finn

Johnny Juan Garcia
South West Behavioral Services
Violated 4th Amendment of Paul Goree and Guest (June 2013)

June 2013- Mr. Garcia failed to acknowledge that residency privacy is a matter of the property owner/management and the public enforcement (local police). The act of entering a private dwelling is not a decision sub contractual agents (such as case managers at South West Behavioral Services) can decided upon their own. The only people who can enter a property is the property owner/management and the local police (with a complaint or warrant). As Mr.Garcia entered my private dwelling, he violated not only my civil liberties, he also violated my guest civil liberties. My guest was a prior tenant, waiting for Mr. Garcia (property management had called Mr. Garcia’s office) to come and unlock the door to his prior apartment so that he could retrieve his personal items. Mr. Garcia to anxious to delegate the law, order him to leave the premises. After which Mr. Garcia called the police, who upon their arrival informed Mr.Garcia not to continue informing me of who and who can not be in this apartment: other wise he would be violating my civil liberties.
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PART THREE: Maslow’s Theorem-The Great Society (Poverty in the USA)


PART THREE: Maslow’s Theorem-The Great Society (Poverty in the USA) (by: Paul Goree-work in progress 2014)

In Maslow’s work, TOWARD A PSYCHOLOGY OF BEING (1962), Maslow provides the concepts upon which a perspective of human societal illness and health merge to provided insight into constraints of social mobility. Maslow list 9 factors:

1.) We each have an essential biological based inner nature
2.) Each person’s inner nature is in part unique to himself
3.) It’s possible to study this inner nature scientifically
4.) The inner nature is not intrinsically evil-it is neutral or positive good
5.) Based on #4, it is best to seek behavior that encourage rather than suppress
6.) If the essential core of a person is suppress, it will seek subtle ways of
7.) The inner nature is not strong and overpowering. It is weak and easily overcome by
habit, cultural pressure and wrong attitudes
8.) Even though weak, it rarely disappears-it persist for actualization
9.) These conclusion must be articulated with the necessity of discipline-they are desirable experiences

From these 9 factors, Maslow concludes that the study of healthy people (physically and mentally) is a model by which self-fulfilling development can be obtained. The possibilities of this development is based upon the essences of the inner nature as it expresses itself “freely”, rather than suppressed. This individual status has a collective result on the entire society. Each of us is a portion of the collective and create through our individual nature, a macro unconscious. Maslow stated, “…every crime against one’s own nature, every evil act…records itself in our unconscious and makes us despise ourselves…” An individuals despising themselves, project upon society an illness, that effects the concept of collectives worth.

From Karen Horney, Maslow develop the notion that collective worth is recorded in the individuals unconscious. Horney uses the term “register” to explain the process by which the individual injures their inner nature. Horney stated, “If we do something we are ashamed of, it “registers” to our discredit and if we do something…good, it registers to our credit. The net result ultimately are either one or the other-either we respect and accept ourselves or we despise ourselves and feel contemptible, worthless and unlovable…” It thus becomes a duty of the collective to attend to this worthlessness, felt by the individual. This duty improves the lives of us and others.

We must be concerned at all times about the kind of individuals, the world creates. Seeming the inner nature seeks to actualize itself, it benefits society to collectively assist in this process. Maslow suggested that sick people (mentally and physically) are made ill and healthy by culture. “…sick individuals make their culture more sick and healthy individuals make their culture more healthy. Improving health is one approach to making a better world…” To improve a healthy society, we should look towards personal growth development strategies.

The extend an individual attempts to satisfy the physiological aspects of Maslow’s lower level, can become a factor by which unhealthy mental and physical conditions can develop. Stress is a main contributor to unhealthy conditions, by which chronic stress can cause heart problems, mental problems and eventually death if unattended. The worthiness an individual experiences, also has potential effects on the effort exerted. The importance of this effort within a competitive environment, also creates stress, leading to an sick individual.. This worthlessness has some limiting affects on the over all effort an individual is capable or willing to exert. In her work So You Think I Drive A Cadillac. Karen Seccombe provides qualitative and quantitative data that suggest some in need of social welfare are unwilling or hesitant to apply for it due to the stigma associated with public assistance. Many of the case studies Seccombe detail, are in Maslow’s lower level of hierarchical need. The ideal of dis-empowering themselves due to societal stigma is a backwards step for a Great Society. By which a concept of “unconditional effort” should replace the false stigma associated with personal growth development. Unconditional effort, refers to rewarding and acknowledging, all and any effort an individual puts towards self development.

The ideal of effort is directly linked to compensation in a Capitalistic society. In Alfred Adler work, Adler studied gifted personalities and universalized the concept of compensation into basic law of human nature. According to the Adlerian Theory, “challenges of illness, birth defects, poverty, or other toward circumstance in youth provide the stimulus for all higher achievement.” This has a negative factor on the collective, as it bases self achievement competitively. Whereas in an “idyllic” society, “unconditional effort” embraces and rewards all levels of effort exerted. In a Great Society, the opportunity to encourage one another is a means of reducing the collective sickness.

Maslow’s hierarchical levels are not exclusive to adults. In Greshman Sykkes and David Matza’s work, the unattended physiological needs spill over into the decision making process of delinquents. This spillage becomes a factor that effects the over all society as crime rates rise and the notions of self worth and growth erode. Sykes and Matza argued that delinquents do not have conventional values. Conventional society demands a civic expectation (not steal, covet, kill, etc) of co-existences. However these youth inhabit a sub-culture where the values are not supported. These delinquents develope guilt and shame, as they attempt to exist within an environment that sometimes requires violations of the social norm. They justify their behavior through rationalizing, which neutralizes their potential guilt, before the law is broken. Sykes and Matza termed this process, “techniques of neutralization”, which focused upon:

1.) Denial of responsibility
2.) Denial of injury
3.) Denial of the victim
4.) Condemnation of the condemner

All of these factors lead to a collective societal illness, which hampers the validity of a Great Society. Recently actions were taken by investment brokerage – Goldman Sach, to help the city of Boston reduce crime and recidivism among, first time offenders. Goldman Sachs executives analyzed the circumstances of criminal activity and determined that they could effectively administrate Boston’s crime, resulting in a lower recidivism and empowered prior “criminals”, who then would be integrated successfully into society. This integration attends to the physiological needs that Maslow details. Goldman Sach, invested in a non-profit organization ROCA, whose objective for the past 26 years has been to transition young male criminals from the streets to the “legitimate economy”. Actions such as this, contribute to curing the sickness of society, regarding delinquency and criminal activity.

Sometimes the sickness of society is one that is a direct financial burden. Consider the financial stress placed upon parents and grammar school students unable to attend, a civic class/social studies/American government class, field trip to Washington D.C. In a Great Society, education of the youth is the end result of our future. At no extent should cost be cut or opportunities be limited. Especially due to economic disadvantages. It seems unjust to stratify grammar students with economical variances. It also seems unjust to place that financial burden upon the parent (s). Under most conditions, families at the lower level of Maslow’s hierarchical diagram, are below the poverty level. In some instance, public grants are available in some states for those that meet income requirements. However, a greater portions of the families at the lower level, are working families at the poverty level or slightly above. The poverty line in the United State 2013 was $15, 510 for a family of 2 and $23, 550 for a family of 4 (HHS, 2013).

As I continue to analyze Maslow’s Hierarchical Theory of Needs, I will focus on the cost expenditure of social programs that attempt to lead our nation to a Great Society. I will continue to analyze Social Democracy in the United States, as it may have varying effects upon our economic system.


Deprez, E. Esme.(2014).Goldman Sachs Bets on Reducing Crime. Businessweek. Retrieved from http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-05-08/goldman-sachs-backs-social-impact-bond-for-nonprofit-roca

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UNM.(2010). Neutralization Theory: Gresham Sykes and David Matza. Retrieved from http://www.d.umn.edu/~bmork/2306/Theories/BAMneutralization.htm

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JOURNEY TO MARS (Torpor Stasis-Therapeutic Hypothermia Coma)


Sci-fi becomes reality, as NASA along with Atlanta based, Space Works develop advanced prototypes for space travel. John Bradford CEO of Space Works provided NASA with the preliminary method of space travel. Long-term space travel has been a mission of many, yet has remained remote. The hazardous space environment, could create several threats to astronauts/consumers, health and psychological wellbeing. NASA has found that besides the psychological stress of isolation, astronauts would have to overcome, zero gravity for extended periods. Consequences of zero gravity is muscle wastage and bone decalcification. Also of concer is radiation from the Sun over long periods of exposure, can result in cancer.

Until recently, these obstacles prevented strategic development of long term human space missions. With medical technical advancements, Bradford’s team has created a sleeper spaceship. The sleeper spaceship carries 6 passengers and utilities artificially induced hibernation. NASA space studies now can be a reality, as astronauts travel unconsciously while their metabolism is altered into slow motion. Space travel to Mars is a 180 days, with this new technology, 160 of those days could be spent in a state of torpor stasis.


The torpor periods would be supervised by rotating flight members. Each member would be scheduled to awake for a brief period, to check in on the other members. This would include checking their intravenous feeding tubes, urine removal systems, Earth communication, and temperature modulators. The members are awakened when the hibernation module hooks up a medical system. The medical system inserts body cooling tubes through the nostrils. Heating pads regulate temperature, to make sure the body doesn’t cool too rapidly.

The body temperature must drop only about five degrees Fahrenheit—98.6 to about 93 degrees. Sedatives in the feeding lines would suppress the members shiver flexes. The space sleeper unit, rotates creating a centrifugal force simulating gravity. This would prevent the consequences of zero gravity. The hibernation of astronauts makes the possibility of long term space missions more of a reality. These missions would be easier and more affordable with minimal health risk.


Torpor Stasis is based on current medical procedures, used to suspend a patient during cardiac arrest incidences, attenuating injuries, brain injuries, and improving neurologic outcomes. In 2005 American Heart Association provided guidelines for therapeutic hypothermia, a resuscitation science dating back to Hippocrates. The procedure includes returning an unconscious adult patient to spontaneous circulation after hospital cardiac arrest at 32-34 Celsius for 12-24 hours. The cooling method used to induce hypothermia coma includes ice packs, cooling blankets with heat exchange devices, cooling helmet for the brain, cooling methods for catheter-based technologies, cooling methods for infusion of cold fluids.

Achieving cooling target temperature (torpor stasis) can be reached within 3-4 hours. The rewarming begins 24 hours after the operation. Mean arterial pressure (MAP) is used to control hypertension. While hemodynamic instability is monitored in case of dysrhythmia (bleeding) develops. ECG Osbourne monitor heart rate and the skin is checked every 2-6 hours for thermal injuries caused by the cold blankets.

The use of therapeutic hypothermia in space travel is, “Ultimately, what we’ll have to do…It may take some time to get it to the state of effectiveness we want it to go to,” Bradford stated. The project is less than 20 years (estimated 2030). NASA’s recent SLS (Space Launch System) with the new Orion spacecraft expected to launch December 04, 2014: NASA is preparing for the first human test mission to Mars, in 2030. Bradford believes that if all goes well with NASA’s intended future launches, the sleep spacecraft could be a great vehicle for colonization of the moon or mars.

Adler, Jonathan (MD).(2014). Therapeutic Hypothermia. Medscap. http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/812407-overview

Brumfield, Ben. (2014). Sleeper spaceship could carry first humans to Mars in hibernation state. CNN. Retrieved from: http://us.cnn.com/2014/10/07/tech/innovation/mars-hibernation-flight/index.html?iid=article_sidebar

N.A.S.A, (2014). Human Exploration: Goal 4: Prepare for the Human Exploration of Mars. N.A.S.A. Programs and Missions. Retrieved: from http://mars.nasa.gov/programmissions/science/goal4/

McKinnon, Mika. (2014). The Orion Spacecraft is at the Launch Pad and Strapped to its rocket. Space-Kinja. Retrieved from: http://space.io9.com/the-orion-spacecraft-is-at-the-launch-pad-and-strapped-1658202641

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Part Two: Maslow’s Theorem-The Great Society (Poverty in the USA)

5_10x10_Infographic_750px(image: http://images.fastcompany.com/upload/5_10x10_Infographic_750px.jpg)

Following up with Maslow’s Theorem for the Great Society. I think it’s important to go over some basic economics, in reference to social services. Poverty in the United States represents a larger portion of the society. The following represents discussion board answers I provided for a social welfare course at ASU Fall 2011. These questions and answer, provide a vivid expose of what poverty is in the United States, and how Maslow’s Theory of hierarchy of needs can flourish a Great Society in the USA. Within this society self-sufficiency can be obtained, while business/economical growth procure.  The author of the text was Jacqueline Brux (Economic Issues and Policy (5th edition) and the instructor Mrs. Niles.

Paul D. Goree

SWU 194 (ASU Fall 2011)

DB# 6 Poverty

  1. Describe key micro economic forces that serve to support the continued existence of poverty in the United States?

The primary key micro economic  forces, that support the continued existence of poverty in the United States are, definition of poverty, feminization of poverty, lower wage service sector jobs, budget cuts and program time lines. I think it’s important that an accurate definition of poverty be understood. In chapter 6 of Jacqueline M. Brux’s text, Economic Issues and Policy, Brux’s  states that, “There are two ways to look at poverty. One is considering relative poverty-a situation in which people are poor in comparison to other people. The other is b y considering absolute poverty– a situation in which people experience actual hardship according to some objective criterion.”(Brux, 2008, pg. 132)

Between the two phrases, either one could be manipulated to include a portion of the society which is not actually in poverty, but because of the measure used to define, they are placed into poverty.  For example, if one was to use absolute poverty, and made the criterion be, ownership of a home. This would exclude all those who do make more than the poverty line, but due to their non-ownership of housing, they are now automatically considered in poverty. I think this manipulation of definition is used often by the media and political personalities in an attempt to push their agendas.

Another aspect to consider is the feminization of poverty. In chapter 1 of Karen Seccombe’s text, So You Think I Drive A Cadillac, Seccombe states that, “…women’s economic status is often more tentative than is the case for men. This is particularly true if a woman is not employed and is deriving her economic status through her partner…even when they are employed, women face unique challenges in the general workplace. Lower wages for work of comparable worth, occupational segregation, and unequal returns on education …” (Seccombe, 1999, pg.8)  Seeming that women represent the majority of AFDC/TANF cases loads, there is an entire realm of stigma, associating poverty with social welfare, and women. Obviously these associations are false, yet still contribute to support poverty in the United States. This is more apparent in Brux’s text, when it is suggested, “women bear the greatest burden of poverty…Historical reasons include growth in the number of female headed households, teen pregnancies, discrimination in the labor market and domestic violence towards women.”(Brux, pg.139)

Seeming discrimination in the labor market is a reality, then it should come to no surprise how the lower wage service sector supports poverty and assist in keeping women economic status low.

  1. Describe key macro economic forces that serve to support the continued existence of poverty in the United States?

The prevailing macro economic forces that serves to support poverty in  the United States is income distribution.  In chapter 6, Brux’s defines income distribution as follows, “The income distribution refers to the division of total income in the economy among different income groups…income distribution is based on…money income: that is, all household income received from working, interest, rent, dividends, or any other source before payment of taxes. Included…is any government income transfer…not counted…are in-kind transfers.” ( pg. 132) I find several problems with this method of income distribution. First it excludes in kind transfers (food stamps, section 8,  public health, TANF cash aid), thus these recipients do not have any money income, when being categorized. However the person working and receiving money income, use that income for food, housing and health care purposes. In addition these  persons with money income have the advantage of accumulating a savings.

Brux’s states that, “Most people, economists included, argue that some degree of income inequality is essential to preserve incentives.”(pg.133) Although I agree with this, when considering “support of continued existence of poverty in the United States”, I tend to find incentives a cruel deceptive word. This is because when a person has no money income (and is classified as such by income distribution), the ladder to some upper ward economical security is diminished. I think it becomes non-realistic to vision prosperity, when you are homeless and in poverty. The ideal of incentives, seems to lapse these two segments of the society. Brux’s points out, “Poverty also results in poor health and nutrition, which may sap energy and harm labor productivity.” (pg.133) As long as poor health and nutrition exist in the United States, industry markets can be created to attend to the need. Thus the continued existence of poverty under the term of income distribution is beneficial to the creators of these attentive industry markets.

Another aspect I like to consider is unemployment. In chapter 14 of Brux’s text, to understand unemployment, Brux’s suggest one must understand the labor force. “The labor force refers to all people age 16 and older who are working for pay plus all people in this age range who are actively seeking employment.” (pg. 324)  When these two forces decrease, the number of people entering poverty will increase. This can be beneficial to some employers, because it give justification to the Tertiary Job Sector.  In chapter 8 of Seccombe’s text, Seccombe defines the tertiary sector as, “The tertiary sector, or service sector, is the fastest growing sector of our economy and focuses on providing a wide variety of services.” (pg.198) It is suggested that these tertiary jobs contribute to poverty, because they pay less, offer few benefits, are primarily part time employment and are without union protections. All of these factors lead to an increase in poverty, using the absolute poverty model.

  1. Discuss poverty as an issue related to social justice?

When I think of social justice and poverty, I think of government and non-governmental organizations that assist to decrease the burden many face in their day to day functioning. Social Justice implies, that all citizens are entitled to a respectable level of existence. In chapter 6 of Brux’s text,  Brux provides an excellent explanation regarding social justice and poverty. “Because discrimination plays a role in poverty, it is important that our nation strives to provide equal opportunities to all people in the area of education, housing and employment…Several government programs are designed to help the poor.” (pg. 144-145) A few of these programs include, Section 8 for affordable housing, Medicaid for healthcare, SSI for income after retirement, WIC for supplemental nutrition for children and women, Food Stamps for nutritional needs, TANF Cash for emergency cash assistants.

In chapter 7 of Seccombe’s text, testimonials are provided, detailing the social justice of poverty from the recipient perspective. Seccombe states, “Few women had quick or enthusiastic answers to my query about the positive aspects of welfare…Three themes emerged in our discussion. First, a number of women commented that welfare provides an important floor for poor families, albeit a marginal one. Without welfare, several women told me that they would have no recourse other than to be living out on the streets, in a homeless shelter, or remain married to a physically or emotionally abusive spouse…Second, several specific programs were mentioned repeatedly as being particularly helpful. Medicaid was mentioned most often…The third strength noted was the welfare system is the favorable review given to several reform efforts. In particular, voluntary programs designed to assist women’s transition off welfare…The most comprehensive of these programs, the Family Transition Program (FTP), was a two year “human-capital-investment” program that included numerous features designed to assist participants towards self-sufficiency…” (pg.162-163)

Although economic conservatives will endlessly debate these programs are spillover  cost             passed on to tax payers, without these valuable programs, much worst events would unfold                 within this nation.

4.) Discuss poverty as an issue related to economic justice or  injustice?

When I think of economic justice/injustice and poverty, I immediately look towards our elected officials to remedy any faults. To me, economic injustice is preventing opportunity to segments of the population. For example, I cannot find justification for the use of regressive taxes in the United States. Why would the society want to tax the greater amount from the lowest income, than from the higher income.  It seems completely backwards, and place duress and burdens upon the lowest income workers. In chapter 16 of Brux’s text, she seems to agree, when she states, “A regressive tax is one that takes a larger percent of income from low-income households than from high-income ones. Most of the taxes in our country are regressive. Does this surprise you? Our regressive taxes include sales taxes, most excise taxes, property taxes and the Social Security tax. Because some of these taxes are not levied directly on incomes, seeing why they are regressive is sometimes difficult.” (pg. 385)

Brux is correct, regressive taxation should not surprise anyone, which is why our nation is experiencing its 11th week of Occupy America. The goal is to make Americans aware of their true economical status in this nation, which is 99%. And why is it that 99% of the population is expected to carry 100% of the national debit, when such essentials: as employment is a huge barrier. It’s time for the 1% to redistribute their wealth in order for there to be economical justices.

