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Song: Circles
Performed/Written By: Paul Goree
Lyrical Thought: Walden by D.Thoreau
Written: August 27, 2017 San Francisco, CA
” Today I pray to God with total acknowledgement of his being; his maneuvering; his LOVE; his creation and his guidance. And I am have been risen to the acknowledgement, that ‘THERE ARE NO WRONG ROADS EVER TAKEN’ seeming God is and always will be the ‘Foot Prints in The Sand’ (the Earth upon which I walk). ” AMEN!

-verse 1-
-spoken- Now on Earth in Zoomanity!
This picture is blurred out of view
Beyond repair distortion (extortion)
Caught between the SMOKE and dues
A line – spinning around and around
Damn I love the hate in you – got me feeling so neglected
Unexplained sure strategies- Incidental Coincidences pull you through
On and on 10 YEARS GONE, souls will arise the next life lived
Hope is all I hope to be: I’m never falling in your hands

Here we go circles, around and around, (no means to an end)
Total life exhaustion – I’ve been playing OUT for out to win
Giving you full RESPECT (is what you want-so I’m giving you everything)
360 getting nothing new!
I’m cosmic can stand the loniness
Your so fully collective
I’d swear you’d find the link – (the weak one)
Circle and circles we go- ARE YOU LOVING OUR INSANITY?

-verse 2-
Communication fallen burned out- Babel Tower foreseen true
Frequencies I’m feeling you ( 1 million waves per hertz-can you feel me?) (1 million waves per hertz)
Hooked into the digital , como dead I’m easily mislead
Words of lies and words of truth
My reaction worth; more as it peaks, upon my final death (the interest starts adding up)
It’s to much weight to bottom out now
Rhetoric returned to you (remember “Dumbass”); cause now…
We keep fucking each others mind

You wanted me to be, inside your tapestry
You stole my LIVING THREAD, abducted me in vain
You baptized me, with your untrue water, NOT HOLY water
You tried to wash away my sin, and with that my FAITH as GOD deemed! “Yes, I’m a sinner!”
Yet with all the things you said and did, you still keeping up, full circle up
I guess God has proven to me, “WHO IS THE DE MON FAIRE? ” ( The maneuver of universal creation and thus life!)
Not you, not you, not you as we proceed…


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  1. God has blessed me today (Aug 27, 2017). Before posting Circles, I also wanted to find out some data on Thoreau and get another copy of Walden and finish reading and commenting on the final 4 chapters left to read. I lost my beloved small edition. Nevertheless while doing this research today, I came upon the author research Michael Meyers who did an Introduction to Thoreau’s work Walden, titled Civil War Disobedience. It’s odd, because like Thoreau (I believe that my ALLEGIANCE and LIBERTY are not in the Republic, but in my INDIVIDUALISM and the contractual terms of the Constitution and Bill of Rights that make them known. Also like Thoreau, my 4th of July was not celebrated July 4, 2016 as I defaced a flag I jumped into the street to save. I wanted the flag and my rights to be waived to Margaret Finn of South West Behavioral Services. I hung the defaced flag upon a street post. Someone removed it.

    Oddly, Thoreau did not celebrate July 4, 1845. That same day and year, Margaret Fuller wrote an essay titled, ‘Women In The Nineteenth Century’, it was published in The New York Tribune. She chaisted Americans for their tolerance to slavery and their mean pursuit of wealth. She grieved that we are not as free and independent as our forefathers envisioned.” The link to WALDEN: David Henry Thoreau with Introduction by Michael Meyers can be found at this link:

    Not to say that their is a coincidence, but seeming from 1999 to present the song Circles represents the issues of the Missouri Christian Based Abduction, Margaret Finn in PHX, AZ lies and misleading case management/housing placement, and Las Vegas Trick Bag Game of quasi FBI who? At this point I don’t care, lets just met up in the next life! See ya and like Jimi stated, “DON’T BE LATE!”


An Indigenous Hut In Balboa Canyon San Diego, CA: Communication of Folklore

replica-of-a-indigenous-hut-at-the-tibes-indigenous-ceremonial-center-f93kwa(Note the hut resemble this one ( but it was more open top. It also had small boulder type rocks as a foundation, by which he was able to built a window. The entire hut was made from “weathered-Holy Week Day 3” material found in the canyon and is similar or the same as planets/trees in Central Mexico, where Tenochtitlan. The foundation as he referred to it, was very Western Civilization European/WEC.)

Through out my travels (starting 1989): I have made a point of asking some people, if they mind if I utilize the information we talked about, should I ever make something of myself and write a dissertation. All have agreed. I wanted them to understand, that even in my struggle to live, some amazing people (like themselves with their lives) HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD. By which their life is so pinnacle to others. This is often unseen and yet as expressed by them: the anger, hurt, pain, disappointment, FAITH, love and pleasant generalization of their lives, can bridge people closer. I sometimes have to explain it, which is difficult for me. So I’ve come to just define it as US as in we Earth humans are so stratified that it takes repeated events to mutates from our social constructed reality (SCR).

