Future Telepathy Communication (Intra Body Communication-Emotional Communication) (work in progress by Paul Dewitt Goree)


Future Telepathy Communication (Intra Body Communication-Emotional Communication) (work in progress by Paul Dewitt Goree) May 2014

Inventor Zhong Lin Wang has created the nano-generator. The 1 millimeter thick generator converts mechanical energy into electricity. Mechanical energy is energy derived from motion ( ex. walking, jostling, etc.). The mechanics of the nano-generator are fueled by two layers of plastic, separated by a gap and connected by a metal wire. When rubbed together, they take on the opposite charges. Continued rubbing causes electrons to flow across the gap towards the positive pole-creating a current along the wire, which can charge a battery. The nano-generator can produce 500 watts per square meter. Wang believes that commercial products should hit the market by 2018. Products like shoe lining soles would have the ability to generate energy to be used by intra body communication devices.
Meanwhile at the University of Washington, Babak Parviz has developed a prototype lens with a radio receiver in it. This lens is enabled to receive data and display it within the eyes. The lens converts electronic signals into projected images, making the images visible to the eyes (Belfiore , 2010). Devices like Parviz’s radio lens receiver would require nano-generated energy.
Intra-communication is when the body is used as a signal transmitter. When signals pass through the human body interference from Electromagnetic energy have little influence on the transmission, due to the skin. Intra body communication (especially Wave Guide) has a better communication quality than Bluetooth and operates similar.

Intra-body communication is divided into 3 types.
1) The simple circuit = the body is treated as a conductor. (ex. body fat meters or EKG): Requires a wire to the external body.
2) Electrostatic coupling = requires wires that are grounded. Transmission quality dependent upon surrounding environment
3) wave guide = body is treated as a wave guide with high frequency EMF waves generated from within the body (sending terminal) and received outside the body at a receiving terminal. External wires are not need and wave guiding is not dependent upon environment.

Many of the new intra body communication devices use the wave guide communication process. Whereby a signal is sent from the body (generated within the body) and sent to an external terminal, where a computer translate the signal.


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