5)  Discuss poverty as a life course risk?

I feel the best way I can answer this question, is from the testimonials provided by Karen Seccombe in her text, “So You Think I Drive A Cadillac?” These testimonials provide some real life poverty and the course risk involved.  At the beginning of each testimonial I will provided the course risk involved with each testimonial.


In chapter 5, Seccombe details factors of living and surviving on food stamps. One of the respondents, Stephanie, a nursing student, stated the following. “No! I eat out very rarely, so I find that food stamps rarely last the month for me. I eat very little meat. But I try to eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. I try to be very healthful in my diet. I eat a low fat diet. And unfortunately, those foods are expensive. When it comes to the end of the month, I sometimes have to pay $20 or $30 (cash) until the next time I can get food stamps. Some months are four weeks, and some are five. Like, right now, it’s tight. I only have one gallon of milk in the fridge, a half a loaf of bread, and some orange juice. I have to be real creative about what I make to eat. There haven’t been any fruits or veggies this past week. (pg. 112)

Un-Planned Adult Pregnancies:

In chapter 1, Seccombe details factors of un-planned adult pregnancy.  The respondent is Patrice. Seccombe asked “Do you think this happens to a lot of women?” Patrice states, “I really do. Well, it’s like this. Being a young lady, I think a lot of women date a guy for years. And then you get pregnant. You expect him not really to marry you, but to be there for you and the child, but they hump up and leave. I believe women get depressed because of the fact that you got to just totally give up your life. Like me, I was in nursing school, and I was doing great. I came pregnant, so I got depressed because the guy left after all those years. I had to resign in my eight month of pregnancy. But I was working then too, because I was trying to maintain my rent and my car, you know. I think a lot of women become discouraged and depressed because what you are expecting in life-all your dreams and fantasies become nightmares. The guy leaves you, and then you know you got to turn to welfare, which everybody thinks is bad because, you know its taxpayer money. People be criticizing you. Then you have to stand in these long lines to get stamps. Then you have to be criticized on a daily basis. And it’s just discouraging Then you have to go for your appointments, sometimes there for two or three hours before your worker calls you. They just blobber your business out loud in the lobby [laughter]. You got to be embarrassed. You look around, you know? Then you have to go into the health department and everybody looks pitiful…You be depressed. Then you be vulnerable to the situation. The first guy-well maybe not the first-but a guy promises you the world and you are weak to the situation. You don’t think your own situation is going to ever get any better, and then you end up in the same situation all over again if you don’t be smart. But after two mistakes-I won’t say mistakes because I love my children-but after two down falls, you know, with men, I’ve learned [laughter]. (pg. 4-5)

Lower Tier Employment: Consequences and Barriers:

In chapter 8, Seccombe details getting off of welfare, is it possible to become self sufficient? The is Eliza, a mother of 4. “That’s something I need is a job. I’ve been looking. I just can’t find the right one. I used to work at [fast food industry], but I wasn’t making much money. By the time I caught the city bus, went out there, by the time I got to my kids, I spent all the money that they gave me. I liked the job, but it was just that I had to pay .75 cent to get to work, and paid .75 cent to get back. If I missed the bus, I had to give somebody $3 or $4 to take me. And they wouldn’t give me enough hours. I told them when they gave me this jobs that I needed at least 30-40 hours a week. I just can’t afford to work less. But I was wasting my time going out there. I had to be at work by 11 o’clock, but they would send me home by 2 o’clock. I didn’t even get 20 hours a week. You hear what I’m saying? Ten or 12, maybe. I think what they was doing was hiring you for the busy hour, and once the busy hour passed, you was sent out of there. I had to quit because it was costing me too much to go way over there.

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Maslow Theorem: The Great Society America 21st Century


Maslow Theorem: The Great Society America 21st Century (work in progress-by Paul D. Goree)

Now that President Obama has cemented another critical piece to the resolvement of the Great Society. We now can look towards the final piece.  Abraham Maslow, cites several lower hierarchy social requirements, needed for upward mobility. These needs represent the physiological and sociological requirements of an individual to survive within a societal setting.These needs include water, food, safety, security, and shelter. If these lower hierarchy needs are not consistent/stable, then social upward mobility is not possible. For example, as soon as an individual has food/water, they are in need of shelter/housing. Once shelter/housing is required, they may lose their job, and then shelter/housing becomes an issue again. Thus this becomes a continuous circle,resulting in discouragement; in the Land of Liberty.

The Great Society (L.B. Johnson), suggests that all of the lower level survival needs be state provided (social welfare). With universal health care resolves safety and security, as AFDC/TANF resolves water and food. Now American can look to resolving housing needs. We can look towards HUD for some of these answers. Yet it still seems that states, may be able to resolve housing much better than the centralized bureaucracy that HUD is.

In Rubinger’s article: Why U.S. Desperately needs affordable homes, he states:

“America faces many more unresolved affordable housing challenges. A $26 billion capital-needs backlog that’s associated with our publicly financed affordable housing stock looms.

Traditional federal subsidies that enable affordability — such as Section 8, which authorizes rental housing payment assistance to private landlords on behalf of more than 3 million low-income households — are being cut back. Federal housing subsidy programs such as HOME were slashed this year. These vital programs need to be preserved and expanded.

Other important tools are at the ready, but sadly, they are inactive or underutilized.

Back in 2008, President George W. Bush signed into law the National Housing Trust Fund, requiring at least 90% of its funds be used to build, preserve or rehabilitate rental housing for low-income households. But this program and others like it have yet to receive the funding that was envisioned by the law.

Another valuable initiative is the Rental Assistance Demonstration Program, which enables private developers to work with public housing authorities to preserve affordable housing. But it has only been funded for up to 60,000 housing units…”

According to the Annual Homeless Assessment Report (2013) the following data reflects the homeless population as of January 2013:

January 2013

  • 610,042 people were homeless in the United States.
  • Nearly two-thirds of people experiencing homelessness (65 percent or 394,698) were living in emergency shelters or transitional housing programs.
  • More than one-third of all homeless people(35 percent or 215,344) were living in un-sheltered locations such as under bridges, in cars, or in abandoned buildings. Age of Homeless Population in 2013. In 2013, HUD required communities to provide estimates of homelessness in three age ranges— under age 18, 18 to 24 years old, and 25 years old and older.
  • More than two-thirds of all homeless people (67 percent or 410,352 people) were 25 years or older.
  • 10 percent of homeless people were 18 to 24 years old (or 61,541). This percentage remains the same regardless of sheltered status.
  • Nearly one-quarter of all homeless people (23 percent or 138,149) were homeless children under the age of 18, and 30 percent of sheltered homeless people were children.
  • 80 percent of unsheltered homeless people were over the age of 25. Less than 10 percent of the unsheltered population was under 18.


US Department of Housing and Urban Development. (2013). Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress (AHAR). Retrieved from  https://www.hudexchange.info/resources/documents/ahar-2013-part1.pdf

Rubinger, Micheal. (2014). Why U.S. Desperately needs affordable homes. CNN Opinion. Retrieved from http://www.cnn.com/2014/04/28/opinion/rubinger-affordable-housing/

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Why the Game…Is It Any Wonder (Part 1-5: Sectional Chapters from No Mass: Cosmic Games) by: Paul Goree 2011-2014


Why The Game…Is It Any Wonder (No Mass: Cosmic Games) by: Paul Goree 2011-2014

WHY THE GAME…IS IT ANY WONDER (1 of 5 Why the Game-Sectional Chapters of No Mass:Cosmic Games) (by: Paul Goree  2011-2014)

Lot seemed perturb, only to be further frustrated; as he attempted to cognate some feelings of discontent. If it was nothing to be felt, then why would a settled suggestion exist. A suggestion, from the No Mass, stating as usual, what they would like to implant into Lots mind. As long as he fought the thoughts, which were not internal: he had the upper hand on this very exhausting communication.

LOT to ST. P
I dont’ get it? What is the feeling, of which nothing is felt, yet something is thought, ought to be felt!

It’s just the game. The Game insist on having total control. Thus No Mass, pound upon a mind, like a constant jack hammer. It’s intent is to cement, seeds of conformity. By creating confusing within the internal mind, No Mass knows that sooner or later, the subject will break! It’s a cruel tactic, but no different than the one used on earth for brain washing.

I remember when I first came into contact with No Mass. They seemed like the most rudest creatures on earth. They had a way of sizing up entire events, without any regards to the universal error they had made. The error was because they lacked to include within their total, 80% of the totals variables. Their equation, left out unknown values, which are the core of 3rd dimensional social dynamics. It is termed, Simple Social Interaction. It hypothesizes that:

Wij = aj + B jE ( Wj) + yj Xij + uij

(This equation is altered, using individuals as the expressions, instead of countries, as stated in Daniel Felsenstein work.) The equation supposes that two individuals are identical except for the fact that A had more space than B. If the populations are the same where both resided, the inhabitant of B would have more opportunity to interact, considering proximity. This equation would have to take into account other variables, such as the earning levels of each, characteristics, education, sex, health, etc. The entire scope of defining an individual, is much more than it’s 20% sum. Yet No Mass, in their attempt to re-condition a mind. Selectively removed all variables that accounted for individualism. This way, they could have more control of the collective.

No Mass attempts to prevent Kiais-Spiritual Kiais, the soul shouting out to the universe. Unfortunately in the 3rd dimension, the majority are unaware of this fact. They may pray, but their prays are not complete in proportion to the essence to their faith.  Many over come this, through empowerment and human discipline. When such great events occur, the critic of such triumphs are shadowed. To make matters worst, the triumphs are often diffused early in their stages, by professional, who out of their own jealous worth; intentionally attend and not attend to create failure.

They didn’t want self pride to become a characteristic of the collective. They instead wanted the collective to be the pride of their individual defective souls. Each soul was ugly, damaged, sinful, manipulative, evil, and could not be trusted. However as a collective, the individual souls, formed a new identity for themselves. And this is where their pride should encompass.

They hated individualism. The ideal of an individual seeking internal peace, through reflective dialog within the self, was not tolerated. Negativity streamed the air, to interrupt such people, as they sought to meditate. There was noUNCONDITIONAL RESPECT for any person, seeking peace first for the internal, then the external. Such people were considered dangerous, because they socially isolated themselves from the external. It was considered offensive to be alone, think alone, dream alone.  It isn’t a wonder-it is incidental and it conditions, preventing the TAO humble tolerance. I was hated for my silence. While in my silence, I was reflecting my entire life. I was laughing inside to my silly antics. I was crying inside for my non-compassion. I was redeeming myself for the many times I wasn’t loving. And by doing this in silence, in my mind, alone, I was hated. People like to learn from one another-yes this is true. But before one can learn from another, shouldn’t they let that other learn of themselves first. Thus preventing chaos!

The feeling of frustration that you may feel, Lot. I understand-seeming the soul is captured within the physical elements of the 3rd dimension. Now that you are quasi physical in the 4th dimension, you have a clearer understand of energy. Your soul energy here is the same as it was in the 3rd dimension. One exception, you had less control of it. Seeming it was restricted by the physical body. The physical body prevented the soul from existing as a total. In-fact the conditions by which the soul existed, were quit cramped, and created an invisible pressure, equating to stress. Many awakening thoughts and practices in the 3rd dimension, sought to clarify the soul energy. They expressed such thoughts of the internal self seeking peace. Well that is in direct contradiction of 3rd dimensional reasoning.

The awakening thoughts suggest that the conflict of the internal soul seeking peace, creates external fixations. These fixations become psychosis to the peace seeker. When the peace seeker is in meditation, they are able to move the fixations into bubble like containers. These bubble containers rise above the peace seekers head, and become separate from the peace seeker, reliving prior stress. The more advance the peace seeker get, the bubbles start to burst. The objective is to burst all of the bubbles, thus removing the soul from the manifestations of the external world, that have occupied the mind/wit/soul/sub-conscious. Once this free empty state of mind is obtained. The soul can attempt to do what it does best. Transmute it’s self into the spectrum of the universe. Very few in the 3rd dimension get the opportunity to enjoy this wonder.

Lot you speak of feeling something, with nothing to feel, but ought to be felt! Well considering your quasi 3rd dimensional state, that is what it is-confusion. Yet imagine 4th dimensional existences, feeling the same as you, but towards a 5th dimensional lacking. In which they soulfully seek. Is it any wonder?

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Tact, Mr. Lincoln (“Simple Lincoln”)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


TACT, Mr. Lincoln (“Simple Lincoln”)

I have been posting several post (various social networks) that are beneficial to me as I go through what I am perceiving as it is happening to me. Thus since 2013 I’ve been posting about a Default (last/formal declaration or accordance) resulting in a Revolt. And until the revolt has closure, all that was constructed cannot simple be abolished. For several reasons, first we (I) am an American, and with that title comes the rights of expression. I cannot nor will wavier my freedom to express, that which I believe is correct. Likewise I encourage all to utilize to the most, their liberties, advocate our liberties and allow all to do the same. The events of my revolt, are due to the negligent actions of 2 case managers (Juan (Johnny) Garcia and Margret Finn) at SouthWest Behavioral Services. I can’t believe that the state of Arizona has licensed 2 case managers, providing them the right to do as they please. The disruption of another persons life could have been prevented by them. The additional comments and suggestion from other professionals, (like the Phoenix Police Department) went unattended to, as I let my life plunged downward, shock that these events are going unattended. As of 10/30/2014 legal action seems to be either too expensive or difficult. Thus I am left to continue writing and posting that maybe LIBERTY in the United States is bias. And that characters, such as Finn and Garcia can actually get away with murder. How many other clients have they done wrong. I’ve met 5 other. So Arizona is in the end responsible for licensing unethical case managers!

READ MORE AT: http://paulgoree.blogspot.com/2014/09/client-profile-debate-unethical-actions.html
With that in mind, this week (Monday 20, 2014) I came across an uplifting article in the Smithsonian. The article was uplifting because it made me realize that my actions as they may be perceive by others, at some point are not well with me either. For example this article is definite proof to me, that my effort has interfered with my prior developed intent. The article was published February 2014 and I am just now reading it October 2014. Shame on me!!! But then it’s best to receive information when it is timely. Timely for me, is this week.The article Lincoln’s Boys is by Joshua Zeltz. As I read this article, I was amazed, up to page 77. Upon which the amazement became an internalization (providing for me validation or my purpose). What was written is as follows…

“(Lincoln) Populated his cabinet with former opponents for the Republican presidents discernment and magnanimity in choosing men who he “did not know”…He recognized them as governors, senators, and statesmen, while they yet looked upon him as a simple frontier lawyer at most, and a rival to who chance had transferred the honor they felt to be due to themselves.” Presaging the popular argument that Lincoln forged a “team of rivals”…the strong personalities and talents who constituted his inner circle did not always appreciate, “the stronger will and …more delicate tact [that] inspired and guided them all.” (Smithsonian, pg.77)

Upon reading this section, I paused and quickly reflect upon my own life (my entire life). What first comes to thought is the book, The Elephant in The Room by Eviatar Zerubavel. Lincoln’s elephant was his life developed tact (which I term his Americanism), and how that lived tact flourished to it’s fullest purposes (regardless of all else, it seems at times). The fact that others ignore or are in denial of the elephant, doesn’t diminish from their effort, as far as Lincoln is concerned. Seeming through his actions alone, accepting them as the persons that they are, as they introduce themselves, as they follow through with their corresponding actions. Still isn’t reason for him to alter any aspect of his life, as lived. Their appreciation of his life development, criticized by them with expression of his leadership abilities, his simple minded ways and thoughts, his inability to choose worthy persons (from his wife to generals), his gullible nature, awkward stance, and peculiar essences. With all of their comments/thoughts/critics, he did by action alone, let them and their expression be, as they should be: VALID. Seeming this is the United States of America, and their opinions are guaranteed through the INDIVIDUALISM of our LIBERTY. Very well tact, Mr. Lincoln was.

I at this point in my life, having be so tolerable and accepting of much, cannot and will not alter, what is already developed. Some still criticize me for being gullible in nature when it comes to all of those I seem to so easily let drift into my life: which results in various attempts of mayhem. I’m ok with that, knowing that it is of my intent to never prevent another from expressing themselves as they attempt to explain or correct what they perceive. Humiliation is insignificant, when principles of expression, individualism, liberty and justice are in question.

I chose to only express my ordeal over the internet. That is my intended thought, by which much criticism is obtain by using such a limiting (as some may perceive) medium to deal with something that is personable. But then I have always admire those who push their freedoms and agendas, seeming it is through those actions that they become LEDGENDARY in the minds of those of the future. All events on the various blogs and social networks are my expression of events that occurred from 11/2012-06/2013 and have trickled down to a revolt of standards of the SCR. No event is without causation. No causation exist upon its own existences. In this social (SCR) reality, we are a social people, and all actions done upon one, eventually effects the entire. Thus Onward with my Default/Revolt.

Also in the spirit of all that has been expressed by me in this posting. I would like to give some credit to a great church/organizational program. Whereby I needed some “pray” for motivation, and I got a daily bread tract plus note in a purple envelope (scan posting to follow soon). I received this purple envelope on 9/28/2014 when I, going through the dull routine events of my REVOLT in Phoenix (again, explanation posting to come). The result of one of these dull events is complete dehydration and energy lost due to no food. I went their and got a lunch sack. There was a purple envelope that stated in a note, Romans 15:13 and a personal note (daily bread) stating, “I am praying that you will see God’s Blessings today”. Which I did, as I read the tract included and it Romans 3:23:6:23. Thank You CHURCH ON THE STREET for being and providing that “pray” I needed 10/13/2014, when I finally opened the envelope and read it.

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ENLARGING THE AMERICAN MELTING POT IDEOLOGY: With new concepts of sensory receptions (coherence, frequency, sixth sense reception)

Old-American-Flag offthecuffdc com

Considering the fate of our great nation. I find great comfort in the work of Napoleon Hills work, Think Rich-Grow Rich. Although the books emphasis is personal financial growth. Along with the history and behavioral patterns of America’s greatest kings of empires. The book also provides a deeper understanding of self attainment within a social realm of existence. Hill provides several theories, that can be utilized in the self empowerment of an individual. The primary factor of this empowerment is derived from an individual capability to perceiver the reality of the environment.

Perception of the environment is obtained through sensory reception, of which Hill adds a 6th sense reception. Hill states the 6th sense reception as:

“…The reality of the sixth sense has been fairly well established. This sixth sense is creative imagination…the faculty of creative imagination is the direct link between the finite mind of man and Infinite Intelligence. All so-called revelations, referred to in the realm of religion, and all discoveries of basic or new principles in the field of invention, takes place through the faculty of creative imagination…when brain action has been stimulated, through one or more of the ten min d stimulants, it has the effect of lifting the individual far above the horizon of ordinary thought an d permits him to envision distances, scope, and quality of thoughts not available on the lower plane…while on the higher level of thought, the individual is not hampered or bound by any of the stimuli which circumscribe and limit his vision…(Hill, pg178-180).