Every once in a while (lately 2015 Los Angeles) I’ve asked a person could I write their story or aspects of their story on the internet. For example:
I can only promise them what I believe about what they’ve commented on or expressed as a soul felt fear or pain. And they themselves know to the best of my ability I will attempt to get the gist of their concern on the internet. This posting is about a Mexican American seeking his indigenous identity. Seeming we never exchanged names, I will refer to him as Yankwik Mexikayotl San Diego (YMSD).
With that brief opening, here is an amazing story. I asked a Yankwik Mexikayotl ( if he mind, if I post his story on one of my blogs. The story would explain the discussion he and I had alone and the discussion we had with other people (not interested in the subject). The subject would be his soulful desire to build an hut in Balboa Canyon-San Diego, like his indigenous ancestors did. THE ORAL STORY OF Yankwik Mexikayotl Balboa Canyon San Diego (Seeming I never asked him his name. Nor did he ever tell me it. We both felt it was useless-seeming the subject we discuss. So for this post/story his name is YMSD).
I had just returned from Los Angeles (Mid July, 2016). I was not to happy upon arriving in San Diego for the second time. But something that occurred the first time (May 2015) required me to return. I left San  Diego the first time October 2015, and stay in Los Angeles seeking to continue my REVOLT all the way to Red Russian River in Northern California.  While in Los Angeles (March 2016) on the transportation van to a Winter Shelter. I enjoyed listening to  the Pastor on Christian radio. This particular morning, the pastor stated that…”Shaman get their power from natural environments: mountains, lakes, forest.” I immediantly  add CANYONS to that list, seeming my love for them.  The pastor went on to state, “Wheras a Shaman gets his power from nature: A pastor, minister gets their power from their congregation.”  Which is true. The power by which GOD has blessed them is found in either a growing congregation or nature (for Shamen).
Thus day two on the return to San Diego (Mid July 2016) after visiting a “friend” I met during the first visit, I decided to go to the canyon and see if the pastor was correct.  So into the Balboa Canyon I went. Just as I use to do on the first visit. But this time I verbalized what the pastor had expressed and wanted to see if I could feel it. I was expecting to feel some type of connection with nature and my love for the Canyon. I did feel that connections and proceed to go about doing an Sociological observations of all factors in the Balboa Canyon, that I felt represented what I had defined as a canyon. For me, a Canyon represents the dual nature of life and death. Within a canyon, all that is alive exist in other geographical locations. All that is dead, exist in similar form (depending on HUMANS and BIO-LOVE) or varied form (depending on several geological variables. ex. Platetonics).  
The observations I worded in qualitative form with a comparison. Thus if I did not notice something first visit. Then document it and as the year proceeds we can see if that is a new event or repeated/cycled event that I am just becoming aware of. For example I documented bees during pollination in my favorite area of the canyon.  I also decided, to write in large letters, the expression. CHIESPIRT…CONSCIOUSLY GOING ABOUT LIFE WITH ACKNOWLEDGEMENT TO ALL CREATED BY GOD. I intentionally on wrote this on “weathered” parts of planets and rocks that exist in the canyon. ( 1 0f 4 encounters occurred between  YMSD and I).
As I walked about the canyon, I came upon an area, that I did not notice last time I was in San Diego. The reason I did not notice it, was because there was a rock/small boulder formation that made a large circle. I really focused on this area, because there was so much “weathered” from the Canyon Clearing (which I was use to–seeming during the first visit Summer 2015. My Cal-Work was at Balboa Canyon, which I did apply for an entry level position. But decided not to complete the application for review, by taking a typing test. WHY I AM IN REVOLT!   No Margret Finn this is not pre-Schizophrenia. Just one human who wants and will have the TRUTH told. Recall you made me and Johnny express and commit to our, as you worded it…”WE ALL MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR EACH OF OUR ACTIONS IN THIS TERRIBLE MESS CREATED” mines was in a memo to you, johnny and an other case manager from a different agency. Then you made Johnny express his commitment, then you move right pass yourself and continued the nature of the meeting! WRONG and thus my revolt and life will prove how wrong you were. Unless you had to do what you had to do, because of MIXED AGENCIES OF USA INTELL…)
As I noticed the circular formation of small boulders. I felt really comfortable and sat upon a tree stump. And continued my observation from that peaceful location. There was a guy there, doing a mosquito testing. I was so comfortable that I didn’t even notice him. About 45 minutes later, YMSD approach with another person. He saw me and immediately rush towards me to see what I was doing. As he approached, he was explaining that he had worked hard moving the small boulders. And that he had created that spot. I informed him, that I was just writting and I felt comfortable in this spot. I told him that I also placed a CHIESPRIT expression on the tree stump and a few branches, and apologies and then I left. ( 1 0f 4 encounters with YMSD).