It is with this sixth sense that many great events in our American life have occurred and will continue to occur. From Hills work, I have contributed other theories and works, which provide insight into the need of collective empowerment.  Theories such as Rollin McCarthy’s Global Coherence, point to the collective frequency energy, by which individuals emotional state of mind, impact the environment etc. There’s an advantage of this collective energy, which propels human efforts for the purpose of balance within the environment of nature. We become synched with the universe and at that point of existence, we empower ourselves in great measures. Hill provides an excellent example, take directly from our American history, whereby two individuals actions channeled to the formation of 56 individuals, which lead to the events of 1776.

Today we face a world, where by all may not embrace our Americanism. We are constantly reminded of this world reality, with terrorism. At the same time our nation faces an interesting dilemma regarding immigration. In many of my prior post, my overall opinion is that the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, must enlarge the melting pot, by which we salvage our liberty, freedom and existence. The following link, provide a vivid explanation for thought, by which our future is railing towards us rapidly. I am impress with President Obama and his administrations, current immigration reform, by which such features as.  Providing new tools for applicants of citizenship, Improving Refugee programs, staple green cards for STEM programs, and more importantly increase the cap of tourist per nations and investment opportunities.

The first link is Introduction of the Amero. This details the work of Jason Kirby, The Amero vs. The Dollar. This explains our the value of our money and future of Americans monetary system, as some try to default the dollar to replace it with the Amero. https://paulgoree.wordpress.com/2008/09/18/introduction-of-the-american-amero/

The second link details Jerome Corsi’s work regarding creation of the North American Union. Coris, suggests that this union is reason to explain the US’s delay in securing the nations boarders. Others have commented, that this lack of security could lead to legal issues state to executive/congress. http://www.wnd.com/2014/08/45131/

The third link details the most current details of President Obama’s Immigration Reform. http://www.whitehouse.gov/issues/immigration/streamlining-immigration .  As stated above I like our Presidents and his administration course of thought. I see the need to expand the American experience through the efforts of increase tourism, visas, citizenship and investment opportunities here in the USA. With this forward actions, it seems difficult for NAU plans to materialize. As our nation enlarges it’s melting pot, the need to unify is not as much as necessity. Currently bi-national exploration programs, such as Cali-Baja ( http://paulgoree.blogspot.com/2014/08/cali-baja-venture.html) seems to be a more executable course of action. By which our nation economically create districts of industry/economic cooperation.

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We Will Get There-Easily Mislead (uhm Paul Goree )

First thing first, the images and story of this video is sincere and still part of my desires-should I strike it rich. But using sociopsychology. The entire video I made was just to learn how to obtain the impossible from thought. Reading Napoleon Hill, Basha and Wayne Dyer. It’s amazing what thought can manifest in the real world consciousness. So the ideal is to think of the impossible (for me that would be to win $100,000,000.00 dollars from the Arizona lottery). Then imagine all the thing you would do with the impossible thought you had. (For me that is all depicted in the video, as I would finish school (BSW/MSW-JD), open a non-profit agency and begin helping the world be a better place. By providing resources and referrals; that combat Maslow’s lower level of social survival needs (water, food, shelter, security and safety). Well pop the imagination bubble and realize the odds of the impossible thought you had, might not come true. But what can happen, is that all the things you imagined you would do, can happen-if you apply yourself. This is why day dreaming is benefits the conscious reality.

Unbelievably I have to question the source of this song. I got the song from a Madonna YouTube video (I went to watch Hung Up-and this played instead). I believe the laptop was phished on. So I downloaded a capturing device and captured this song. Now no such song by a band titled Easily Mislead can be found, uhmmmm!!! Could this be proof that since I first arrived in Phoenix (9/2011), I was being tagged, phished on my laptop, and followed (for what who knows, who cares-why give credit to those wanting it. My latest Facebook post credited Young Jeezy with Trap In California. But for me I’m Trapped In Phoenix…”son now that I know that you’ve been trapped. You wanna perform now, but they hold ya back-to face consequences, on what you did on some bullshit!!!…) nevertheless, it proves several things to me today. Never let something mal or others remove from you the essences of your soul. Like I have stated, all the things visualized in this video can occur within my lifetime.

I also learned negative rhetoric is often given regarding capturing devices and copyright violations on the internet. However, I have always seen the internet as a means to document my interest. If someone phishes my laptop (they are the one’s violating internet laws, in their attempt to mislead) capturing devices, etc. can help provide evidence later after the fact.

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Client Profile Debate: Unethical Actions of Case Workers – The Development of a Behavioral Inferno through Neglect


This is re-posted because original post on WordPress is difficult to read (missing sections)! Also it brings up the questions of effective case managers within the social service field (especially housing).


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K.C.M.O.-Abduction: Christian Cults

K.C.M.O.-Abduction: Christian Cults


During the summer of 1995, I was traveling through Kansas City Missouri. I decided to apply for a job opportunity at a leading telecommunication company. The hiring process of this company, required a minimum of 4 weeks before a decision would be made. So for 4 weeks, I lived and took on temporary assignments through- out K.C.M.O, as I waited to be hired at the telecommunications company.

It was incredible doing temp work in that great city. An amazing small business environment-with diverse growth within various industry. Something liking to the “All American Dream” of effort, individuality and liberty resulting in ones desires. I had just left the University of New Mexico, had the opportunity to utilize all the sociological skills, I had acquired. I was deeply interested and concerned with working class America and the future of working class America, pertaining to poverty. One of these assignments that fueled my social conflict interest, was with a regional automotive parts distributor.

I recall the CEO of this company, informing me of the future outlook of not only his company, but many of America’s mom and pop businesses. Like him, I saw huge Pac-Man eating giants, ruining the base of America’s small business. The feelings expressed from him, carried with me as I continued to temp through -out the city.

The week-end of the 2 week, I spent the day relaxing in Penn Valley Park. I looked over to see two young people playing bongo drums. They noticed me and approached me. They introduced themselves and asked me if I knew of Jesus. My initial thought was, “Wow look at these two hippie Christian drum players!!!” I informed them, that I loved my friend/our friend Jesus. Our conversation went on to joyfully discuss Jesus and what I termed Jesus Love. They were interested in why I was in K.C.M.O.

Got Faith

I explained the job I was being interviewed for and the waiting process. They then told me about where they live and work. From Penn Valley Park, they point to an older high rise building. They suggested that I should come with them to this building. The building was a Christian owned center, where by several jobs were available, living opportunities and faith fellowship. I informed them that I was only interested in the telecommunication job I had already invested time and interest in. They then stated, “that it is a great thing, that Christian organizations like the one they belong to, has the tools and access to offer other Christians opportunities to bolster their faith. If things didn’t work out for me at the telecommunications company, I really should look into their organization. “ They assured me that I could continue my educational studies and even develop my own job within the organization.But something about their re-assurance didn’t feel right. It almost felt as if they were pushing me to forget about any other occupational desires: and become 100% devoted to the organization which they belonged to.


Week 3, I accepted another temp job at a legal firm. I alone with 3 other persons, were going to be working for a week, in one this legal firms archives warehouse. We were paired up and basically verified file boxes as we re-labeled them and then restocked them. The person I was teamed with, was amazing. He was full of faith and always made references to his life savior Jesus Christ. We developed a good rapture, discussing everything from music to Jesus/faith. Mid-week he invited me to have lunch with him and his fiancé. Before we went out for lunch we stopped by their apartment. She was a nurse and had to pick up something quickly.

While at their apartment, I noticed what seemed to be modeling composite card. I asked her was she the model. She informed me that she was. I had seen several modeling composite cards, which all seemed similar. But something about this composite card was so different. I was dazed looking at it, trying to figure out what was so faintly familiar. She asked me, what it was I was thinking. I responded, “I trying to figure this picture out, something about it, I don’t know…something about it is different than all the other composite cards I’ve seen…it feels different and the background and props are completely different…I don’t know – it feels and seems divine in a way.”

She smiled and took the photo and placed back on the table and suggested we leave. We picked up lunch at a Chinese restaurant and ate it at the hospital where she worked. After lunch me and her fiancé returned to our jobs. We arrived back in the warehouse around 1:00pm and went straight to work. The team that was opposite us (who usually made comments about us, always finishing our row first) were even with us at that point. As we started to work I started to feel a little nausea (stomach issues); I was thinking maybe it was the lunch-maybe the heat. Nonetheless I went back to work.

Next thing I remember is pulling a box towards me, like I had done all week. I looked over to see the team across from me, and they were nearly finished. I was lost in confusion, wondering what had happen. I looked at my watch and it was now 3:30pm. I asked my team partner what had happen. “Did I pass out or something? Why are we still in the second row? How did they past us? What happen?” He stood there and shifted his shoulders, nodding with a look of “I Don’t Know?” This made me even more confused. How could he not know what had happen. Nearly 2 and a half hours had past, and he couldn’t explain what had happen. We continued to work, and I simply let it reside for that moment.

google images tag spirits

When I got home, I searched my mind for a possible explanation. I keep refraining from the obvious, because it seemed so impossible. Could the bongo hippie playing Christians and the Nurse/co-worker all be connected. Where they some part of a Christian organization, something of which I didn’t know how I felt about (at the time). I had heard of such organization and 2 prior had experience such followers. But for this particular moment, in this city and state, for some reason, I felt I had be abducted.


This abduction wasn’t alien/space or anything of that type. I felt that my team partner knew more than he was revealing. And that my comment to his fiancé about her modeling composite was truer than I could ever believe. I immediately thought about the drum making-playing hippie Christians I had met. I immediately also thought about some of my UNM studies, where by faith based collective groups were very real.

When I was at UNM, I went to Waco, Texas for an academic conference at Baylor University. While there, we took an excursion to the burnt remains of the Branch Davidians compound. While on the excursion we came across a large group of protesters. They informed us that they were Extreme Christians and that they had assembled from around the nations in Waco, Texas to protest against the FBI’s involvement with what occurred at the Branch Davidian Compound. They informed us that they needed to be presence at this event, seeming the FBI was doing PR retouch to minimize the event to the nation.

They knew we as students would be attending the PR event (which we did) and they wanted to make sure that all of those who would be able to attended the PR event, understood that this nation cannot allow centralized government to murder/attack/burn it’s citizen. This nation needed to remember Separation of Religion and State.

lost freedom

Today I look back on all of this. It still plagues me, as I have experienced stranger events till this day. The thought of Christian Cults still compound me with misunderstanding of my faith and it’s practice within the social environment. Listed below are some web-site regarding Christian Cults and Faith in the United States of America.









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False Life Insurance : Yahoo Answer Community 2007


Back in 2007 I asked the Yahoo Answer Community the following question.

Life Insurance Question?
What can you do, if someone gets a Life Insurance Policy in your name without your permission? Are all policies payable? How can you contact Insurance Agencies to let them know?

here are some of the replies.

Best AnswerAsker’s Choice

mbrcatz answered 7 years ago
You contact that insurance company, and tell them someone forged your signature and impersonated you when they took the blood samples. You then contact your state insurance commissioner for the same. Then you file charges against the policy owner.

AGENCIES have nothing to do with it. They can’t do a blessed thing. Policies are payable unless they are cancelled. You need to contact the company that wrote the policy, and your state insurance department fraud unit.

KIDD3422 answered 7 years ago
One should not be able to get a life insurance policy in your name without your permission. Contact the company and ask them what you have to do to get it canceled.

mark s
Mark S answered 7 years ago
This CANNOT happen!!!! Period!!! End of statement.
Life insurance is a contract and all persons who are subject to that contract HAVE TO/ MUST sign the papers.

After researching further, I found out that indeed these types of false Life Insurance scams go on. Back in 2007 Helen Golay 76, and Olga Rutterschmidt 74, allegedly took out several life insurance policies on Paul Vados 73, and Kenneth McDavid 50, then killed them by running over them with a car. See article at

http://articles.latimes.com/keyword/olga-rutterschmidt or

http://lapdblog.typepad.com/lapd_blog/2006/05/page/2/ (may 19, 2007).

If you are concerned like I was, that this could happen to you, then as stated by mbrcatz on Yahoo Answers, you should contact your State Insurance Commissioner and let them know, that you believe someone maybe trying to place a future false claim against you. I was informed to provide the name of the all possible legitimate person who might fail a claim. Supposedly the State Insurance Commissioner notifies enforcement, insurance companies and all interested parties: if questionable claims are made. Is this being paranoid, well for me, I was thinking it’s better to be safe. Besides the ideal of someone involved with my death, collecting money is repulsive! So I’d rather be considered paranoid, but I’m really just be cautious.

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same day man 1Something I wrote back in 2009: Still applies to me today, expect more adversaries (external and No Mass).

By: Paul DeWitt Goree copyright 08/09 PDG LVNV

You’ll never find me, at local discotheques after hours
There’s days, time subsisted and lived: is a crime, just like dictating worth, with paper dollars
“Oh Thou be in search to find, what’s lost, the social scars are so revealing, with life too uneasy.
You see I played that game, and drove myself insane.
Got an addiction to, falsifies never understood.
The boy next door who use to walk your dog
Got lost as the story goes! Where at, it’s yet revealed.
Yes, that boy next door, imprudent, jester ,lurch around , 2nd person “HEY HEY IT’S ME”
Got rapt, sunk in, by a trick bagger, some wounds are self commenced. Yet on the other side of LUCK – Energy is best, released…

I’m the same day man that I use to be
Same day man, that I use to be
Same day man, that I use to be
I’m not unmasked to fool
I’m the same day man…

So ask your questions, to whoever’s paying by the hour
The space of 7th degree, is something I really can’t afford to.
And so it’s good for you, the aerials are controlling, every hour.
With spirits free, , it’s manifest’s burning – “No Social Disrespect-No Revolution is to follow!!!”
You see I slapped that cuff off, step from the “Looking Glass”, feels good to breath at last.
I’m that same day boy, sparked with a tactful smile, so proud to crawl and fail, integrity worn proud.

Repeat Chorus:

Next time for sure, don iron shoes, them others kind are too unkind (and hurt your feet)
A barefoot boy, grown into to a man,, not in a beggar suit, this is the HOBO VOGUE (roam, it’s prudent, live and learn it, do it)
You can only be, to be beat, believe, there is no earthly undone deed
You get to see, seed, succeed, life is ENERGY concurring matter, feeds.
Keep to the dance, don’t stop the dance,!
Keep on willing to believe…don’t stop the dance.

You see I still the same day man that I use to be
Same day man that I use to be
Same day man that I’ll always be
I’m not too remote peculiar…I’M THE SAME DAY MAN
(as yesterday, and tomorrow day, and all the days that never go away)

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ONWARD – De Mon Faire
By: Paul Dewit Goree 8/7/2014 (PHX wave conclusion 8/2014)

(DE MON FAIRE = Of My Maneuvering. knowing that I am maneuvering nothing and God maneuvers all.)

Gone are the feelings, the mislead urges
Denied, keeping me hungry forever
Washed in the tide an insipid star
The star you stole and deprived me

Gone are excuses, the lingering fuel
Of a life mistake, dooming a forward tread
With nothing from nothing, growth with nothing done
It’s seems life has a power, a power of its’ own

What I’m not understanding ,
Is now divinely synched automatic
Within the valley , I feel myself
Looking down up from a peak
Knowing that distances and time
Lay ahead, and so must I
All of the past rest assured
Becomes the strength as I venture on…
On, on, on, on ONWARD, on, on, on, ONWARD!

Gone are the systems of error default
The people expectations lost, now that I
Contest, and demand the equivalent
Manipulation disentangles, no negative energy resides

Gone are the ambitions, of collective worth
Pushing aside, all my De Mon Faire
Reversing decisions, displaced within myself
I find it easier to say “Jesus Love” and let others find their way

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Individual Perspective: You Believe What You Want To!!!

Michael Shermer stated, “…We form our beliefs for a variety of subjective, personal, emotional, and psychological reasons in the context of environments created by family, friends, colleagues, culture, and society at large; after forming our beliefs we then defend, justify, and rationalize them with a host of intellectual reasons, cogent arguments, and rational explanations. Beliefs come first, explanations for beliefs follow…”(The Believing Brain).

This defines two patterns of human behavior, when individuals are engaged in the social macro and natural environment. Patternicity is defined as: finding meaningful patterns in both meaningful and meaningless data. Agenticity: infusing patterns with meaning, intention, and agency.

For me things get even more interesting when one considered Synchronicity. Synchronicity as described by Carl Jung is, “acausal connection of two or more psycho-physic phenomena..”(carl-jung.net). whereas coincidences are mere collations of interactions, accident or deliberate intention: Synchronicity is the sub-conscious and conscious mind, toggling meaningful patterns of the living experience. If one is able to focus and retain these toggled patterns in a timely manner, they can predict (by simple explanation of the events as they occur) future outcomes or future events. Example is “Wreck of the Titan” by Morgan Robertson was written in 1898, and 14 years before the Titanic sank in 1912.





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The Cali Baja Venture

Q3 EDC-myemail-constantcontact

Recently (June 10, 2014) David Brat (Virginia’s 7th congressional district) defeated Eric Cantor, former House Majority Lead. While celebrating his victory, Brat pointed out the primary factor fueling his success, was his not so lenient regards towards immigration. Brat has been quoted as having a no amnesty ideology, and will create major implications for Obama’s Immigration over-haul aspirations. While immigration continues to play a deleterious role in American political rectitude, a more optimistic decorum is becoming a reality after 6 years of global legislation. The Cali Baja Mega Region Initiative is an unrivaled challenge, making the current political ills of immigration seem antediluvian.

The Cali Baja Mega Region started in 2008. It was in 2008 that the Economic Development Administration (EDA), part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, awarded San Diego Regional EDC and the Imperial Valley EDC a grant worth $225,000 to develop a bi-national strategy. As a result of that grant, a successful collaboration of San Diego County, Imperial County and the Mexican municipality of Baja California, came into existence. They termed their joint venture The Cali Baja Bi-National Mega Region Initiative. It is divided into 6 regional development agencies, which collectively is the root of the organization. The 6 development agencies are:

1.) San Diego Regional Economic Development Corp.
2.) Imperial County Economic Development Corp.
3.) Tijuana Economic Development Corp.
4.) Ensenada Economic Development Corp.
5.) Industrial Development Commission of Mexicali
6.) Economic Promotion Commission of Tecate

In addition, the Cali Baja bi-national strategy included the opportunity for stakeholder investors and founding sponsors, which include AT&T, Bank of America, San Diego Association of Government (SANDAG), San Diego State University, EW Corporation, Hargreaves and Savitch, Wal-Mart Foundation, Kyocera, Procopio and others.

The new Cali Baja region is 29,000 square miles, about the size of Maine. The infrastructure includes 6 border crossings, 5 interstate freeways, 5 international airports 2 maritime ports with linked rail. These structural advantages are minute in comparison to the business and socio-political opportunities Cali Baja will create. Cali Baja is presumed to be the metropolis of the future when it comes to technology. Each of the 6 geographic entities specializing in innovative commerce. It’s often compared to Hong Kong positive non-interventionism; whereby laissez-faire capitalism (Rikkie, 2008) seems to be the decorum of the quasi authority. However unlike Hong Kong, Cali Baja is not and shall not be restricted by exclusive internal and external affairs of any one particular government. Instead free enterprise is the mode of operation. In June 2011 the six regional economic development agencies signed their “Rule of Engagement” which establishes the base rules of their collective effort as, Cali Baja.

The economic advantage of Cali Baja in part is geographic location. But the primary advantage is the industry that this geographic location provides collectively. The region success will be based on solar manufacturing, Biofuel development and manufacturing, work force development, agricultural development. Christina Luhn, director of the Cali Baja Mega Region Initiative, proudly stated, “I confess when I started this project, I believed what I read in the paper—that there wasn’t any manufacturing left in America, that it had all gone overseas. Now we know how wrong that is,” says Luhn. “Globalization has changed the nature of manufacturing and technology…We have an advantage in California, we already have companies, we already have people out there doing a bunch of exciting things-a lot of time they’re just two hours away.”
When considering the collective success to be reaped from the Cali Baja Mega Region, an in depended close look at each region provides ample veracity to Luhn’s statements.

San Diego Regional Economic Development Corp.
San Diego is a leading hi-tech hub in the United States. By fusing life science, communication, environmental tech and software development, San Diego has become a cutting-edge culture. Its impact on technology focuses on commercialization and research of advance manufacturing within diverse landscapes. The larger portion of this commercialization is in the aerospace/defense, wireless communication systems, digital transmission, reception systems, medical devices and shipbuilding. Another dynamic of San Diego EDC is biotech research done at the University of California San Diego, which has spun 200 biotech corporation, with an estimated $9.2 billion annual revenue generated (U.S. Dept. of Commerce, 2011). Some of the companies that will spring from the San Diego EDC into Cali Baja are: Kyocera, Solar Turbines and UTC.

Imperial County Economic Development Corp
The Imperial Valley is advantageously located near the southern border of San Diego, Arizona and Mexicali’s (the capital of Baja California). The area embodies ideal weather for abundant sunshine, making it a perfect location for solar, wind, and algae biofuel development. The area is also soil rich and agribusiness is strengthen by geographical location to the United States and Mexico. Some of the renewable energy companies that occupy this location are Synthetic Genomics, Pattern Energy, Tenaska and Cal Energy.

Tijuana Economic Development Corp.
Tijuana is a manufacturing headquarter. ‘It represents 47% of jobs generated by the private sector in the city.’ (Tijuana EDC, 2012) With over 6 million resident, 2 deep sea ports and an international airports (General Abelardo L. Rodriguez International Airport) Tijuana provides a comprehensive access and exceptional workforce. There are over 568 manufacturing plants in the Tijuana, which employee over 165,000 workers. Some of the facilities that are subsidiaries of U.S. corporations, South East Asia and European are; Foxconn, Samsung, Sanyo, Phillips, Ossur, Siiken and Gambro.

Ensenada Economic Development Corp.
Ensenada is located 60 miles south of the United States border. It has the highest concentration of foreign industrial manufacturing, and is also focused in Sea Port and mining industries. The advantage point of Ensenada is found in it’s low operation cost, proximity to the United States and Asia, wide selection of local suppliers, technical work force and a population educational profile in engineering and hi-tech sciences. From aerospace engineering to medical devices and textile industries, Ensenada offers ‘the best quality of life in Mexico’s North Western region.”(Ensenada EDC, 2012) Some of the key manufactures in the Ensenada region are 3M, Hutchinson Aerospace, ICU Medical, Ingersol Rand (Schlage), Consolidated Precision Products and Softtek.

Mexicali Commission Development
Mexicali is the state capital of Baja California. The primary benefit is its growing work population within the aerospace, renewable energies, automotive and electric industries. Some of the major international companies that operate in Mexicali are Kellogg’s, DeACERO, Intutitve Surgical and Goodrich Aerospace.

Tecate Commission Economic Promotion
Located east of Tijuana, Tecate is a manufacturing hub, not only for its global beer but also for its leading status in electronics, medical devices, ceramic and plastic industries. Global corporations such as Schlage Lock (Ingersol Rand) and Rockwell operate in Tecate. Tecate host more than 119 manufacturing facilities with Highway 2 offering easy transportation and freight to Otay Mesa Port.

There is an obvious competitive edge for businesses that will operate out of the Cali Baja Mega Region. Most recently German Bosch has reaffirmed its plan to invest 90 million dollars over the next for years (Bosch, 2014). Business success in Mexico can be contributed to the practice of Maquiladoras. Maquiladoras are manufacturing plants, with the parent company administrating from foreign destination like the United States of Germany. Maquiladoras allow business investors to capitalize on the economical labor force and raw materials Mexico has to offer. With business policy like NAFTA and Maquiladoras, Cali Baja when complete (projected 2020), will be the leading high-technology hub in the world. It also will host the largest bi-national workforce providing ample labor for the aerospace, automotive, bio-fuel, commercial electronics and agricultural industries. It is estimated that the demographic statistics will be:

Population = 6.6 million
GDP = $202.4 Billion (USD)
Square Miles = 28, 656
Labor Force = 3.1 Million
Employment = 2.8 Million

In regards to Cali Baja Mega Region, the NPR Marketplace stated, “While Congress debates the need for tighter border security, Tijuana and San Diego want to get beyond the border and work together as a combined economic powerhouse.” (Tyler, 2013) This seems like a sensible assessment, considering one of the 2024 Olympics proposed cities is the Cali-Baja Mega Region. The following YouTube video details some highlights of the Cali Baja Mega Region.

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R.E.D.U (Reverse the Environment of Drugs and You) work in progress


R.E.D.U is the acronym for Reverse Environment Drugs and You. It in part is a testimonial of my life of drug usage, which awkwardly began in 1992. Ambitious and unknowledgeable, I was attending Seattle Community College. My goal was to obtain my A.A. and a Q.C.D.C which today are titled CAADAC & NAADAC. Having never used drugs, I found it difficult to counsel others on the matter. However I quickly learned that counseling was not an personal advice effort. But was depended and structured around a practical formula. I unwittingly asked the instructor, “How can I counsel someone on marijuana use, when I have never used marijuana?” I was immediately reminded of the technique we were reviewing in another class on counseling. Well that explanation was enough for me, and so I decided, that we live and learn. And from that day forward, I set out to try all the drugs on the National Institute of Drug, drug chart. The chart consist of the following categories: Prescription Medication, Other Compounds (ex: anabolic steroids), Hallucinogens, Dissociative Drugs (ex: Ketamine), Club Drugs (ex: MDMA), Stimulants, Opioids, Cannabinoids, Alcohol and Tobacco.

From 1992 till 2011, I accomplished my imprudent goal. Today I look back at that self-challenge and am thankful to faith (Yes, I always prayed to GOD to see me through the madness I had positioned myself). I am also thankful to the various instructors, users, and theories regarding drug usage. When I was 18 I sign petition and later voted for ballot measure Assigned Number 692– Sponsors Karen Pehoushek and Mr. Robert Killian- The petition secured 260,335 signatures. The petition was found to have sufficient valid signatures, and appeared on the Nov. 3, 1998, General Election Ballot in the state of Washington. This was the first step towards understanding drugs and politics. From that day forward, I have signed marijuana legislation in every state I have lived in. Even when I discontinued use of marijuana in 2000; I still supported the rights of those who desire it. Today as I look at marijuana dispensaries and Colorado’s general marijuana usage public policy enactment (Amendment 64): I can’t help but think VICTORY!!! But victory in legal usage (marijuana) is the easier portion of drug usage equation. In order to fully have a drug victory, we must look towards innovative education of drugs, intervening programs for control and non-control of usage, and advanced treatment programs that are individually based upon the clients Biopsychosocio-spiritual dynamics.

From 2011 I have reviewed many theories revolving around drug usage and drug addiction. I have participated in some group counseling treatment programs that were successful and some that were not. The difference between the successful ones was they centered around some of the basic 12 Step Recovery Program and were more self determinately based. I am in the process of documenting my personal usage and how I have come to this point, in my reversal of the environment(s) drugs and me. Here are some of the basics of R.E.D.U and theories which are relevant.


r time 1

environment 2

drugs 2

you puzzle 2

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The Spiritual Dimension of Carla Washburn (the Biopsychosocio-spiritual aspects of a clients’ profile)

mothers day

The Spiritual Dimension of Carla Washburn final Apa 3

The Spiritual Dimension of Carla Washburn
Paul Goree
Arizona State University 2013

This essay will explore James Fowler work titled, Stages of Faith- the Psychology of Human Development: and it’s psychotherapeutic applications, in dealing with individual faith over the course of a life time. In addition, the connotations of spirituality and aging will be examined, as they are presented by Dr. Margaret Waller, in her work The Spiritual Dimension for Assessing Human Functioning. It is from these works that a better understanding of spirituality and its role in a client’s biopsychosocial spiritual profile can be defined and used by social workers.
In this essay I will document a firm foundation of the spiritual dimension and its importance to social practitioner’s life. A compare and contrast of Fowler’s Theory will demonstrate the variance that occurs with a change in variables. This will be accomplished by using the case client study of Carla Washburn, provided by Alice A. Lieberman on the New Directions in Social Work website, http://www.routledgesw.com/. The variables that will be examined will be sex and age.
The intent of this essay, is to demonstrate the role of spirituality in the biopsychosocial spiritual dimension of a client’s assessment profile. It also will provided insightful conclusions by which a social practitioner can evaluate the differences of individual’s behavior, as it is affected by sub-systems and environments.

Keywords: spirituality, aging, stages of faith theory

The Spiritual Dimension of Carla Washburn
The opening of James Fowler’s work, Stages of Faith- The Psychology of Human Development provides intriguing questions Fowler sought to utilize in a workshop on faith. The questions expanded upon the notion of faith and its meaningful purpose in an individual’s life (Fowler, 1995). Fowler states that from the questions he “examined the structure of values, the patterns of love and action, the shape of fear and dread and the directions of hope and friendship in my life” (p.3). Fowler concluded that the entirety of these questions, revolved around faith. With faith we are able to process meaningful life patterns that occur throughout our life (p.4).

Fowler finalized his work, by categorizing 7 stages of spiritual growth an individual will endure. The stages are patterned like Eric Erikson’s, Stages of Psychosocial Development, providing age range and attributed behavior (Walker, n.d.). The stages are:

  • Stage 1 Primal-Undifferentiated Faith,
  • Stage 2 Intuitive-Projective,
  • Stage 3 Mythic –Literal, Stage
  • Stage 4 Synthetic-Conventional,
  • Stage 5 Individual-Reflective, Stage (my current stage),
  • Stage 6 Conjunctive Faith and
  • Stage 7 Universalizing Faith- Maslow’s Actualization (Roger, p.316).

These stages define several characteristics Fowler detailed in his work, such as the German word Einbildungskaft: which means “power” (p.24). The stages bring forward two genral concepts: The ideal of faith being “relational” – (concept of a personal relationship with GOD, and how that conveys into our social relationships-family, friends, love, community,etc). (p.16). and  A difference between faith and religion (p.12).

When reviewing the client case study of Carla Washburn, it is evident that these characteristics and stages follow through. Carla Washburn is 76 years old, has type 2 diabetes, occasionally attends church, and is in a grief support group. Carla’s grief is over her grandson who died in Afghanistan. Carla also has lost her son and his wife to a car accident. Although Carla’s grief seems heavy: She seems to have a grasp of Fowler’s understanding of, power, relational and the difference between faith and religion. Carla is in Stage 6 of Fowler’s structural development.

At Stage 6,  Carla seems to be transcending reality beyond emotional duress, by accepting the factors of what is existent. In the grief support group, Carla makes it very clear that she did not want to attend the sessions. But seeming it was a church group (of which she attends church) and seeming that her sister kept insisting: she decided to come. At this point Carla seems to have self-defined the role of the church/religion and faith (Lieberman, 2013). The differentiation of the group being for crisis resolution; and the group being for faithful passage is apparent. The difference can be found in the enjoyment Carla details having with her grandson, compared to Carla disinterest in the groups’ crisis support resolution. She expresses joyfully statements such as, “He even played tea with me…I listened to him…I was there for him and he was there for me”. These statements convey spiritual dynamics which Fowler detailed as “relational” (p. 16). It’s during stage 6,  that the individual “demythologizes” the literal meanings and symbols, creating a self- understanding of faith as it is referenced to spiritual and religion as to church, fellowship, etc. (Exploring Spiritual Development, 2009).

Fowler’s 6 Stage Conjunctive Faith, is also represented by Carla’s ability to overcome adversity and having meaning and purpose. This could be seen in Carla’s dialogue with Beverly about her son who died of an over dosage. Beverly is insistent that her son’s girlfriend is an intervening problem and cause of his death. Carla express sternly dialogue, for Beverly to come to terms of her son, as he really was and his responsibility to himself. She is not advising Beverly, but simply pointing out the conjunctive and non-conjunctive aspects of what is real!  Carla explains the difference of Beverly’s son, who died of an over dosage as being a completely different ordeal than her grandson who died honorably in the UNITED STATES ARMY. Her grandson died honorably-with respect of his responsibilities. Thus she doesn’t feel it necessary to conventional grieve. She is proud of her grandson and the abundance of love she provided to him as a child, comforts her now. Whereas Beverly son, died of irresponsibility of substance usage. That is why you are grieving. Beverly needs to accept the reality of the difference and the reality of her sons, actions. Which are separate from the emotional associations, which sometimes are tied to symbols and formalized patterns of behavior.


If Carla were a 20 year old caucasian male, then the characteristics of her behavior (essences) would be different according to Fowler’s Stages. Carla as Carl, would be in Stage 4 Synthetic Conventional . Fowler states that such individuals, are in a stage of anxiety aroused by responsibility of religious freedom. The individual may be angst with the complexity of faith, as they question conflicts which arise in their life against faith. As Carl, Carla might ask common emotional questions such as, “Why did her grandson had to die? Why did her son have to die in the auto accident? How can God be so good, yet create so much pain with death?” (Exploring Spiritual Development, 2009).

When approaching Carl, Fowler’s Stage development provides a social practitioner with helpful cues. For example at Stage 4, using strength developing techniques, allows the client to be self-determinant. This could assist Carl with increase awareness of his beliefs and their roots, making this reflective period more effective. However using that same approach with Carla at Stage 5 would not be as effective. At stage 5 Individual-Reflective,  it would be effective to utilize techniques that emphasized relationship, “I-Thou relationships” (Berk, 2010). At Stage 5 an individual is more confident in their faith and thus not in need of reaffirmation of what they have conceived as faith.

Berk, E. Laura. (2010). Resilience: agreeableness and acceptance of change. Development through the life span (5th ed.) Retrieved from http://www.pearsonhighered.com/berkls5epreview/assets/pdf/berk_ls5e_ch18.pdf

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For Profit Industry Challenge Social Service Industry: Which is More Effective and Empowering When Dealing With Clients


For the life of me, I will never understand why two “professional” case workers, simply refused to intervene. For 8 months they allowed the most unconventional behavior to occur. They allowed lives to be reshaped and destroyed. And although it was not entirely upon them to control: It was their responsibility as case managers to assist, guide, encourage and intervene. These two case managers (Margret Finn and Johnny Garcia of South West Behavioral Services) are detailed in a series of posting titled; Person-Environment: Case Manager Neglect. The series questions the ethical obligation of case managers. And points out the importance of that obligation. From personal experience I can attest that had these two case managers been more ethical and concerned, lives would have turned out better. Instead a chaotic environment imploded, which has ripped into the lives of others (especially mines). For while under their supervision, I was attending ASU, working towards my BSW/MSW. Not one day went by in some of my ASU social work classes, where we were not informed of the importance of Professional ETHICS. A portion of those ethics are specific to client services. And seeming this is the social service industry. It would be expected that case managers strived to provide an environment by which a client (regardless of their crisis) could feel SELF DETERMINED and EMPOWERED. However the opposite is what occurred, regarding me and the two “professional” case managers.

These two case managers have left me to believe that their neglected actions would be the same within the society. From not yelling fire in a theater, to avoiding interning on behave of a child in need. They as case managers are obligated to intervene, in regards to their clients and society in general. If drug activity is among their clients, then they are obligated to intervene. If mental disturbances and crisis management is needed by their clients, they are obligated to intervene. But these two case managers simple sat back and watched as 8 months of torment occurred. Finally they did what should had been done in the first month (11/2012) they provided a separation intervention. Since that intervention, which resulted in homeless again for me, I have expressed my thoughts through conventional grievance, but to no avail. I still express my thoughts on this blog and other social networks (especially Social Worker Blogs) seeming I need to have professionalism validated by others, than the two hypercritics currently still employed. It is so important to me that all citizens express their discontent when dealing with “professional of society”. They must be held accountable, hence is why they have their academic paper work and license to practice social welfare: and I never will.

Last week I came across an interesting article in Bloomberg Businessweek title, ‘GOLDMAN BETS ON CUTTING CRIME’. The article was written by Esme E. Deprez and details the investment interest of Goldman Sachs with the city of Boston. Boston high crime rate and even higher recidivism prompted Goldman Sachs executives to analyze the circumstance and determine if they could effectively administrate Boston’s crime, resulting in a lower recidivism and an empowered prior “criminal” who would be integrated successfully into society! Well Goldman Sachs won the bet. And by winning the bet, executives are considering using the Boston model in other cities across the nation. They also are analyzing utilizing similar strategies for homelessness and social services. In the article, Deprez details the Goldman Sachs investment with a non-profit organization ROCA. ROCA objective for the past 26 years has been to transition young male criminals from the streets into the “legitimate economy”. This is encouraging self-determination and empowering a client. Not what occurred at South West Behavioral Service (yes, a few represent and ruin the majority).


Deprez, E. Esme. (2014). Goldman Bets On Cutting Crime, Bloomberg Businessweek.


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Future Telepathy Communication (Intra Body Communication-Emotional Communication) (work in progress by Paul Dewitt Goree)


Future Telepathy Communication (Intra Body Communication-Emotional Communication) (work in progress by Paul Dewitt Goree) May 2014

Inventor Zhong Lin Wang has created the nano-generator. The 1 millimeter thick generator converts mechanical energy into electricity. Mechanical energy is energy derived from motion ( ex. walking, jostling, etc.). The mechanics of the nano-generator are fueled by two layers of plastic, separated by a gap and connected by a metal wire. When rubbed together, they take on the opposite charges. Continued rubbing causes electrons to flow across the gap towards the positive pole-creating a current along the wire, which can charge a battery. The nano-generator can produce 500 watts per square meter. Wang believes that commercial products should hit the market by 2018. Products like shoe lining soles would have the ability to generate energy to be used by intra body communication devices.
Meanwhile at the University of Washington, Babak Parviz has developed a prototype lens with a radio receiver in it. This lens is enabled to receive data and display it within the eyes. The lens converts electronic signals into projected images, making the images visible to the eyes (Belfiore , 2010). Devices like Parviz’s radio lens receiver would require nano-generated energy.
Intra-communication is when the body is used as a signal transmitter. When signals pass through the human body interference from Electromagnetic energy have little influence on the transmission, due to the skin. Intra body communication (especially Wave Guide) has a better communication quality than Bluetooth and operates similar.

Intra-body communication is divided into 3 types.
1) The simple circuit = the body is treated as a conductor. (ex. body fat meters or EKG): Requires a wire to the external body.
2) Electrostatic coupling = requires wires that are grounded. Transmission quality dependent upon surrounding environment
3) wave guide = body is treated as a wave guide with high frequency EMF waves generated from within the body (sending terminal) and received outside the body at a receiving terminal. External wires are not need and wave guiding is not dependent upon environment.

Many of the new intra body communication devices use the wave guide communication process. Whereby a signal is sent from the body (generated within the body) and sent to an external terminal, where a computer translate the signal.


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(by: Paul D. Goree 2014 PHXAZ)


In our advance society, it is sometime believed that technology has the capability to resolve all our societal problems. We look to technology as the answer of our deeds. A co-dependence upon technology especially that within the medical field, can be a huge danger: as some unwillingly response to social medical threats, casually. This is particularly true of STD (Sexual Transmitted Diseases).  STD’s are just as dangerous and transmittable as in the past. Although medical pharmaceutical advances has help maintain and cure, many STD’s. A great threat of transmission still exist. Not all STD’s are curable. STD’s such as HIV, Syphilis, HPV, herpes simplex, and hepatitis C are a few STD’s that are not curable, with high infection rates.