Two weeks later I was over at the same friends house, and ended up with one of his friends and in the canyon. This time YMSD knew the person I was with. YMSD had a person with him that I met. They all seemed to know each other.  YMSD looked at me, and stated…”Are you the one that was here before. Chiespirt?’ I responded “Yes, and wow you’ve done an AWESOME job. This is so indigenous and the best part,  you only used what was in the canyon. Beautiful job. It’s going to be hard for them to tear this down. Seeming it all comes from the canyon.” He was proud of himself and stated, that he tried to read some of the data in books. But it got complicated. Thus he decided to try praying to his ancestors (which either come from the Aztec or  Mayans. The factor he was not sure, was amazing. Seeming both cultures did not always attack neighboring tribes. Some tribes simply by promixity became part of both ‘EMPIRES’ as history explains it. Thus he could have been praying to those ancestors. In hope, that Faith would carry on his internal discourse desire.
I explained to him that praying to his ancestors is logical. I recall meeting a Hindu in Seattle, WA. He noticed I was disappointed as I walked across the University of Washington Campus (1994). He probed me and I explained some difficulty I was having with one Professor. By which I am unable to comprehend some assigned literature, which he has determine is below the level of expectation for that institution.  He then explained something clearly to me. Do not let yourself be removed from your existence because of expression like that in the academic environment. Consider this, most literature in the United States is going to be Western Civilization Based and your indigenous ancestors are not Western in that soul/existences.  He went on to explain to me, it seem understandable to him that attempting to assimilate to conditioning that is not nature to your linage is going to be more difficult.
He then informed me, that he is going to mention a series of books, termed the VEDAS. Do not try to read them now. Your energy will naturally guide you to them. When you first find them, you won’t be able to read them. As time progresses you will read them and understand them and thus you will understand the origin of yours, mines and other indigenous humans upon the earth.  Today I am aware of the Vedas and my journey continues.  YMSD understood, data in books, is not the only means by which to abstract knowledge. Praying to his ancestors is a the best way to utilize his intelligence (intelligence meaning: ability to collect data, to accomplish a objective).
The two persons with us. Wanted to advance the conversation. One expressed for me to tone it down. YMBC interrupted and express he wanted to continue discussing indigenous ancestors and the hut. He then stated, so your “Chiespirt, do you mean that I am thinking/feeling Chiespirt. By consciously utilizing my ethnicity to help me become more aware of my ancestors: as they lived and existed on this planet?”  Yes, I responded. You are becoming aware of their existence, acknowledging their and your rituals of habitation. You also acknowledge this planet as it exist and all creations. You naturally did not find a need to cut down a tree, correct?”  He then thought and expressed. Under any other circumstance, this land would be of his ancestors and onward. I agreed. This month in Smithsonian Magazine, the article Myth and Reason on the Mexican Border, clearly explains the history of the San Diego region 1846-1848.
“…The descendants of all these native peoples remain, and following the border today one encounters the reservations and tribal lands of indigenous folk, from the Cabazon people near Coachella, California, and the Ewiiiaapaayp Band of Kumeyaay Indians (also known as the Cuyapaipe) near San Diego, to the Cocopah at the Arizona state line, the Tohono O’odham farther east, the Mescalero Apache in southern New Mexico, and in Texas the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo near El Paso and the Kickapoo people in Eagle Pass. Among other things, the borderland is a living repository of native peoples…” Smithsonian Magazine Oct 2016.
Again the two other persons divided the conversation. Once again YMSD interrupted them and asked me, how do I feel about my indigenous ancestors.  I explained to him, when I was younger (K-12) I protected my ethnicity by not expressing it to others and letting them make decision upon their own. As I got older I decided to let my true emotions evolve. Today I stated it by expressing. “My ethnicity is…I AM A DESCENDANT OF A KIDNAPPED AFRICAN. WHO DID NOT COME SEEKING LIBERTY or FREEDOM.” One of the other guys, starting choking. I asked him what was wrong. He stated, “I’m sorry, but I have never heard that expressed that way. KIDNAPPED.” I explained to him, it true, for me. How other African American people want to evolve their ethnic mapping, is up to them. Eventually I left and returned the next day. My ethnic mapping is as follows…!Ap60AZ-G3zPrhEN7u-ZPIFjUdto