When considering incurable STD’s such as HIV and Hepatitis C; it is equally important to consider the state legal statues that criminalize the transmission of these diseases between people. Many states have criminalize statues that range in the penalties imposed by the act.

In the state of Arizona, the law does not explicitly criminalize transmitting STD’s, nor does it specifically address exposing someone to such a disease. Arizona law specifically states that in order to be convicted of an STD crime you must knowingly expose someone else to an infectious or contagious disease. The Arizona criminal STD law also requires that you exposure to a contagious or infectious disease must occur in a public place or thoroughfare. If the exposure takes place in a private setting and does not expose the public to danger no crime has been committed.

California Health and Safety Code states that “any person who exposes another to HIV by engaging in unprotected sexual activity (anal or vaginal intercourse without a condom), when the infected person knows at the time of the unprotected sex that he or she is infected with HIV, has not disclosed his or her HIV-positive status, and acts with the specific intent to infect the other person with HIV, is guilty of a felony.” The law clarifies that “a person’s knowledge of his or her HIV-positive status, without additional evidence, is not sufficient to prove specific intent.”

Michigan law criminalizes nondisclosure, stating that if a person has been diagnosed with HIV and knows that he or she is infected and “engages in sexual penetration with another person without having first informed the other person that he or she has acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome related complex or is HIV infected, is guilty of a felony.”

In Alabama (code 22-11A21), not disclosing STD’s and engaging in sexual activities whereby exposure or transmission occurs; is a Class C misdemeanor.

In Georgia, A person with knowledge that he/she is HIV positive who knowingly 1) engages in sexual intercourse or any sexual act involving the sex organs of one person and the mouth or anus of another person without prior disclosure of HIV status 2) shares hypodermic needles 3) offers or consents to perform sexual intercourse with another person for money without disclosing HIVstatus 4) solicits another person to perform  submit to an act of sodomy without disclosure of HIV status 5) donates blood, blood products, other body fluids, or any body organ or body part without disclosing HIV status to the person drawing blood or collecting body parts or fluid, is guilty of a felony.

In Illinois, Any person knowing that he/she is HIV positive who 1) engages in intimate contact  another, 2) transfers, donates or provides his or her blood, tissue, semen, organs, or other potentially infectious body fluids for transfusion, transplantation, insemination or other administration to another, 3) dispenses, delivers, exchanges, sells or in any other way transfers to another any non-sterile intravenous or intramuscular drug paraphernalia, is guilty of a felony.

 In Nevada, A person who has received actual notice that he/she tested positive for HIV and intentionally, knowingly or willfully engages in conduct that is intended or likely to transmit the disease to another person is guilty of a class B felony. A person who works as a prostitute who tests positive for HIV and continues to engage in prostitution is guilty of a Category B felony.  Affirmative defense when other person knew of infection, knew exposure could result and consented.

 In Texas, the following case sums up the disclosure laws. Weeks v. State (1992, Tex App Eastland) 834 SW2d 559, petition for discretionary review ref (Oct 14, 1992) (Upholding attempted murder conviction of HIV positive defendant who spat twice in face of prison guard was supported by evidence where record showed that (1) defendant knew he was HIV positive, (2) defendant had stated that he was going to take as many with him as he could, (3) defendant believed that he could kill victim by spitting on him, and (4) experts had not entirely ruled out possibility of transmitting HIV through saliva.).

 In Washington, A person is guilty of assault in the first degree if he or she, with intent to inflict great bodily harm, administers, exposes, or transmits to another the human immunodeficiency virus.

 Katie E. Mosack and  Julianne M. Serovich, recent journal article-REASONS FOR HIV DISCLOSURE OR NON-DISCLOSURE TO CAUSAL SEXUAL PARTNERS. Their work details the individual responsibility of the person infected and the person not infected. It suggest that with our modern medical advancement, the rational behind disclosure is altered.  Mosack and Serovich state:

“…For example, some evidence suggests that many feel invulnerable to the risk of HIV infection (Ferguson & Frankis, 2001; Misovich, Fisher, & Fisher, 1999). This, in turn, may affect the attention paid to safer sexual behaviors. Diminishing the spread of HIV is clearly an important public health matter, and understanding sexual relationships, especially of gay men, is one pivotal aspect of HIV prevention efforts. An important phenomenon related to male sexual behavior that has been only minimally investigated is disclosure of HIV status to casual sexual partners. Such disclosure is important because it permits partners to be included in the decision-making process in either allowing or not allowing unsafe behavior to occur. Additionally, early diagnosis of HIV infection in asymptomatic individuals is increasingly important because it allows those exposed to make choices about their own testing and risky behaviors. Do HIV-positive gay men share their serostatus with sexual partners? Rates of reported disclosure have varied and in some studies, rates have been remarkably low. For example, although Hays et al. (1993) reported 98% of their sample disclosed to lovers/partners, other studies have reported disclosure rates to sexual partners of 89% (Schnell et al., 1992)… For example, researchers have reported the likelihood of disclosure decreased in direct proportion to the number of partners (Marks et al., 1991). Similarly, Perry et al. (1994) reported individuals were less likely to inform casual partners than steady partners of their HIV status. Such research is important in order to assess the rate of disclosure among sexual partners. This research has indicated that there may be an important lapse in disclosure to casual sexual partners.”



 ACLU. State Criminal Statues of HIV Transmission. ACLU 2008. Retrieved from https://www.aclu.org/files/images/asset_upload_file292_35655.pdf

 Chow, Andrew Esq. What Does Your State’s HIV Disclosure Law Require? Find Law Blogger. March 2012. Retrieved from http://blogs.findlaw.com/blotter/2012/03/what-does-your-states-hiv-disclosure-law-require.html

 Mosack E. Katie, Serovich M. Julianne. Reason For Hiv Disclosure or Non-Disclosure To Causal Sexual Partners .NBCI AIDS Educ Prev. Author manuscript; available in PMC 2006 January 6. Published in final edited form as: AIDS Educ Prev. 2003 February; 15(1): 70–80. Retrieved from http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1325221/






Katie E. Mosack and  

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FARRAKHAN’s Message of The Self Determinate African American in the 21’st Century: EXODUS (Reversal of the Great Trans-Atlantic Slavery Incident)


In honor of African American History Month: I am re-posting Farrakhan’s Tuskegee Speech, which includes many historical points of interest from Brooker T. Washington to Marcus Garvey. Also included in the original post, was a historical look at the year 1606 and how equal rights for contract workers: turned into slavery for African Americans. I hope all African Americans learn something new this month, about our ethnic legacy.

Thinking about the 18th anniversary of the Million Man March, thousands of people gathered in Tuskegee Square on October 20, 2013. In regards to the entire speech, three thoughts flowed through my mind: First, Self Determination. Ish¬mael Muham¬mad, stated much about Booker T. Washington’s self-help ideology. Which for me, translated to, self- determination. The second thing that came to mind, was how many times does a group of people have to express to the world; A declaration to the world of its oppression. This is especially hard for African Americans, seeming our Declaration to the world, was an event the world part took in. Thus their acknowledgement of our struggle is known, by their historic participation. Thus no more DECLARATION OF OUR AFRICAN AMERICAN EXISTENCES: The third thing that came to mind, was the ending of Ish¬mael Muham¬mad speech, he mentioned several key African American successes of character. One of those mentioned was Marcus Garvey. I caught my breath! I wondered how many African Americans, got from Ish¬mael Muham¬mad, what I got: first it’s time to be self- determinate, second: too many declarations of oppression have gone unanswered and third, Marcus Garvey. For those who don’t know, between 1928 – 1938, Garvey presented the Petition of the Negro Race. This petition outlined the worldwide abuse of Africans and called for Federal legislation to “repatriate” African Americans to Africa. The bill was part of Garvey’s co-operation with Mississippi Senator Theodore Bilbo and Earnest Sevier Cox. Both Bilbo and Cox’s were segregationist and white supremacy and sought to support Garvey’s repatriations ideals. The plan was for 12 million African Americans to move to Libya, as part of economic relieve and the FDR New Deal regarding unemployment (Morgan, C. pg 248)

In his Saviours’ Day speech, February 24, 2013. Farrakhan encouraged ideology by which African Americans can avoid economic disparity. The ideology focused on land ownership, less spending and collective donation funds. Farrakhan’s ‘Economic Blueprint’ options potential donators to donate .35 cent a week (.5 cent a day) to a collective fund, which incurs interest and will be used to purchase machinery, tools, and land for our self-determinate economic security (economicblueprint.org). Economic blueprint is the beginning of a long attempt of Farrakhan and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to open the eyes of African Americans in a collective effort. In a letter to Dr. Martin Luther King, regarding King’s analysis of black Americans and his comment, “souls left in darkness”: Elijah invitation was accepted. The invitation expressed the following:

“Dear Sir: We have reached a crucial crossroad in the life of our people here in America. Since all of us who love our people are walking toward one goal: freedom, justice and equality from the common enemy—let us realize that in unity there is strength. Let us come together in a meeting to discuss the future plans and programs needed to achieve these goals for our people. If we have any love and respect for each other, let us be intelligent about the matter and present to America and all the world a united black front. The destiny of 22 million is too important to allow disunity among us to prevent our achievement of a united front of Black Americans…” (THE HONORABLE MINISTER LOUIS FARRAKHAN, 2013)

With so much to consider regarding the latest message from the Nation of Islam. I find it interesting the philosophy of a ‘United Black Front’ established by Booker T. Washington and carried on through-out, the African American struggle. In 2011, Stefflova, Dulik, Matthew, Barnholtz-Sloan, Pai, Rebbeck & Walker published an article titled, ‘Dissecting the Within-Africa Ancestry of Populations of African Descent in the America’. This article although confirmed:
“…the distribution and identity of within-African ancestral contributions to groups of African descent in the Americas correspond to colonial histories and slave trade routes. The present analysis of genetic variations implies that African populations contributed differently to distinct populations of the New World, suggesting that the assumption of genetic homogeneity of African ancestry within the Americas is not necessarily valid…” (Stefflova, Dulik, Matthew, Barnholtz-Sloan, Pai, Rebbeck & Walker, 2011).

Homogeneity of African Americans may not be valid, but from a global perceptive regarding population extinction, a different understanding of ancestral identity becomes apparent. Statistically the population of African American blacks, is 39 million (US Census Bureau, 2012). Compared with Africa’s black population of 1.033 billion (Worldpopulation, 2012). I think a critical look at how slavery began in the United States first occurred. Some might find it quit surprising, that at one time in our pre-history; we really were a nation of individual liberty, where by racism and separation were nulled.

Charles Johnson and Patricia Smith historical work, ‘Africans in America’, provide a simple overview which details facts, explaining how African slavery started in America and is associated with economic. In 1606 king James granted the Virginia Company a charter. The company planned getting settlers to work the land and the combined produced would be divided to all members by the number of shares they had. In 1607, 900 settlers founded Jamestown and the Virginia company paid to developed the business venture. But nothing occurred for 3 years. Along with lost profits 840 of the settlers had dies mostly from starvation.

Suddenly desperate to return profit the settlers planted tobacco and by 1617 the Virginia Company and Jamestown was successful. King James attempted to restrict tobacco sales by raising import duty. But England and Europe was too addicted by then and the demand rose rapidly. The demand for tobacco resulted in a supply issues of which more labor was needed to work the tobacco fields. The two options for the planters were to 1.) Massachusetts model: relocate entire families from England to Virginia to work the farms as co-owners. (Selling some of their existing property and increase to larger plantation) 2.) ‘Capitalize’ on England’s lower class citizens making them indentured servants. The latter was most used. But it within itself caused issues in England.

People began to incriminate others, kidnap them, place false charges against them to have them placed on contract of which they would get paid a finder’s fee. The contract with the Virginia Company was 4-7 years and included shelter, and food. After the contract was completed one would be friended and given a parcel of land a suit and a bushel of corn. The laws that govern the indentured workers were few as they were killed, sold (reconstructed) and punished for poor production.

Things changed in 1619 when the Dutch entered the picture. A Dutch ship robbed a Spain ship of Africans took it to Jamestown and sold the African cargo for food. Many of those Africans were
contracted out to the Virginia Company and received the same contractual terms as the indentured workers from England. At this time to be a free person all one had to do was converting to Christianity. There was a blind racial class difference. Class structure was based on economics so there were the planters, Christian colonist and servants. Some servants were permanent to a household while most were under contract. The term slave was not used.

For me this was one of the only times in American history that race was not an issue and true equal standing existed as it would later be worded in the Declaration of Independence: This was the America, before America-1600-1639. In 1639 a chain of events changed America the beautiful into, America the ugly.

A perfect reference is Anthony Johnson, His story was the norm. Anthony Johnson was a contract worker with the The Virginia Bay Charter in Jamestown. He completed his 7 year contract and was provided: property, seeds, live stock, and supplies for construction. He within a few years turned his entitlements into a plantation that was larger than his prior over-seer within the Virginia Bay Charters. He followed the same contract worker procedures as his over-seer. He passed this inheritance on to his son, of which his son had two sons. Between 1670-1690 Anthony Johnson’s “earned effort” was demolished into a few arches. His son had to purchase freedom papers for him and his children. 

American the beautiful turned ugly after 1639. In 1639 Maryland declared that a Christian baptism did not make a slave free, starting the end of religious salvation on America. In 1640 planter Hugh Gwyn’s had 3 indentured servants escaped. All three were captured, 2 were white one was black. The two white ones had one year extended to their contract (which was the norm sentence for escape attempts) while the black one, John Punch was sentenced the rest of his natural life (slavery) to Mr. Gwyn’s. No white servant ever was sentenced to life.

Note that environmental and social progress also fueled these changes, such as Europe had less indentured servants to offer seeming other countries offered competitive contracts. Africans and Indians worked the fields better. Stories of labor ownership in the gulf island suggested higher profit returns. Maritime laws govern slave cargo dimensioned. As all of this unfolded demand for tobacco and other raw products from America increased. The world had come to witness the degradation of African people. And in America, African people would never again have a real full EQUAL STANDING IN THE LAND OF LIBERTY AND FREEDOM, no matter what the declarations of independence, references as the Alienable Rights of all men.

America wrote its own ugly inhuman treatment as follows. In 1641 Massachusetts set the trend by legally recognizing slavery as a legal institution of commerce-thus punishing Africans contract workers by re-titling them slaves. Connecticut followed in 1650; Virginia in 1661 and the rest followed through. In 1663 Virginia courts decided any child born to a contract worker would be enslaved for life. This became a major factor as it became the norm that one parent would be free, yet another caught up in some life servitude sentence would have a child born into slavery. Ironic was the tides that overcame some successful African Americans like Anthony Johnson who himself,  had one of his contract African workers turned against him and landed a case in court which would forever change/restrict blacks from courts.

The laws continued in 1669 Virginia made it lawful to kill a slave. In 1670 it became legal to kill a runaway slave. The society of America had stratified itself from it simple prior class structure than in the earlier parts of the century. Now there where planters, whites, poor whites, free blacks, indentured contracted blacks, indentured life blacks, slaves (purchased) and slaves (born into slavery). The world often looks at Spain as a major slave trade but England was just as bad. In 1672 England started the Royal African Company which lead the world in slave trading, transporting 45,000 slaves a year. Finally in 1698 Parliament abolished slavery in England and the company was dissolved.

I have always seen this country as nothing more than a business venture of investments. The Virginia Company is a great example of the lengths and unethical human treatment a company will go through to increase profits. What a shame. It is no coincidence that the Nation of Islam and Farrakhan speak of economic survival for African Americans which suggest self determinate moves as a collective. The mere mention of Marcus Garvey might imply a last resort of declarations by which African Americans no longer find it necessary to state/speak to the world, and by action can obtain their natural given reverences, as humans upon this planet, created by God!  How receptive, would today modern African Americans be to notions of returning to Africa? Well one historical story which would be a heavy deterrence would be CHARLES TAYLOR.


To learn more about the United States of Africa, watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Gf0mLdGY_E


African Population 2013.(2013). Retrieved from http://worldpopulationreview.com/africa-population-2013/

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Minister Louis Farrakhan. (2013). Saviours’ Day. Nation of Islam. Retrieved from http://www.economicblueprint.org/#

Morgan, M. Charles. (1985). Redneck Liberal: Thoedore G. Bilbo and the New Deal. Louisiana State University Press, http://books.google.com/books?id=f8_t3_Ss0_MC&printsec=frontcover#v=onepage&q&f=false

Muhammad, M. Ashahed.(2013). Million Man March 18th Anniversary Set for Tuskegee, Alabama. Retrieved from
Million Man March 18th anniversary set for Tuskegee,

Stefflova, Klara, Dulik, C. Matthew, Barnholtz-Sloan, Jill, Pai A. Athma, Walker, H. Amy & Rebbeck, R. Timothy. (2011). Dissecting the Within-Africa Ancestry of Populations of African Descent in the Americas. Journal Pone. Retrieved from http://www.plosone.org/article/info:doi/10.1371/journal.pone.0014495

US Census Bureau. (2013). Black African America. CDC. Retrieved from http://www.cdc.gov/minorityhealth/populations/REMP/black.html

Recently WordPress sent me a congradulation email, documenting my association with them since 2008. As I read the email, I thought about my original intent of blogging with WordPress and came across this un-posted work. At the time I was posting on several blogs and internet services, depending on the rhetoric. The following was posted via my Blackberry on the Sprint Network, 2010. PS: Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen! (My pre-De Mon Faire, which did not evolve until later that year, 10/2010)

• me June first 2010 : Secret Society question‏
• Paul Goree 6/01/10
To: paulgoree@yahoo.com
From: paul goree (paulgoree@live.com)You moved this message to its current location.
Sent: Tue 6/01/10 1:04 AM
To: paulgoree@yahoo.com

Uhm I just thought about something. First of all lately I’ve been going over and over in my head, hounding my conscious and sub-conscious memory for details concerning my time in Kansas City Missouri where I first met a group of Christians who made drums and sold them in the park. They invited me to come and join their organization and live in a huge high rise in KC-Mo, but I declined. Why should I consider their offer, when I was already 1 year into my own research concerning the working conditions of American Workers? I had just left Sea-Land Industries and witness how the United States (politicians and corporations) sat quietly and fleeced us out of the global shipping industry, to a global competitor (Maersk Shipping). While I was in KC-MO, I had just finished a temp assignment at Western Auto where the CEO told me and I witness him try to save his company and his employees from the take-over intent of COOKIE CUTTER CORPORATION that only care about money and don’t give a damn about Americans, especially American workers (can anyone say NAFTA). He was particularly anger at the territory unintent (no interest) of one giant franchise that has gulped up American small business (mom and pop operations). This is where my heart desire was at the time, the American working class; as I traveled state to state (at this time Alaska, Missouri, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alabama, West Virginia, New York, Michigan, New Mexico, Washington, Oregon…)

So why would I even consider joining a bunch of hippie loving Christian who seemed to spend their time, spreading the word of Jesus (which was an admirable thing to do) but my interest where set on experiencing as much work history by as many companies that would be out of business in the future. At the time I termed them “antiquated industries/business” because something about their nature would be a factor I predicated would result in their closure. When I finally disclosed my research (1999), America wobbled on the brink of chaos or annexation or war. I had to save what I termed then, AMERICANISM for Americans. I saw an economical crash occurring, the intro of the Amero, credit card collapse, gift card craziness, the FDIC authorization being overridden by, Financial Networks that were not regulated because they did not claim themselves as banks.