I remained in the canyon all that night. The next day, YMSD saw me and invited me to his hut. While we were there, a discussion came up. By which I expressed…”The canyon CLEARS the areas.” He replied, “What do you mean, the children CLEAN the canyon.” I let it go. But later that night as I and the friend who lives in that neighborhood returned to the canyon. I saw what I thought were people. My friend had forgotten his glasses and did not see them. Thus I went to the section of the canyon, where I was amazed at what I saw. My friend eventually left to return home, because he could not see what I was seeing.
What I was observing, was broken up into various visual displays. Some of it was projection video from video projectors. This creates a hologram illusion. Yet near that section, I saw really people. They gathered in several groups under the trees. Some of them were wearing ‘the scary movie mask.’ The majority of them weren’t wearing any mask. From about 1AM -8AM I stood in the area, where real people had gathered. No communication was going on. I went from group to group, simply just looking at them in their eyes. Their ages varied. The majority were older adults to senior citizens. Their ethnicity varied. I saw African American couples. Mexican couples and Senior citizen couples. Which really couldn’t be explained.
As I approached some of them, they would move further into the trees. I decided I was not leaving until I felt I understood what was going on. We stood there for hours. Then I decided to walk the trail in the canyon. As I walked the trail towards the steps. I observed more people. At first I thought they had come to clean the canyon. But why at 1AM. Then I thought maybe this is San Diego’s version of “COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT” to secure the park from lewd behavior. But none of these thoughts added up. Some attempted to lure me to them. Those I stayed away from. They seem to be more projected visual images. I returned to the area (creek area) and kept observing those around me. No one communicated.
As the sun rose/twilight hour, I noticed that these people still were present. It seemed that some of them wanted to leave, but they remained. Those with the “scary movie masks” on seemed to be gone. I still couldn’t explain what was going on.  In the creek, I observed children (ages 8-10) walking in the creek in a line, with knee high water boots on. They seemed to be carrying boxes. I thought, “Since when does this occur and how did YMSD know about children cleaning the canyon at 4:30-5:00AM.”  Everything seemed ridiculous. But then, unexplained suggests man intentional involvement.
By 6AM, the sun has risen more and all was more visible clearly. The children seem to have been gone, and only the adults remained. By 7:30AM I was fumbling with my jacket to get a pen to write down the presences of a HELLO KITTY stuffed animal in the creek, along with other dumpings. It made no sense as to why people would drive near the canyon and dump items into the canyon intentionally. And if the children and adults were part of a community clean up team. Then what did they clean up.  As I was fumbling for a pen. A pipe (smoking pipe. Still and will continue R.E.D.U as started in 1992 regarding Q.C.D.C). I heard a senior citizen lady express….
“I thought I saw…?” her husband responded,…”Don’t think, lets go see.” As they approached me, they looked me in the eyes and felt comfortable with me. At the same time, another senior citizen across from me, saw it too. She proceeded to call the Sheriff. As I was leaving the canyon, I ran into the Sheriff, who questioned me as to what directions I am coming from. I explained that I had been all over the canyon and was headed to the opposition side (tennis courts). He looked me in my eyes and let me go.
 The final encounter with YMSD ended on a good, yet sorrow note. He was probing questions as to why people dump trash/items in the canyon. He was questioning why people utilize his hut for activity without him there. He was really concerned that people bring modern items into this indigenous hut and leave those items. Interrupting his spiritual flow.
That day he had drawn a Mexican Aztecan Totem of a Jaguar. It was an amazing drawing and it confirmed his true intentions of exploring his indigenous tribe. He explained that he feels that he has to make a decision as to remaining in the hut-full time: thus leaving where he was living with a family member. He wasn’t sure if the hut was a good ideal. I assured him never allow other people to remove you from your spiritual/soulful intent. They will always attempt to prevent that which they do not understand or don’t want you to understand. Allows follow your heart. I think you did an excellent job. The circumstances by which events happen, are not up to you to control. You accomplished your self driven goal and you can do it again. The fact remains, YOU DID WHAT YOU FELT YOU COULD ACCOMPLISH! So don’t be so hard on yourself.
The expressions that later arose from other regarding him, seemed TYPICAL S.C.R. created. Some express thoughts of his family member, and detailed his mother as that person.  They detailed the huge house that he lives in with his mother near the northern section of the Balboa Park. Some questioned his true intent and purpose.  As I listened to these comments. I really had to ask myself, “WOW is it real or not?” They have provided more data about somebody in a state of discovery. It doesn’t matter as to the nature of his discovery, he did more spiritually for himself in regards to other issues he may have been confronting. It really irritates me sometimes how people just can’t LIVE AND LET LIVE!!!