Another reason I pleasantly smiled at the Christian drum making, drum playing hippies was I had already encounter some extreme Christians, in Waco, Texas and I felt more like them. And boy them boys were serious and questioned my faith in ratio to the Federal Government. But they let me listen to them and their ordeal and I was impressed even through their ideology and issues with the government I did not total agree with. However we shared a respect for David and the burning of ???????? in Texas (David Koresh). So the drum making, drum playing hippies where not even in the same league as me, and I had no interest in relaxing when much work and experience was needed. So I passed up the offer to jump into more work and employment to study.

Well today I was on the yahoo ask community (yeah I am back with Yahoo, but still only trusting Microsoft/MSN) and someone asked, if the end of the world was near. I responded by stating No, but some type of human sense of evolvement might be in the work. Then I question hadn’t they read or seen the Celestine prophecy and I nearly stopped in my tracks. WAIT WAIT WAIT….The damn secret society wanna be’s of Las Vegas, maybe, just maybe (I’ll never forget that beautiful girlfriend of a co-worker who was a nurse but tried to be a model and she showed me one of modeling composites…I saw a similar too similar one here in Vegas)…

So if these ass holes here in Vegas are in any way related with the hippies in KC-MO then WOW, I am the Celestine Prophecy (or a portion of the entirety) and I now Spiritually and Humanly (physical state) REFUSE TO BE OR DO ANYTHING WITH THEM OR FOR THEM. Thus my own prophecy of me is true, I will write the book that not only exposes them as fakes, but also be in association with the REAL DIVINE SPIRIT as quoted by Dr. Hank Wessleman and Shamanism, which will prevail in the coming of the lord. And to think I thought I would die before the Rapture.

Anyway, I never associated those KC-MO hippies with the Celestine Prophecy or the Rapture for that sake, or with the extreme Christians in Texas. Yet I always had a feeling that these ass holes in Las Vegas might be associated with the drum makers of KC-MO. What a fucking trip!

And the minute wicked side of my sub conscious mind has pledge to give all of their souls to the voo doo lady from Mombasa, who collect souls in a glass bottle to wear around her neck for illumination. Ha Ha Ha, you gotta laugh at that, seeming that some actually thought they could, knowing they couldn’t and not even given a damn of the consequences, I would never involve evil to my purpose. Collecting souls in a glass bottle, is taken from the movie “Serpent In The Rainbow” which detailed the unbelievable but true events of Wade Davis (an Etnobotinist) as he researched his doctoral thesis and ran into undefined spiritual events, related to Voo-Doo and witch craft. Not that I was comparing them to the experience of Wade Davis or me being of his nature. It was just I was on my own self-created mission, which involved American industry and I was physically working in those industries to experience it for myself!

None of them were in Waco Texas when I was there, None of them were in KC-MO (I can’t qualify that one, but not to my knowing) and the biggest thing is none of the nice great Christians I met in the pass, used sadistic evil tactics of the devil to prey into the sub conscious or conscious thoughts of another. As the reggae song states, …”la di da, the devil has fallen…rest now, a new day dawns, la di da the devil has fallen, bless Jah, a new day rise!” I can’t get over it, the correlation between the secret society and the Celestine prophecy. The only thing I did not like in that book was the way they used telepathy. I hated it! And look at me now, it’s a good thing I understand the dynamic of the human conscious and (and now a little) sub conscious mind. (Besides it was one of them, here in Las Vegas, that told me, “Oh just accept it, it’s an evolved skill you’re acquiring.” Right fucking demons working with fallen angels. OR have the demons influenced the fallen Angels. Nonetheless, it’s worthless because I know a secret which is also a joke on all of them. You’re loving and following a prior Angel, who simply wants to return home and which HE CAN’T, at least that what he believes and you believe as he leads you. So I seek to return Satan home to heaven, and seek to encourage the humor of that statement in other Christian’s, as to deflate the mystical essences of his power, which derive from GOD (our Alpha Omega). What does that say about them, who follow Satan?????

Oh well something new each day is learned. But wow, the Celestine prophecy. Damn it reminds me of when I was about 8 or 9 and I got baptized. Strange group of Christians, strange feeling, strange everything and I wasn’t with my mom, that’s the scariest part of all. But anyway, this oddity is becoming fun for me, now. I can laugh at their stupid asses using their own tool, telepathy. Ohh I hate it, but then there are a lot of things I hate about the living world that I tolerate. So it’s time to start using it in my own humorous interest. Have fun with it.

CHECK OUT SUNDAY MORNING on YOUTUBE by ME: PAUL GOREE … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLO8VpeeHHQ (Sunday Monday about a total blatant disregard of all the data, stimuli, words, expressions, emotions, that I receive through the week, that attempt to credit their human created beliefs: and I am tolerant and respectful only to find out, that every Sunday Morning all of their rhetoric is washed away, by my faith in God!)
Pueblo De Jah http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMEhPqqp30A (My favorite, simply expressing love of Jesus and those that follow Jesus, in a re-created complied vision of the Gospel.)

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Biopsychosocial Client and Case Management Relationship (cont…Person Environment Case Management Neglect series)



RE: Case Management and Client Relationship

Dear Housing Specialist, Mental Health Professional and Politicians,

The following is taken from a compliant to HUD regarding, the neglect of case workers, FMM and GJJ of South West Behavioral Health Services, in Phoenix, Arizona–3450 N 3rd St, Phoenix, AZ 85012 (602)257-9339. Client #1 is me, Paul Dewitt Goree and Client #2 roommate (mis-placed roommate). The intent of this letter and blog documentation is to bring attention to Case Management and Client relationship. I believe that interaction between the two is vital to a successful candidate and am seeking to bring light on a situation I encounter regarding the result of bad case management. Please note that additional information regarding the incidences are also available on-line at:

1# https://paulgoree.wordpress.com/2013/09/22/person-environment-and-case-worker-neglect/

2# https://paulgoree.wordpress.com/2013/10/20/client-profile-debate-unethical-actions-of-case-workers-the-development-of-a-behavioral-inferno-through-neglect/

3# https://paulgoree.wordpress.com/2013/10/16/ethical-duty-with-social-professions/

4# video of assault from roommate: http://youtu.be/-O–G-fAnAA

I moved into HOPWA housing program July 2012. The following are the HUD codes violated by case managers FMM and GJJ:

24 CFR 574.310(e), HOPWA regulations require agencies to create a formal process for handling the termination of participants from HOPWA assistance. Termination procedures should include the following elements:
I was terminated from the housing program based on two false premises. First, I let another client who was terminated the day before me, wait in my apartment: while Mr. GJJ came to unlock the door of his apartment, so that he could retrieve his property. At no time did I know that this prior client was trespassing. Mr. GJJ was informed by the Phoenix Police department, that he could not inform me of my guest trespassing status without a property manager or the police department. Mr. GJJ preluded the officers, by handing me a termination letter, then proceeding to call the police: after the fact, violating my civil liberties.

The second request on Mr. GJJ’s termination report, stated that I failed to enroll in a drug treatment program. No prior written documentation from Mr. GJJ suggest that I needed to attend a drug treatment program and information from my former roommate and his addiction were assumed upon me. As it turns out my case manager and I decided to enroll in a program just to satisfy Mr. GJJ’s request, but my Ryan White Insurance did not cover the cost of drug test, which Mr. GJJ made mandatory. All of this information regarding drug usage is based on Mr. GJJ’s assumption and not once was a drug test requested of me.

24 CFR 83.306(d), Information related to covered disabilities or handicaps during their housing program’s screening or participant selection process. Though it limits what information a provider can gather about a person’s disabilities, the Act does allow a provider or property owner to ask other questions for the following purposes, safety: Mr. GJJ’s screening of client# 2 roomate did not presume a future hostile environment for both clients, due to client #2’s mental diagnoses (which was voluntarily conveyed to me, by Mr. Thurman and was also conveyed to me by Mr. Garcia (violating confidentiality). Mr. GJJ neglected to screen client for possible mental disabilities, which resulted in a stressful environment for me (see Youtube Video : http://youtu.be/-O–G-fAnAA ) I had to call for emergency assistance several times for client #2 roommate’s extreme anxiety attacks. The EMT and Phoenix Police department both times, stated that they would contact Mr. GJJ and request a separation intervention, stating that this living arrangement was hostile. Mr. GJJ failed to comply with the EMT and Police departments’ request, leaving me and client #2 roommate in a hostile arrangement.

24 CFR 574.440 states, the grantee shall agree, and shall ensure that each project sponsor agrees, to ensure the confidentiality of the name of any individual assisted under this part and any other information regarding individuals receiving assistance. Before client #2 roommate moved in, Mr. GJJ visited me and requested that I should assist client #2 roommate with his PTSD regarding his prior sexual assault, sexual identity and HIV status. This is confidential information upon which I think should not have been stated to me, and the assumption of assisting violates NASW and NAMI code of ethics.

Thank You
Paul Goree

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Client Profile Debate: Unethical Actions of Case Workers – The Development of a Behavioral Inferno through Neglect



Client Profile Debate: Unethical Actions of Case Manager-The Development of a Behavioral Inferno through Neglect. (Part 3 of Person-Environment: Case Worker Neglect)

By: Paul Goree

It is up for debate if two case managers of a mental health organization made unethical decisions, by neglecting to intervene. The mental health organization was awarded a housing grant, through a special division of HUD. The grant is for assistance with housing for eligible clients. The mental health organization administers their own housing for their clients, mental health services, and substance abuse. The grant is a formula grant awarded after approval of Consolidated Plans to cities and state with, populations over 500,000 and meet the specific percentage requirement of categorical targeted population.  In other states the award is administered through non-profit categorical organizations, state/county housing departments, etc. The recipient are referrals and not necessarily clients of the mental health organization. The following are the profiles of two clients, who experienced duress (through no fault of their own) the results of two neglecting case workers.


The two clients, both referrals for transitional housing, leading to a self- sustaining/self- determinate life. The two incidences detailed, occurred and now can be reviewed to see where improvement to social service and case management can be made. Also improvements in grant issuing for programs that address independent living, transitional housing, co-habitation, and how effective and efficient the contractual administration is reaching the targeted population. Obama has made appropriations to balance the budget, and in doing so has set up committees to probes into grants issued to organization that administer multiple services and their effectiveness. In the 2013 Fiscal Budget, the White House concluded to increase efforts to “…identify programs that were either ineffective, duplica­tive, or outdated and thus needed to be cut or consolidated (p. 25). I hypothesis that the following events would have been prevented or minimized, had the mental health organization involved, was not administering multi services, and attempt to administer a categorical formula grant, of which the organization does not directly administer services for that targeted population. The categorical grant was awarded for housing, not mental health.



Age: 44, African American, transitioning from chronic homelessness, current returning college student, recovery from sub-stance usage (Faith Based Treatment 2007-2008), Group Substance visits. Client has no felony charges, one misdemeanor charge and is not on probation. Clients Program objective is correlates to current behavior: Objective, finish education obtain BSW/MSW, pursue administrative policy advocate position dealing with homelessness and veteran services. Client started housing program July 2012. Client maintained successful program objective while residing with roommate (also client of program) for 5 months. At the end of the 5th month, the roommate’s programs eligibility had expired and a new roommate moved in (Client 2).


Age: 24, Mexican American, transiting from family into program, no education obtained (considering GED, but not registered), current substance usage (program objective treatment to follow), Client has felony charges somehow over looked/neglected during assessment. Court record detail court dates. Client has SMI diagnoses. Client program objective: successfully complete treatment, apply for Social Security, obtain GED, and obtain self-sustainability.


The following two incidences, represent the obvious behavioral differences between both clients. Which was a barrier in their attempts to successful complete program objectives. As detailed in prior blogs, there is a definite factor which must be contained in social service administration that assist in self-sustainability programs. That factor is environment. The environment is a major contribute to the success or failure of a client. Both Dr. Jeffery Schwartz ,Carel Germain and Alex Gitterman provided researched evidence that dysfunctional environment hinder the development of self-sustainability. The following two incidences, the duress and undue guilty of client 1, brought on by client two. As client 2 went through frequent personality changes, server anxiety attacks and substance abuse (of prescribed medication and street substances). These incidence were numerous and resulted in police calls, yet no intervention from the two case workers involved. These incidences continued for an 8 month period, from November 2012 through May 2013.


INCIDENT ONE: January 2013

Tension in the apartment was extreme. Client 1 accused client 2 of stealing his laptop. And provided a picture of client 2 stealing the laptop. Client one was frustrated with client 2 constant disrespect of his private property and space. Client 2 had an annoying habit of intruding into client 1’s room, even when the door was closed. Client 2 explained his intruding habit as natural cause associated with his SMI diagnoses. Client 1 not fully knowledgeable of SMI and behavioral actions, rationalized his tolerance of clients 2 intruding habit as enduring strength, by which an individual empowers themselves and ability to assist through acquiring patience and tolerance/understand individual behavior. Client 1 was incorporating spiritual aspects of human interaction into his life during this time. Such therapist and speakers as Wayne Dyer and Dr. Ellis thought of action prevailed to client 1. Thus he was extremely tolerant of client 2 antics.


On this particular day client 1 as usual retreated to his room with the door closed, hoping it would signal private time. Client 2 as usual followed client 1 open his door and walked in. Client 1 verbally informed client 2, that he was not welcomed and that he wanted to be alone. Client 2 blurted out that he was emotionally duress and needed to talk to someone about an abuse that had occurred to him in the past. Client 1 informed him that he needed to talk to the case worker or to a professional counselor if it was regarding anything personal dealing with emotions and abuse. Client 2 became irritated and stated that he wanted to talk to Client 1 about the incident, and that he didn’t find it useful talking to his caseworkers about his problems. He wanted to talk to someone like client 1, hoping that a better understanding could be found. Client 1 informed client 2, that we was unable to assist him with counseling and again urged him to talk to his case worker for a referral. Client 2 as usual disregard the entire conversation and purpose and began detailing the events of a sexual abuse from a prior boyfriend.


Client 1 interrupted and informed client 2 to stop requesting assistance, seeming he was not qualified to assist and did not think it was appropriate considering NASW. Client 2 attempted to convince client 1, that this was a friendship conversation not a therapy conversation. Client 1 then reminded client 2, that he should not take it personal, but he did not consider client 2 a friend, and that the purpose of this housing program was to become self-sustainable, not make friendships. He again requested client 2 to seek advice from a professional and not to involve him in his personal life, in reference to counseling or advice. Client 2 became enraged and began to insult client 1. “What type of case worker are you going to be? I feel sorry for the people you counsel they might end up killing themselves?” Client 1 apologized and attempted to calm client 2. Client 2 insisted on client 1 hearing the abuse details. Client 1 again, asked client 2 not to request advice and that if he continued to disrespect him that he needed to leave the room. Client 2 refused to leave client 1’s room, so client 1 left his own room, by which client 2 followed. Client 1 then ran back into his room and locked the door.


Client 2 knocked upon the door requesting entry and yelling. Client 2 then went into a serve anxiety attack and started throwing items around the house. Client 1 open the door and asked client 2 if he was ok. Client 2 ranted on as he continued to throw items around the house. Client 2 after a few minutes calmed down, then requested a huge from client 1. Client 1 denied the request, which fueled the anxiety again. This time client 2 ran to his room, ranting about client 1 stealing his medication. Client one followed client 2, and from the door way observed client 2 opening various prescribed medication and tossing them out of the container on to the floor. Client 1 informed client 2 that he was going to call the crisis team. Client 2 continued to open medication and toss them about his room. Client 1 called 911 and requested crisis intervention.


The police arrived (one female, one male). The female officer talked with client one, in the living room. While the male officer knocked upon client 2’s door attempting to get him to open the door. Client 2 refused to open the door for the officer. The officer instructed client 2 of what would be his next course of action, if client 2 did not open the door. The officer let client 2 know that he needed to make sure he was ok. Client 2 open the door, the officer saw all the pills tossed about the room and asked client 2 if he needed crisis intervention. Client 2 informed the officer that he did and the name of his case worker. EMF arrived and they asked client 1 questions regarding client 2’s prescription usage of which he could not answer. He did not know how many varied medication were prescribed to him, his schedule for taking them and how to assist if he mis-took them or over took them. EMF took client 2 for treatment/hospitalization/institutionalization.


Client 2 remain gone for a week. Client 1 started to feel bad about not being knowledgeable about client 2’s need for prescriptions and what if an event occurred where by client 2 harmed himself and locked himself in the room. How would he know? Client 1 started to feel that he should not be responsible for the attending of client 2, and that he was not qualified. Client 1 expressed to a friend, sentiment and requested information from stated friend, who is an Arizona licensed in-care taker. Client 1 wanted to know why case workers would place him in such an environment or place client 2 in such an environment. When client 2 returned, he seemed himself again. But he stated to client 1 that he is most upset that he would not huge him. Client 1 replied by telling client 2, that he didn’t feel bad about it, because he will not give him a huge ever: seeming that another associate came to the house, and client 2 requested a huge from that associate. The associate refused, but offered a hand bump instead. Client 2 accepted the hand bump in exchange of a huge. When client 1 offered client 2 a hand shake instead, client 2 insisted that it must be a huge. Thus was the reasoning for not hugging client 2. Client 2 still insisted that such behavior from a future social worker would need to be changed and that he was going to report this incident to the case worker (which he did with all the incidences).

This incident provide evidence that both clients had personal objectives and behavioral actions that were not compatible. This incident occurred month 3 of a 9 month ordeal. And at that point in month 3, represented the 15 such similar incident, with 2nd police involvement. Each police involvement ended with recognition of the organization and the case worker. Each police stated they would request intervention and the police report.


INCIDENT 2: March 2013

Tension in the apartment reached an all-time high. Both clients placed locks on their doors. Client 1 attempted to attend college course, but was often disturbed by client 2. Client 2 became engaged with a series of prior associates, whom client 1 did not know, but whom intruded upon client 1 and client 2’s household. Client 1 explained to the strangers his BSW/MSW objective and once asked the strangers, why would they want to ruin their housing opportunity? They shrugged their shoulders. He then asked them if they understood the terms of the housing agreement. They again shrugged their shoulders? Client 1 explained to them, that he was not concerned at that point about his personal housing, seeming he had lost confidence in this housing program, seeming it was now month 6 of a horrid duressful experience, by which he now desired it to be sabotage, just to see if the case workers were still alive. He then informed them, that since this was the case, he wanted to get something knowledgeable out of it. He asked them could he use their responses in any written correspondences such a report he was possibly writing for his blog on homelessness (WordPress March 20, 2013). They agreed. He then asked them if they were homeless. They responded yes. He then asked them why had they not sought shelter at CASS? The answers varied. One of them, respondent by telling Client 1 his story. He was unemployed, pending status SSD, homeless, the CASS facility was out of reach from where he was living, and he expressed a disappointment in Arizona Squatting Laws. Client 1 then asked if he had went to DES. The respondent said yes. Client 1 then asked, didn’t your case worker inquire about your homeless status? The respondent said no. Client 1 informed the respondent that DES has an entire department which focuses on homelessness. Client 1 also informed the respondent, that in the state where he recently moved from, all SSD pending clients receiving temporary housing through the county. Seeming they are either medical or mentally pending SSD. The reasoning would be, why would society subject a pending medical/mental citizen to possible endangering elements/factors, when they are ill? They might get worst. Thus efforts are made to house them, if their SSD is approved, they agree to pay the county/state back a portion of the total. If it is denied, then they are not held responsible for the total and the county/state takes up the cost. The respondent said no such program was detailed to him, and that he didn’t even know that DES offered homeless services. Client 1 informed the respondent, that he wished his class (SWU 295) which he was suppose to be attending at the current time, could hear all that he had just expressed about his ordeal and homeless as he waits for SSD.


All the time this discussion was going on, client 2 was in his room, with a few of the strangers who were not interested in what client 1 had to say. A few days following this discussion, client 2 walked into the apartment with equipment he had purchased from Cox Communication. Client 1 had already had an account with Cox Communication for Wi-Fi service only. The account was established September 2012. Client 2 opened a new account in his own name for DSL telephone service (seeming the apartment lacked the stated telephone for emergency calls) and cable television services (the only television was in client 2’s bedroom). In order for the DSL telephone to function, it needed client 1’s Wi-Fi box and service. At first client 1 had no problem with letting client 2 use the service. However on this particular day, client 1 was working on some class work on his blackberry phone, seeming client 2 had stolen his laptop. Client 2 arrived home and went to turn on the DSL, interrupting the Wi-Fi signal of client 1.


A confrontation resulted, whereby client 1 unplugged the Wi-Fi box and placed it in his room. Client 2 demanded that client 1 plug it back in. Client 1 refused. Client 2 then proceeded to go to the front office of the apartment complex and call the case workers. Client 2 returned and informed client 1 that both case workers were coming over. When the case workers arrived they attempted to resolve the problem. They did not address any of the prior 6 months of neglect and police reports, or the condition of the apartment, the welfare of the clients, simple the issue at hand. Client 2 explained the event, by accusing client 1 of not allowing him to use the cable signal for a telephone call. Client 1 respondent by informing the case managers that the cable signal is not the problem, the problem is that he was in the middle of doing some class work on his private property, with his private account that he had invested over $700 in over the past 10 months with Cox Communication, and that he did not feel he had to attend to Client 2’s disrespectful demand! Client 1 pointed out to the case managers that not only has he let client 2 use the Wi-Fi box, not once did client 2 show any appreciation with a simple thank you. He was upset with client 2’s constant plug in of the DSL box when both clients have cell phones, and that it cost him $75 dollars deposit for the connection to function, by which client 2 didn’t pay one dime. Thus in order for it to be equally shared doesn’t seem possible, seeming client 1 had the main account first and paid the deposit.


The case workers respondent by urging client 1 to cooperate and let client 2 share the Wi-Fi signal. Client 1 concluded at this point that these two case workers were incompetent and that actions must be taken to have them reviewed.  A temporary agreement was made, which client 2 enjoyed, but client 1 felt was unfair. How could two case manager instruct a client as to how they need to allocate their private property against their will. This was a violation of client 1’s civil liberties (5th Amendment- proper payment of private property-4th Amendment seizing property, instructing someone as to how they will use their property is wrong and the same as seizing the property- the two case workers nor client 2 paid the bill, nor owned the property.). As the two case managers left, one of them (the female) asked client one had he been sleeping well. Client 1 didn’t understand what that had to do with the visit. She then continued to asked him was he sleeping well in the bed, seeming that organization only had funding for twin size beds and he was taller than the bed. She asked if he had to sleep in the fetal position. At that point, the second case worker laughed. Client 1 looked at them in shock, questioning the motive of such an immature statement from two professionals.





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Ethical Duty with Social Professions


This was a class assignment, focusing on ethics and the duty of attending to professional codes of conduct. This is supplement data regarding prior post: Person-Environment and Case Management Neglect.

Author: Paul Goree Posted Date: November 14, 2012 4:05 AM Status: Published

The questions I am responding to for this week’s post are: 1.) What guidelines does your profession give you around this idea of “duty to intervene”?

1.) When considering the duty of intervention within the profession of Social Worker, the NASW provides the guidelines by which accepted conduct is to be performed. In section 6.01 of the NASW provides the core of expected duty: “social workers should promote the general welfare of society, from local to global levels and the development of people, their communities and their environments.” More importantly in regards to intervention, section 6.03 Public Emergencies, states: “Social workers should provide appropriate profession services in public emergencies to the greatest extent possible.” Other aspects of NASW provide the ethical duty of social workers to clients, Section 1: and to the profession itself, in Section 4. (2012, NASW) In general I think the duty of social workers are, positive duties, which are perfect duties, and have a general requirement to them, in that we attend to them on the mere fact that human beings are involved (I would include animals and the environment also).

Merriam-Webster, defines duty as:

something that is done as part of a job. : something that you must do because it is morally right or because the law requires it.

It could be consider that within some professions, a moral obligation is enacted to protect the interest of the profession and prospective clients. However that is hard for me to determine at a total TRUTH, considering unethical decisions of two social services professionals: portrayed in prior post, Person-Environment and Case Management Neglect. Considering a Justice Approach to an ethical circumstance let’s assume possible conditions, whereby a duty can be altered, not attended to or implemented but not enforced or detailed with procedural operational rules.

Off the top of my head, I would state, that there are no condition by which professional code of ethics can be unattended. I want to qualify this to the structure of public institutions, administering public services (mental, health, economical, employment, education, etc.). There may be instances (as history has proven), where by an individual within a society/social setting (macro) avoids, alters, neglects or protest against ethic civil duties or obligations (law). These instances are supported by our American ideology of Liberty, and thus can be subjective as to their occurrence. In these instances coalitions form and ethic civil codes are put to the people for legislations, which is the best thing about Democracy.

However within public institutions, the realm of liberty is limited by the regulations which serve to protect the public. Those regulations become ethical code of conduct by which all professional within that profession accept as part of their career intent. So what would be a fictitious circumstance by which a professional would risk their career by neglecting their professional ethical duty?

Much has been written and expose on corruption and it is a factor by which the minute affects the majority negatively. I honestly would like to believe that within the social service profession, the sincere intent of the endeavor limits the possibility of corruption through the means of neglect. That would be, intentional neglect! Why would a professional social service case manager, intentional neglect a client? Is it a continued instance based upon clients ethnic political factors? Is it sub-interest conflict? Is it politically motivated?

At one time in our history, thoughts and legislation was enacted by which the slaughtering of the American Buffalo resulted. Where those actions ethnically motivated? Some look to the Dawes Act as evidence; while some like, Richard McCormick looked towards civil resolutions (H.R. 157). I could consider professional neglect as being similar to latent motives of the Dawes Act. Or I could consider those professional neglected codes to be motivation, resulting in actions pursued by R.McCormick. So until a motive is established. I will continue to follow through with this blog: Person – Environment: Case Worker Neglect. When individuals protest and break legal civil codes, their intent and actions more likely than not, result in revised legislation ( 18th amendment/ 21st amendment). When professional social service persons violate ethical codes of conduct, their intended actions could result in negative social factors that propel rioting. Example social gentrification.



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Some never realize or maybe simple refuse to recognize the emotional damage they have placed upon another person, with their unethical neglect. And so the victim continue to vents…May he/she continue until they come to some closure of the events as they occurred. Professional case workers are ethical required to attend to the code of ethics of their profession. When this is not done, and life changing events occur (including duress) they have failed their client, organization, community, and themselves as being one to encourage, empower and assist. So if I’m correct Behavioral Health Paraprofessional require a R9-20-204 and an associate’s degree. Behavioral Health Professional require an A.A.C. R9-20-204 and a Bachelor degree. Both should have integrity and recognize the result of their neglected actions. If a program is designed with the Strength Theory basis, why would a professional neglect the Biopsychosocial/Ecological factors of their clients? Why would you place a level 1 client with a level 3 client and not intervene when the collision occurs. The local police department and 911 records document a dysfunctional environment. One client constant telephone complaints to the case workers documents a dysfunctional environment. Then on December 23, 2012 an upset case worker calls the second client (using derogatory language) claiming his discontent with the situation and how he was coming to end the entire ordeal. Yet NO SHOW. How could a professional simple ignore the importance of environment regarding behavioral services?

In Carel Germain and Alex Gitterman’s work, Ecological Perspective. Germain and Giterman detail the person-environment dynamic.

“Person:environment fit is the actual fit between an individual’s or a collective group’s needs, rights, goals, and capacities and the qualities and operations of their physical and social environments within particular cultural and historical contexts. Hence, for the person and environment, the fit might be favorable, minimally adequate, or unfavorable. When it is favorable or even minimally adequate, it represents a state of relative “adaptedness” (Dubos, 1978), which promotes continued development and satisfying social functioning and sustains or enhances the environment. Adaptedness reflects generally positive person:environment exchanges over time. It is never fixed but shifts in accord with shifts in reciprocal exchanges. When exchanges over time are generally negative, development, health, and social functioning might be impaired and the environment could be damaged.”

In Lise Goodmans work, Homelessness as psychological trauma: Broadening perspectives. Goodman explores the possible traumatic symptoms produced from homelessness.

“Typically, the transition from being housed to being homeless lasts days, weeks, months, or even longer. Most people living on the street or in shelters have already spent time living with friends or relatives and may have experienced previous episodes of homelessness (see, e.g., Shinn, Knickman, & Weitzman, 1989, 1991; Sosin, Piliavin, & Westerfelt, 1991). The loss of stable shelter, whether sudden or gradual, may produce symptoms of psychological trauma. Second, among those who are not psychologically traumatized by becoming homeless, the ongoing condition of homelessness—living in shelters with such attendant stressors as the possible loss of safety, predictability, and control—may undermine and finally erode coping capabilities and precipitate symptoms of psychological trauma. Third, if becoming homeless and living in shelters fail to produce psychological trauma, homelessness may exacerbate symptoms of psychological trauma among people who have histories of victimization. For these people, homelessness may constitute a formidable barrier to recovery (Goodman, 1991).”

I think neglect of a client’s person:enviroment assessment and neglect of traumatizing effects of co-habitation of varied personalities and intents is a barrier to recovery. As an individual attempts to forgo the events as they occurred, it becomes nearly impossible to trust the intent of a case worker, who vagrantly neglected an obligated duty of intervention. 9 months of complaints and no intervention in a housing program! And as the victim waits, HUD is still reviewing formal complaints. Maybe the legal system maneuvers more efficiently. Case workers can be sued for neglect and unethical actions. Especially when those unethical action included case workers providing confidential client profile data to another client!!!

The following  video is from Dr. Jeffery Schwartz. Schwartz states, environment has radical influences on how the centers of the brain’s cravings work. By going back to the same spots where drugs, alcohol or pornography was used in the past will significantly increase chances of relapse. In early stages of recovery the brain signals are much more intense so it is very important to not be around these types of environmental ques. Genetic vulnerability is another factor. It is widely know that relatives of alcoholics are much more sensitized to the affects of alcohol even if they are not an alcoholic. By becoming an “impartial spectator” the abuser can understand the influences of environment and genetic vulnerability. It is important to get into supportive environments and communities where they can get help managing these cravings.

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What is not Impossible, Is Exceptional Indeed!!!


There’s a saying that in life, ‘we should cherish the moments when we get to interact with one another.’ This is very true, and sums up my brief meeting with Mrs. Millye Carter Bloodworth. I was so fortunately to meet Millye at a social fund-raising function in Phoenix, AZ. Within the brief 10 minutes that we talked, I was enchanted, delighted and mostly educated on the stigma and social labeling of the LGBT community during the late 70’s and 80’s. During our conversation Millye pointed out sections of her dynamic book, which sensationally details history and pop culture of our American society. Which as proven by Millye’s life (regardless of its failures) is more resilient and tolerant than many believe.

I was overwhelmed by Millye’s reflections of a LGBT in Phoenix, Arizona during a time when Phoenix and Arizona was going through its own ethnic refinement. Millye pointed out that it isn’t always the system, as the factor. It’s the individual’s ability to educate the system. And education is best done by simply being. Which is what Millye is all about, being true to her spiritual existence. This book is a must read for all of those interested in the LGBT culture of the 70’s and 80’s, fascinated with Motown cultural development, pop culture elegance, and overcoming adversity. Reading this book is like personally talking one on one with a motivating empowering authority of LIFE! Millye’s personable come through every word and paints a vivid picture of what is not impossible, but exceptional indeed!!!”

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Boricua santería Palabras Lineage

Boricua santería Palabras Lineage

Una maldición para los jugadores del juego de Halloween de 2012 (Jesús salva mi alma por esta maldición)

Ojo por ojo
Todos los que mintieron, ahora mueren
Los gritos de su colmena, ni los lazos río
Puede evitar que su maniobra de Halloween 2012.
Y ahora mi alma paga el precio más alto
Comenzando con usted, y luego a su linaje
A lo largo de las vides del diablo encuentra
Los momentos más oportunos para canjear mucha aflicción
Hago un llamamiento a la más alta esfera de la vivienda más malvado
Ofreciendo un alma honrada, a solas
Para aniquilación de aquellos que, canturreó y bramó
Esa noche de Halloween.
Todos los que transgredieron en mi alma, yo te maldigo y su linaje es azotado.

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No Mass Cosmic Games – Futurisitic Death


No Mass Cosmic Game: Futuristic Death (by:Paul Goree 2013)

Teusia is the underground, where the 4th dimension exists. No Mass is the primary order by which the Teusians live. Their lives are basically preparation for transition into the 5th dimension, or transitions back into the 3rd dimension. About 60% of Teusia’s population is transitioned into the 5th dimension, while another 30% remain in Teusia: 09% die somewhere in the process. Finally 01% transition back into the 3rd dimension. This is rare, because once the soul transcends into the 4th dimension, it is elevated beyond 3rd dimension intelligence. Thus return usually results in short lived spurts of genius: then decay. Or simple insanity, inability to relate to the social reality or the environment.

Yet there was a brave man, named Lot Benson. He was that 01%. A mistake had been made and Lot was going to experience a life changing event. Lot was scheduled to arrive in Teusia, upon his 50th death on earth. But sometime during that 3/4 mark of his 50th life times, Lot felt a difference in the environment. Maybe it was the way the sun raised that morning. He had seen it rise many times before, but on this particular morning it roses, so perfectly from his Kansas City, Missouri loft. Even his routine breakfast was amazing that morning, everything tasted much flavorful. He took the vibrancy of the difference simply as feeling extraordinary that day. But little did he know, in a few hours all would be explained.

Lot was an assistant operations manager at a department store. On this particular day as he sat at his desk. He heard a voice in his ears. “Busy day in shoe the department, after 2:00pm, expect a mad rush. Need to make sure mid-day staff schedule is going to arrive.” Lot looked around wondering where the voice had come from.

He thought, “Where did that come from?” another voice began, it was, a females voice, “It came from in here?”, “where’s in here?” Lot asked? “In your head silly!!!” blurted out four voices laughing respectfully.
“Wait I don’t understand?” Lot thought. The lady voice with a smile said, “Lot today is not like any other day, in your life.” “What do you mean?” Lot thought. A man voice seemed to approached Lot, he could not see him, but could feel his presences. “Lot I, well we are here for you! And although we have always been here for you, it’s only now that we can introduce ourselves to you and let you know who we are, and that your death has come!”

Lot was in shock, “what do you mean, death I’m as healthy as an ox! What do you mean?” The voices laughed again, “An ox, now come on Lot, you can do better than that. Here let me explain it to you.” One of the voices uttered.“We are No Mass, and we are from the 4th dimension in the under-world. We’ve been your guardian angels all your life and yet only now can we assist you, as you make the right decisions towards your ascension.”

“Ascension! What, you mean?” Lot grasped his head trying to understand what was this all about. “Well Lot, we saw the video you made on YouTube, and we read the reports you wrote on Word Press. Lot, you’ve been writing far in advance, for this time era. Do you really think that people want to know that the sun is going to destroy the earth tomorrow?” Lot muttered as he tried to explain, “Well I didn’t mean tomorrow-morrow, I meant, well as I wrote it. Solar flares have increased and an S-flare is due soon. That’s all I meant to suggest!”

“Well Lot that’s the problem, maybe some people don’t want to know or be feared with another unexpected cosmic event.” The lady voice calmly stated. “But it’s true!” Lot declared. “Yeah Lot, but truth, is only as real-as society can handle. That’s a lot of truth you’re expecting society to accept. So let me tell you what’s going to occur. A lot of people are going to wonder for eternity what it may have been like, had someone name Lot Benson had not lived. But I got some good news for you. The reason we’re here, is for you to understand that after your death, what you began to express before it’s time, will begin to emerge again by others. They will introduce, similar thoughts you had expressed; but their’s will be in conjunction with the cosmic order. They will be heard. So don’t think that you’ve done or thought wrong: you’ve just been too ahead of your time.”

Lot, was lost in words as he looked around him, still trying to figure where the voices where coming from. The female cleared her throat and spoke. “Lot, you seem confused. Let me explain briefly the cosmic game. Through out everyone’s life, a slow progression of development is occurring within the soul. The soul is the most valuable portion of the human experience, seeming it’s the only portion – you get to retain. This is detailed in ordeal is detailed in the Bible, Genesis 2:7. In the Qur’an it is detailed in Sura 16:4. Through out your life, you are preparing for your future. For some, the decisions made propel them to Heaven, while others Hell. What many human do not understand is there is a 4th dimension underworld. You may be more familiar with the term, Hyperspace. Nevertheless, it is where time exists. Where the past ills of the soul can be transgressed, or as suggested in the Qur’an, “Good deeds annul ill deeds” (HUD 11:114). We are here from the 4th dimension. We come to guide a person to the 4th dimension, and it is there that the determination of their souls continued journey is decided.” Lot eyes closed as he internalized all that was stated.

A male voice near Lot, shouted to get Lot’s attention, “Lot!” “Listen to me, tonight while you sleep, we are going to experience rapid memory retention. You will have more dreams than you usually have, and they will be aspects of your life, stored wrong in your long term memory. You may experience hydration and head aches, but do know that this is a normal procedure. We will be visiting you every day. A night crew will be introduced to you tonight. The entire process takes 12 months and then you will die. You death will be of the physical body only, the spirit will return to the Alpha Omega, and your soul will transcend to the 4th dimension, where you will be guided by us.

Lot, you must understand some factors of our world. Teusia is the 4th dimension and it is where life motions are made and time exists. Each dying soul on Earth comes to Teusia, to gets a full life made motions, which highlights the best moments in their life. During the life motion, it is decided what maneuvers can be done to correct past soul ills. The way we do this, is through what you Earthlings call a biography documentary film. So while we are evaluating you over the next 12 months, we will be accompanied by a film crew. Please don’t be disturbed, and trust us when we say, it’s in your best interest…this is your futuristic death!”

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No Mass Cosmic Game (by: Paul Goree) 2013


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No Mass Cosmic Game
(By: Paul Dewitt Goree)

In the 3rd dimension, we have physically and mental existences. This is pointed out in Genesis 2:7 (the spirit, soul and physical). The spirit is the energy/animated essences of life, which was created by God and is returned to God. The soul is the free energy essences, which develops over a life time. The soul is the valuable unit sought after in the underworld or 4th dimension. This is where the spirit returns to the divine: as the soul is left to fend for its self. While in the 4th dimension, the soul is used by demonic entities through contract soul slavery. This demoic entity is named, No Mass (seeming it has no physical mass). No mass appear as invisible entities. There seems to be an electric silver strand that outlines the parameter of a figure, similar to a human. The silver strand is pure electricity. The No Mass float in a rapid order and there entire structure transmit waves of total thought. They can stand beside you and receive your entire life history in an instance. Knowing your weakest points and your total universal effort.