JIM CROW Segregation Day Re-Enactment

This month (September 24, 2016) the Smithsonian opened the National Museum of African American History and Culture. The opening was proceeded with a dedication from President Obama, who stated encouraging thoughts by which this museum could provide our nation, armisticeness toward racial/ethnic tensions. Obama stated, “This national museum helps to tell a richer and fuller story of who we are…By knowing this other story we better understand ourselves and each other. It binds us together. It reaffirms that all of us are America, that African-American history is not somehow separate from our larger American story…It is central to the American story.” (K.Bohn, S.Malveaux and E.Scott, 2016)

We applaud the President and the tremendous efforts of the Smithsonian Library. Keeping with the concept of “a richer and fuller story”. I suggest the ideal of Jim Crow Sign Segregation Re-Enactment Day for Martin Luther King Jr. 2017 or 2018 birthday and for the entire month of February-African American History Month. This re-enactment is a paradigm by which we as Americans can confront within ourselves: total ethnicity acknowledgement of our nations diversity, especially that of African Americans.


The objective is the displacement and education of the Jim Crow segregation signs/story, actually being assessed by today’s generation and prior generations, from text books/internet. These measures are limiting within themselves. With an Jim Crow Segregation Sign Day Re-Enactment, we could provide an engagement of these signs into our individualistic mental chronicles. Thus providing proof to American citizens, the great complexities we have ACCOMPLISHED with our ethnicity-our American ‘melting pot soup du jour’.


We should consider placing the signs exactly where they existed in the year 1955, through-out the United States. All public and private (if private wants to participate) should place a Jim Crow Segregation Sign were it was in the past, and let the future reside over us, as we come to understand/tolerate our difference more so, through the ‘due process’ of our collective triumph.


The purposes of this project would be to establish:

1) Interactive Learning Experience for adults who have experience with these signs and children who don’t know or have not actualized the sign and meaning themselves.

2) To prove to Americans and others, how far we’ve really come with racial tensions.

3.) To get American citizens involved with American issues. (Obama recent statement about the African American Museum “…I think, explains why this museum is so necessary, because that same object reframed, put in context, tells us so much more…”) The Presidents statement, best expresses : the benefit a Jim Crow Segregation Sign Re-Enactment could provide for the Nation , by the people, for the people. It reveals to us, our American History, with all of the bad and good within it!

For more information on Jim Crow and the Segregation Signs, visit:

For more information on the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture visit:

K.Bohn, S.Malveaux and E.Scott. (2016). Obama:African-American Museum helps tell fuller story of America.CNN.

Myrdal, G. (1944). An American Dilemma: the Negro problem and modern democracy. New York, NY: Harper.

ZERO – ZERO (Won!)

Zero-Zero (Won!) by: Paul Dewitt Goree 2016/823/9 San Diego (BCSD)



Zero-Zero is a factor, I finally understand within my FAITH and Spiritualism! This years, Holy Week, day three is where I stop on my posting of Holy Week. Day 3 represents for me, the continued thoughts of Jesus and the olive branch-which was CURSED. Cursed meaning, not serving its’s purpose, as GOD had created it to be. On day 3, Peter (Simon) questioned it being WITHERED now. By which Jesus seemed to think that by cursing it, the withered state of all creations in the universe have no meaningful purpose. Well unless Peter (Simon) plans/has thought/intent to make something of it (man made) and thus although not expressed day 3 (but is within the Bible)…what ever is created, then give it to CEASAR!

This lyrical book (8-10 lyrical songs) is a combined thought within me, of what I titled/labelled CHIESPIRIT.





Hated it growing up…

Hated the whole damn conception…

Socially created norm, cutting my FREE-FREE blessed soul.

Anything GOD needed-My purpose fully in his plan

And when the coin flip, there’s lessons through my pain.

I can’t deny none of it…

Yet the S.C.R. focus, all the worst human motions-possibilities

I’d rather be floating u[ on a cloud in my minds’ EYE: creative eyes

From God own hands…



Who took the hit first (I, I, I, I, I)

Who took the fall next (I, I, I, I, I)

Who took the KICK right down to the ground

Exactly where the fist first placed a wound.

I’m faded into a cosmic consciousness within

Hoping you’d do, the worst that you could do

Why defended what you’re about?

Were never being real…

When it won’t be you, later trying to figure out

why it feels like my soul is sipping

from the wound on my eye

soul is sipping out

from the wound on my eye

my is sipping out

slowly sipping out into space

neither one of us own!


NO, no I don’t need to explain it again!

Every time someone see it, it seems like they feel it within

And I don’t won’t to remind myself, what I really was thinking then

Between me first-GOD first, my body 2nd state, “Stay down, Stay down”

Endure the pain and let the ending come

Soon you’ll be in the sunrise, don’t you know!

Not every decision in life is ours’, I know

But from my point you did a half ass job-should take me out of existence

(Wrongful emotions, wrongful emotions)





Hail, what the worth is

Was it enough to keep all the dreams alive-all those dreams alive

Hell is where some say it’s ending

Is that just expressed to keep the Shepard true- when the wolves no long give a damn

No need to wear that fake ass wool!

Is it just the same today, as it was yesterday,

I think it is, yes I know it is…




Zero-Zero as it begun

Zero-Zero as it is vain

Zero-Zero raised the first dust

So Zero-Zero, won the earth!!!