There is an area within the 4th dimension, in the underworld, that resembles Hollywood. This area is called Teusia. Teusia is the largest purchaser of contracted souls. And uses the souls for workers in an industry portrait of life as perceived in the 3rd dimension. Teusia is the soul receipting area of the underworld. It is where all souls arrive from the 3rd dimension. The population of Teusia exist of newly arrived souls, children of the stream (Ilts), Angels Zareasar , Saints of divine discourse and No Mass entities. The new souls that arrived every hour of every day, represented about 60% of Teusia’s population. These souls were in transitioned into the 5th dimension. 30% of Teusia remained in the underworld: while 10% die somewhere in the process, and their souls descended to hell.

No Mass’s goal is to drive a person insane, in an effort to obtain ownership of their soul. Once ownership is obtain, No Mass take the packaged souls, onto the 4th dimension world, where they are sold at auctions. The usual purchaser of these packaged souls, are the underworlds malicious leaders. It’s an odd arrangement in Teusia, although all is under the umbrella of the divine law of nature. A settled evilness exist. This existence is partly due to the need for evil to have some victory. On earth in the 3rd dimension, good prevails. However in Teusia, bad prevails: but only under certain circumstance.

For example Falcon Benign, a vindictive monster who enjoys his job producing the enactments of 3rd dimension humans into 4th dimension movies. Falcon owns Falcon Productions. Falcon is a top member of the No Mass clan. It is his job to assist in the visual production of a human’s life. On earth the 3rd dimension is divided into 50 life spans. Upon the 50th life span, the soul of that human usually moves forward with in the cosmic order of divinity. That is it moves into the 5th dimension. But if the soul is plagued with menacing ways for a majority of its 50 year total life existence. It is adjudicated by cosmic order and avoids descending into hell, by adult rebirth into the 4th dimension. However if No Mass is successful at contracting the soul, before 50th life ends, then the soul avoids the natural acesnsion into the 4th dimension, and becomes a contracted soul. 80% of human souls ascend naturally. That is, reach their 50th life, and during the 3/4 quarter mark, No Mass enters with Falcon Productions.

It is during the ¾ quarter of the 50th life, when No Mass enters the human’s life. They enter as an internal voice of deceit and decree. They utilize V2K (Voice to Skull communication) technology. V2K is a tool which sends frequency voice sound waves to the brain. The waves are received and cogitated. The voices reflect the logistical advantage audio/vocal radio frequencies. These are the vocal tones by which each individual is most familiar with, thus most easily influencing tool. Thus at first the voices in one’s head, might be a loving family member or a dear friend. Later the true identity of the voice master is revealed as one becomes more comfortable with what’s going on. Their intent is to prepare the human for their final ¼ of life, before death. Falcon’s job is to record highlights of that final ¼ of life: then produce it into a motion picture. These life movies are the rage in Teusia and are used to introduce the coming of new souls. The shows are released daily, and thus each souls enjoy one hour of fame in Teusia before they actually arrive.

Regardless if a soul enters Teusia as a contracted slave or naturally. Their purpose is the same. They must resolve all the issues which brought them to the 4th dimension in the first place. These issues are detailed in the life biography produced by Falcon Productions and No Mass, but are irrelevant to the No Mass community of Teusia. Teusians find the life portrayals humorous in nature. All aspects of life on earth are opposite in underworld. Thus murder and violence are considered artistic endeavors, highly desired and admired. Mal sexual morality is considered top comedy, and tragedy is considered top rate comedy. A person who lived a destructive, un-moral life on earth is bound to be a hero in Teusia. But it is these very characteristic by which they person must blindly resolve.

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No Mass


No Mass
By:Paul Goree (10/2013-3/2013)

Coming through clear in between the waves, bi-aural beats, tell me what you want from me. Do it in the darknes in my mind, playing the perception against the odds. The longer it takes, the less your illness is retained. Your so hyper sick, I never ever cry, so you pulled that card, to laugh at me, cry!

The last thing you’ll remember me saying
Never-no mass I ain’t never being anything with you.

The last time you’ll be seeing me, is proud in my grave-No mass I’m better off not living, than with you.

You tried to use me, mind games influence, set up the motion, even with the guilty means. You don’t know me, my life unbalanced, it evens out with a living accident, I say it’s De Mon Faire, but you don’t understand!

That’s just how I want it to be, that’s just me, always untame,yet the same: don’t dare me, or put me in chains, cause your up in my face, and your just no mass.
Now you want me to forget you, well your just no mass-no mass

Oh the invent of tor-technology, emf waves harming frequencies! Don’t you look at me and turn away, turn the knob up, yeah give me all it’s worth.
I can’t pretend like I don’t hear voice, yet when I name them-their avoidant! Push to hard I’ll be paranoid, walk away you’ll get me twisted. I’ve been through this in the past santeria hypnotized, still it didn’t prove a thing! So why’d you come and fuck with me, and ruin my thing!

I’ve open my entire life- not a thing to hide, got to live and learn, the hard way. I’ve even tossed my dreams aside, giving up on life, why the frust to rush, when there’s someone who’s willing to ruin it all. Hard truth on the ground, still I laugh and smile, knowing you didn’t get your way- I bet you at your game, and now you get to watch me rise!

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Climbin’ every mountain, always killing me
Count the cost as days go by
Monday I’ve got Friday on my mind
Why don’t we make love
Instead of making plans.
Mother Nature, Father Time
Maybe it’s the family of man
Angels cry when they hear that tune
It’s sleepless nights for the man in the moon
And it’s the rhythm of life
My mind’s made up
Lucy’s sign is a Chinese dragon
Oh, oh, she’s got luck
The rhythm of life is the force of habit
Oh, oh, the rhythm of life.
Give the girl a future
Give her what she needs
Teach her life’s a Iong flat road
Maybe she’ll have better luck than me
Works so hard like he’s still in school
His pockets are jammed, but this man’s a fool.
Within the rhythm of life
My mind’s made up
Lucy’s sign is a Chinese dragon
Oh, oh-oh, she’s got luck
The rhythm of life is a force of habit
Yeah-yeah, oh, the rhythm of life
Rhythm of life.

These Old Shoes, over these GOD/JESUS Feet!


As I were these old shoes too, I am always blessing that others and that the future has to not deal with this type of SOCIAL REMOVAL (as many collectives intentionally try to make this matter minimized to continue their plight! More power to them this is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and we each have the right to utilize our effort to accomplish that which we desire and believe (unconditional RESPECT)!!!! GOD BLESS US!

…and today I laugh with myself, and I did yesterday, not concern about the outside material worth of the living experience. More concerned and internally/externally focused on the Chiespirt—the worth of the “living thing…” God provided all of us in Genesis 2:7.  Thus I walk about in some old, torn, rugged, shoes: as with all things regarding “intention of others” I care less about where they came from. They served their purpose and they still serve their purpose, as to cover my feet from the “Danger of Nature Forces”. Reminds me of A.Maslow, with Shelter/Housing being a  necessity,  by which society protects the mass population from the elements of nature, that can and do cause death!!!  http://paulgoree.blogspot.com/2014/11/maslow-theorem-great-society-america.html

Thus I were these old, rugged shoes as I have been homeless since 2010 (on and off- regardless of working, which only lead to a case with the Labor Commissioner regarding my employer. Regardless of continued status as an higher educational institution, the last one: ASU Phoenix, AZ 2013 (suspended by me, until I receive closure from Margaret Finn at S.W.B.S http://paulgoree.blogspot.com/2017/12/2017-time-is-slipping-away-margaret.html )  

Regardless of how silly, stupid, non-appropriate- I can not see myself continuing on in the Social Service Sociology field knowing that a case manager like Margaret Finn is out there and her clients (not me- I was a quasi client, through HUD) SSD/Behavioral clients are being lied to, as she lied to me. I think suspending my life career intent is WORTH it! At least, one person stood by their ground and principles of social empowerment! There will always be other lives, by which God hopefully will bless me again!!!

Mark Twain – Twist of Life with Mysterious Stranger….

Free Copy: http://www.gutenberg.org/files/3186/3186-h/3186-h.htm#link2HCH0001

“… At last I made bold to ask him to tell us who he was.

“An angel,” he said, quite simply, and set another bird free and clapped his hands and made it fly away.

A kind of awe fell upon us when we heard him say that, and we were afraid again; but he said we need not be troubled, there was no occasion for us to be afraid of an angel, and he liked us, anyway…” From Mark Twains THE MYSTERIOUS STRANGER:

This was one of Mark Twains last works, after he had a awakening regarding GOD! Up till the ending of his life, Mark Twain did not believe in God and thus experienced God removing all of his worth and family from him. He only regretted not giving credit to God earlier. He is stated as expressing…’Those great American literature works, were not written by him. They were the expressions of God, who channeled the vision to him and thus he wrote GOD’s intent, during his life time…!”



Plugged- weighted mass confusion
Breaking spirit occlusion – with in me – through out me
The gift – the sword, the shield and the Holy Spirit
Perpetuating intentions – the voice of storms cosmic- order of which all are fallen
No judgement echoed belief – A twist of fate is resuming
The higher purpose is LOVE…
I can not turn the pages- I can not disinvolve, only you constrain me
The time has come set me FREE!!!

I could leave the planet tonight
Stream within courses of pure energy
Spirit in flight – so unplugged, …yet plugged

I – educed irrefutable – his LOVE is glorious
Not lost – nor zealot disciple- consummating his LOVE
A spirit in flight – don’t disturb me
Close my eyes – to continual human worth
Once again I am plugged, plugged, plugged
Blessed I am free….Spirit in Flight – yes I’m free!

Delusion- consideration of the herd, still hearing
Omitting energy felt – the Babel Tower – stream so emotionless
There’s no echo reversing judgement – GOLDEN RULE!
Yet I am overwhelmed, delighted within death then heaven
Two witch doctors so amazed nothing loathing
They enriched sainted spirit in flight – am I?
(So blessed to be living, – NOW!)

Yet within the 7th House of the Aquarius
Stranger thought prelude, what are we doing?
If only LOVE, could lift and hallow the soul
Then all the weight of what was passing
Could never keep spirit down, weighted down, plugged and down, no never, never, never
(repeat chorus)

ROBERT R. CHURCH My AAME-Individual: 1/16/2018– First Africian American Millionaire – Robert Reed Church


This is a re-post documenting my first African American Month Education Individual: Robert R. Church. R. Church became a successful banker, owning an African American bank in Memphis, TN. His passion, was for the future of African American children, and their ability to have developmental access to parks where by they could grow and learn in a non hostile free environment. The ownership and construction, which was followed by injustice “JIM CROW” laws made R. Church’s ambitions a life long fight–which he eventually won. Here’s to Robert R. Church for seeing a need to obtain parks and recreaction for African American children!


Robert Reed Church, Sr., was a millionaire business leader and philanthropist in Memphis, Tennesses. Born in Holly Springs, Mississippi, on June 18, 1839, he was the product of an interracial union. His father was a steamboat captain, Charles B. Church, and his mother, Emmeline, was an enslaved seamstress who died when Robert was twelve years old. His father employed Robert as a cabin boy and a steward. Surviving a near fatal steamboat sinking in 1855, Robert in 1862 was forced to be a cabin steward on a Union steamer during the Civil War. Church married Louisa Ayres, also a former slave, in 1862. The couple had one child, Mary Eliza, who became a prominent civil rights and women’s rights advocate. After his marriage to Louisa ended in divorce, Church married Anna Wright in 1885 and they had Robert, Jr. who eventually followed his father into business and politics.

In 1865 Robert and Louisa Church settled in Memphis where the both became entrepreneurs. Luisa opened a string of beauty parlors while Robert acquired a saloon and added to his holdings over the years, eventually owning a restaurant and a downtown hotel. During the Memphis Race Riot of 1866, a white mob attacked Church’s saloon, shot him and left him for dead. Church recovered and vowed to remain in Memphis despite the anti-black violence. He stayed during the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1878 and afterwards bought considerable real estates when property values were depressed.


In 1882, Robert Church entered politics. He ran for office for the only time in his career when he campaigned unsuccessfully for a position on the Memphis Board of Public Works to press for more recreational facilites for local blacks. Despite his failure, Church never gave up that effort and in 1899 used his own money to purchase a tract of land on Beale Street where he built an auditorium, landscaped the surrounding grounds, and called the venture Church’s Park and Auditorium, the first major urban recreational center in the nation owned by an African American. Valued at $100,000 when built, Church’s auditorium seated more than 2,000 people and became a renowned cultural, recreational, and civic center for black Memphians.
In 1902, President Theodore Roosevelt spoke to 10,000 people gathered at the auditorium and on the surrounding grounds. The President’s presence and speech acknowledged Church’s political prominence in Republican Party circles. Two years earlier, in 1900, Church had been a Memphis delegate to the Republican National Convention which had nominated William McKinley for president and Roosevelt for vice-president. Even with his success in business and politics. Church found his greatest joy in negotiating contracts, funding and political support for the development of new African American parks, throughout Tennessee and the nation.
Church ran into difficult, trying to get a public census on the need for African American parks. Indeed, African American recreation was controlled and limited because white officials influenced where private parks were located and which activities were allowed. Nevertheless, as alternative spaces private parks provided a place of refuge from Jim Crow: a place for recreation,socializing, identity formation, community building, and even demands for equality.


For example:
Dixie Park, a small space bounded in the Mid-City neighborhood of New Orleans, celebrate it’s opening in July 1904 with a picnic hosted by the McDonough Pleasure Club; The Times Picayune noted: “dancing and refreshments were the order of the day and all had a jolly good time.” Indeed, within weeks of the opening, nearby residents were petitioning the mayor and the city council to close the park down.
White residents who lived near the park, including “prominent citizens” like City Councilman R.J.Goebel, complained to the city of an “unbearable nuisance”, explained The Times Picayune. The “nuisance” was the use of the park by African Americans. The unnamed white residents “protested agains the the granting of any more permits for colored people’s picnics…The negros give all day and all night picnics and their conduct is anything but orderly.” This conduct included “disgraceful language” and noise so loud that the “white people living two or three squares miles away are unable to get a wink of sleep.” (“A New Picnic Park”, Times Picayune (New Orleans, LA) July 18, 1904)
Events such as these did not discourage Mr. Church with his pursuit to ensure that parks were accessible for African Americans through the Tennessee and the nation. The importance of Church’s can be understood in the general notion of what parks and recreations bring to a society. Recreation represents the activity/service realm of play and leisure. The latter are foundations of human growth and development that span both the life cycle and the psycho-social value system of society.
Through participation in group games and sports, children establish social relationships and are able to learn social norms, rules, expectations as well as how to get along well with others. It is through these experiences that the child develops a sense of limits, fair play, self-control, honesty, creativity, and the ability to assert one’s self appropriately within one’s environment. The need for structured recreation in the home and within a community framework is integral to the process of child development. Moral development, personality formation and social orientation are all affected by structured recreation. Although many educators and social scientists have acknowledged the importance of structured recreation in child development, little support has been given to those who currently have no access to facilities, programs, services and trained personnel. As a direct result, preparation of the child (physically, emotionally, cognitively and socially) for adult and community life has become discouragingly dysfunctional.(Colston,1955)

Today this is very much recognized, as parks and recreations have 3 primary social importance. Parks and recreation have three values that make them essential services to communities:

1.Economic value- Improve tax base in communities and increase property value.

2.Health and Environmental benefits- Provide facilities for work out and exercise.

3.Social importance- Reflects the quality of life in a community. Providing access for all social groups to assemble.
Colston, Ladd. Urband Recreations Study Presents Significant Findings on African-American Consumers. Illinois Periodicals. Northern Illinois University Libraries. 1955

Elwood, Watson. Robert Reed Church. East Tennessee University. BlackPast. V3.0.2007
McQueeney, G. Kevin. Playing With Jim Crow: African American Private Parks in Early Twentieth Century New Orleans. University of New Orleans. Spring 2015

National Recreations and Park Association. Why Parks and Recreation are Essential Public Service.2010



Song: Circles
Performed/Written By: Paul Goree
Lyrical Thought: Walden by D.Thoreau
Written: August 27, 2017 San Francisco, CA
” Today I pray to God with total acknowledgement of his being; his maneuvering; his LOVE; his creation and his guidance. And I am have been risen to the acknowledgement, that ‘THERE ARE NO WRONG ROADS EVER TAKEN’ seeming God is and always will be the ‘Foot Prints in The Sand’ (the Earth upon which I walk). ” AMEN!

-verse 1-
-spoken- Now on Earth in Zoomanity!
This picture is blurred out of view
Beyond repair distortion (extortion)
Caught between the SMOKE and dues
A line – spinning around and around
Damn I love the hate in you – got me feeling so neglected
Unexplained sure strategies- Incidental Coincidences pull you through
On and on 10 YEARS GONE, souls will arise the next life lived
Hope is all I hope to be: I’m never falling in your hands

Here we go circles, around and around, (no means to an end)
Total life exhaustion – I’ve been playing OUT for out to win
Giving you full RESPECT (is what you want-so I’m giving you everything)
360 getting nothing new!
I’m cosmic can stand the loniness
Your so fully collective
I’d swear you’d find the link – (the weak one)
Circle and circles we go- ARE YOU LOVING OUR INSANITY?

-verse 2-
Communication fallen burned out- Babel Tower foreseen true
Frequencies I’m feeling you ( 1 million waves per hertz-can you feel me?) (1 million waves per hertz)
Hooked into the digital , como dead I’m easily mislead
Words of lies and words of truth
My reaction worth; more as it peaks, upon my final death (the interest starts adding up)
It’s to much weight to bottom out now
Rhetoric returned to you (remember “Dumbass”); cause now…
We keep fucking each others mind

You wanted me to be, inside your tapestry
You stole my LIVING THREAD, abducted me in vain
You baptized me, with your untrue water, NOT HOLY water
You tried to wash away my sin, and with that my FAITH as GOD deemed! “Yes, I’m a sinner!”
Yet with all the things you said and did, you still keeping up, full circle up
I guess God has proven to me, “WHO IS THE DE MON FAIRE? ” ( The maneuver of universal creation and thus life!)
Not you, not you, not you as we proceed…


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  1. God has blessed me today (Aug 27, 2017). Before posting Circles, I also wanted to find out some data on Thoreau and get another copy of Walden and finish reading and commenting on the final 4 chapters left to read. I lost my beloved small edition. Nevertheless while doing this research today, I came upon the author research Michael Meyers who did an Introduction to Thoreau’s work Walden, titled Civil War Disobedience. It’s odd, because like Thoreau (I believe that my ALLEGIANCE and LIBERTY are not in the Republic, but in my INDIVIDUALISM and the contractual terms of the Constitution and Bill of Rights that make them known. Also like Thoreau, my 4th of July was not celebrated July 4, 2016 as I defaced a flag I jumped into the street to save. I wanted the flag and my rights to be waived to Margaret Finn of South West Behavioral Services. I hung the defaced flag upon a street post. Someone removed it.

    Oddly, Thoreau did not celebrate July 4, 1845. That same day and year, Margaret Fuller wrote an essay titled, ‘Women In The Nineteenth Century’, it was published in The New York Tribune. She chaisted Americans for their tolerance to slavery and their mean pursuit of wealth. She grieved that we are not as free and independent as our forefathers envisioned.” The link to WALDEN: David Henry Thoreau with Introduction by Michael Meyers can be found at this link: http://www.penguin.com/ajax/books/excerpt/9781101664094

    Not to say that their is a coincidence, but seeming from 1999 to present the song Circles represents the issues of the Missouri Christian Based Abduction, Margaret Finn in PHX, AZ lies and misleading case management/housing placement, and Las Vegas Trick Bag Game of quasi FBI who? At this point I don’t care, lets just met up in the next life! See ya and like Jimi stated, “DON’T BE LATE!”