Now down on earth

Somebody get a thirst

Zero-Zero gonna cure it, cost it

Yes down on earth

Somebody lose their soul

Zero-Zero gonna save it-redeem it

Zero-Zero, nothing from nothing (withered, withered, withered)





There was no assembly today

It felt forever had come our way

We won’t be coping alive, in this living experience

Yet there was no sense of tomorrow

More like the end is present ground

I saw the shadow fade

Dark turned safe

Trust distained and the many, many, many broken consciousness…




The earth in disarray

They turned their heads one day

And killed in vain, the one with a message so true-so tamed


The moon became the sun

The sun became the moon

Everyday the fire burned and burned all that stood


The ocean turned to sand

The sky blurred orange and red

And still they sat there waiting for the messenger they killed































There was no assembly today

It felt forever had come our way

We won’t be coping alive, in this living experience

Yet there was no sense of tomorrow

More like the end is present ground

I saw the shadow fade

Dark turned safe

Trust distained and the many, many, many broken consciousness…





The earth in disarray

They turned their heads one day

And killed in vain, the one with a message so true-so tamed


The moon became the sun

The sun became the moon

Everyday the fire burned and burned all that stood


The ocean turned to sand

The sky blurred orange and red

And still they sat there waiting for the messenger they killed






Trumpets blared, blared and blared

News from his Majesty today, all hear – hear and be

A celebration to come, all you subject will enjoy

Festivals of better times, yes this is all for you

Treasure in every hand – pleasure for every living subject in the land of his….

And all will eat like Kings

And all will drink like Kings

Be in favor of all – for all

And all will be announced

They love be devoted mounts

Of unconditional respect through-out the land




Tell me, tell me, tell me

Did you see, the Emperors’ new rob?

Tell me, tell me, tell me

Did he radiate – bright light for infinity

Ohhhh, tell me, tell me, tell me

Did you play along?

Did you make a bet?

Did you cue the enemy?

Did you look bewildered at him

Or feel the shame you felt he felt?

Or did you simply blow the candle out

And go to sleep?


I recall the days of  ‘LIFE MAGIC’-99 Vegas Crazed up trick bag

Boy I had some fun—believe me Right!

Yet I kept waiting, waiting in that line

Still no name on the DOCKY today! WTF

Is it me, or was it all a dream…..

As for friends, that I thought were down, all were paid and placed.

And the questions about money, Damn I was in the Vault

That funny – funny vault turning out to be the same

Ohhh, but it comes around

Ohhh, yeah but it’s who involved

Somethings we never know

Ohhh, someone should have told me

It was like MAGIC, but now it’s Hope change – ruining

Ohhh, Ohhh, someone should have told

It was like MAGIC, but now it’s faith tilted!

Ohhh, Ohhhh, Ohhh, somebody should have told me about the

De Mon Faire Magic Hands

(Which hands-Caesars’ hands-magic hands)


At least back then it seemed sensible

A fool gets played every minute they say

And since I’m with the dirty, might as well jump right in.

No question of what this shit’s about

Beside, I’m still trying to figure out

How I walked away from 3 Attempted Murder Charges, Charges

(You’re innocent till proven guilty – don’t forget that son)

Now, they upgraded the system, demeaning my faith, demeaning my hope

My total blinded trust in the INVISIBLE force of the universe creation

Yeah they did this, yeah they do this all the time


(like in the movies-shit right out of the movies)

And now my SOUL CREATOR, is over dubbed external chip in my ear!

WTF, WTF, RFID- upgraded what?





It’ll fade, time will fade it all away

(fade, fade, fade…)

There’ll be no claim, be no name, no fame and no detested

(as fade, fade, fades away)


HUGGING THE TREE OF LIFE, SMILING, PEACEFULNESS in my soul, thank you Jah again!




Not in presence

Any more among all men

Don’t wanna be wanted

By anybody –nahhhh


Not in presence

Any more amongst the sheep

Not in state of mind, state of love, state of life

Among the wanted world….

I’m free, soul free, x-pressions undone

I’m free, soul free, x-pressions undone



As Jah changes the seasons, people change, the world changes

Maybe it’s for the better, but still someone’s getting hurt!

Yes it everyday…

And DEMOCRACY, yet call it Babylon if you won’t (if you dare)

They will just swept, swept, swept it all away into that big hole

That the rug will cover, so pretty, yes it’ll be so pretty perfect.

And I’ll still be on the HIGHEST MOUNTAIN IN AFRICA

HUGGING THE TREE OF LIFE, SMILING, PEACEFULNESS in my soul, thank you Jah again!





I feel I can breath –Exhale, the carbon of confusion

Early, early, early this morning I greeted the rising sun

And I felt blessed again, yes I know I’m LOVED>

Yet that short lived glory in my mind, went as it came

Knowing the fact remains – It’s another day to be…

(another day to be, another day)


How did Jupiter

Get into the womb?

See was it right or lies

How we’d come unglued

Tell me how did Jupiter

Get into the womb?
Are some still playing games?

Is the Phoenix way, just to true, turned BLUE…

How did Jupiter

Get into the womb?

I’m still feeling the same pain

Feeling the same joys….

How did Jupiter

Get into the womb?


(He’s dead, he’s dead, he’s dead, he’s dead in the background)

(He’s dead, he’s dead, he’s dead, he’s dead in the foreground)
Yet I always thought LIFE, for the living, yes the living

So how can it be

That Jupiter got into the womb?



My soul, my soul to Jah I know it belong

It was that breath of life, which made me a LIVING THING

(Not man!)

And all these facts we share, we share them all the same

I’m still in awe that it just can’t be explain…


LOVE, love, love, love…

Love is unbounded, spinning the universe…

It’s all that JAH/GOD knows, GOD LOVE, GOD AND JAH all in one

So as I walk this earth, knowing that I carried (so carried and loved)

Every bump that I stumble, every person misleading-becomes…

Becomes part of the LOVING again…

And still I am in AWE, of the total connection I’m feeling in my soul

And yet the ear that I have, from the words other say, just don’t do much good.

I pray that there are no lies… Only love, only peace on CHI in the world for everyone to praise- PRAISE JAH!











Tri-State Drug Auction Donation Day: Midnight Court

Ideals run rampant, to serious remove drugs from the streets of America, if addiction is that serious of a problem.  At UNM I did Phar Report on THE WAR ON DRUGS: WE LOST!

So if some reformers are so sure to insist that addiction is the mean of all ends, then lets just get rid of drugs in the UNITED STATES.

I verbally proposed an ideal on a flight of a mind swinging/altering day titled:  TRI-STATES (CA,AZ,NV) DRUG AUCTION DONATION DAY along with Midnight Court (the court is 12AM-5AM for Judges only to revoke some warrants and to issue others) THus on this day the auctioneer decides which drug. “LOS ANGELES today history will be made and the streets of this city will be minus pounds maybe even tons of drugs. So let get the bidding started, First Drug Crystal Meth. Let’s see if we can get 30 Thousand pounds of Crystal Meth off the streets of Los ANgeles today.

If you are in possession of 1 ounce or 10 pounds, then today is your day to donate that to the state to be disposed of and you receive a voucher NO STRINGS ATTACHED for future convictions. Can I get a bid of 1/4 ounce.

Fragmento de Almas Maldición

Todos los de Boyle Heights para robar mi teléfono e id , y os fragmento de su alma que maldigas.Las cenizas a las cenizas , polvo al polvo gira y se dobla los huesos para reventar esparzo estos huesos , estos huesos llenos de mi rabia tomarlos como una ofrenda para llevar tu dolor enemigo veo a tu enemigo antes que yo ahora lo ato , aplastarlo , y derribarlo Con estos huesos que ahora no aplastar Grind tus enemigos en polvo Con los fuegos eternos fuera de control con esta maldición tomo tu alma esta es mi voluntad sea hecho. Las cenizas a las cenizas , polvo al polvo gira y se dobla los huesos para reventar esparzo estos huesos , estos huesos llenos de mi rabia tomarlos como una ofrenda para llevar tu dolor enemigo veo a tu enemigo antes que yo ahora lo ato , aplastarlo , y derribarlo Con estos huesos que ahora no aplastar Grind tus enemigos en polvo Con los fuegos eternos fuera de control con esta maldición tomo tu alma esta es mi voluntad sea hecho!

Holy Week 2016–Day 2

jesus at the market

Monday morning he returned with his disciples to Jerusalem. Along the way, Jesus cursed a fig tree because it had failed to bear fruit. Scholars believe the symbolism extended to all believers, demonstrating that genuine, living faith is more than just outward religiosity.

Mark 11:12-25New International Version (NIV)

12 The next day as they were leaving Bethany, Jesus was hungry. 13 Seeing in the distance a fig tree in leaf, he went to find out if it had any fruit. When he reached it, he found nothing but leaves, because it was not the season for figs. 14 Then he said to the tree, “May no one ever eat fruit from you again.” And his disciples heard him say it.

True faith must bear spiritual fruit in a person’s life. Christ was speaking of God’s future program for Israel. Other passages to consider when studying the Olivet Discourse are Daniel 9:24-27 and Revelation 6:1 – 19:21, which refer to the future seven-year period called the tribulation. God’s program for the Church concludes with the rapture, which is not taught in the Olivet Discourse. The rapture of the Church is found in John 14:1-4; 1 Corinthians 15:51-52; and 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18.

In Matthew 23, Jesus had spoken to the Pharisees concerning judgment. This can be seen in the “woe” statements in that chapter. In 24:1, Jesus was leaving the temple when the disciples called His attention to the magnificent buildings on the temple mount. Jesus then tells the disciples that “not one stone here will be left on another; every one will be thrown down” (verse 2). This prophecy was literally fulfilled in A.D. 70 when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem. The temple was burned. The gold in the temple melted in the fire and ran down into the cracks between the stones. As people later searched for the gold, they toppled every stone from its place. This destruction of Jerusalem was but a foreshadowing of what is yet to come.

Jesus’ prophecy of doom got the disciples curious, and probably more than a little concerned. When they were alone with Jesus on the Mount of Olives, they asked Him, “Tell us, when will these things be, and what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?” (verse 3). What follows in Matthew 24–25 refers to the future, seven-year tribulation period and the second coming of Christ at the end of the tribulation. During that time, God will complete His chastisement and purification of Israel and judge the whole world (Daniel 9:24-27; Revelation 6–19).

Daniel 9:27 indicates that the tribulation will be divided into two equal parts. Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 24:4-8 refers to the first half. The “birth pangs” (verse 8) refer to the sufferings that Israel will experience during the first 3 1/2 years. The signs with reference to the end of the age are the coming of false messiahs (verse 5), the threat of wars and widespread conflict (verses 6-7), and various natural catastrophes (verse 7).

Revelation 6 is a parallel passage. The apostle John writes of the seal judgments. Revelation 6:2 speaks of a rider on a white horse, which refers to a false messiah called elsewhere the Antichrist and the Beast. Revelation 6:4 says that peace is taken from the earth. Revelation 6:6-8 speaks of famine and death. Jesus said these things are only the “beginning of birth pangs” (Matthew 24:8). Worse is yet to come.  In Revelation 13, the second half of the tribulation begins when the Beast, or Antichrist, sets up his rule for 42 months (cf. Daniel 9:27; Matthew 24:15).

In the Olivet Discourse, the second half of the tribulation is described in Matthew 24:9-14. Persecution of the Jews and death (verse 9) will be the result of the Beast’s rise to power. The Antichrist will also persecute anyone who refuses to follow him (Revelation 13:1-18).The salvation promised in Matthew 24:13 is deliverance from the Beast’s persecution. The one who endures until Christ returns will be saved from the Beast. Jesus says that “this gospel of the kingdom” will be preached worldwide before the end comes. In other words, the good news (gospel) will be available during the tribulation; the message will be that Christ will soon return in judgment to set up His earthly kingdom (Revelation 20:4-6). This message will cause many people to realize their sinful state and receive the Savior during the tribulation.

Matthew 24:15-26 gives further details concerning the tribulation. Jesus refers to an “abomination” and desolation of a future temple in Matthew 24:15-22; this is more clearly spoken of in Luke 21:20-24. The Beast will take authority and set up an image of himself in the future temple (Daniel 9:27; 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4; Revelation 13:1-18). When this happens, Jesus says, head for the hills.

When Jesus arrived at the Temple he found the courts full of corrupt money changers. He began overturning their tables and clearing the Temple, saying, “The Scriptures declare, ‘My Temple will be a house of prayer,’ but you have turned it into a den of thieves.” (Luke 19:46). On Monday evening Jesus stayed in Bethany again, probably in the home of his friends, Mary, Martha, and Lazarus.




Holy Week 2016-Day 1


Sunday 3/20/2016

On Palm Sunday Christians celebrate the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem, the week before his death and resurrection. For many Christian churches, Palm Sunday, often referred to as “Passion Sunday,” marks the beginning of Holy Week, which concludes on Easter Sunday.

Jesus traveled to Jerusalem knowing that this journey would end in his sacrificial death on the cross for the sins of all mankind. Before he entered the city, he sent two disciples ahead to the village of Bethphage to look for a donkey an unbroken colt:

“Go to the village ahead of you, and as you enter it, you will find a colt tied there, which no one has ever ridden. Untie it and bring it here. If anyone asks you, ‘Why are you untying it?’ say, ‘The Lord needs it. ‘ ” (Luke 19:29-31, NIV)

The men brought the colt to Jesus, and placed their cloaks on its back.Then Jesus sat on the young donkey and slowly, humbly, made his triumphal entry into Jerusalem, fulfilling the ancient prophecy in Zechariah 9:9.

The crowds welcomed him by waving palm branches in the air and shouting “Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!”

On Palm Sunday, Jesus and his disciples spent the night in Bethany, a town about two miles east of Jerusalem. In all likelihood, Jesus stayed in the home of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus, whom Jesus had raised from the dead.   mqdefault

Letter To Case Management Regarding Inconsistency of Housing Placement

Paulgoree's Weblog


Dear Case Managers:
South West Behavioral Services
Care Directions

This letter is in reference to incidences that occurred at 4802 N. 19th Ave Apartment A229, Phoenix, AZ 85015. The persons involved are Roommate and Paul Goree. Both referred by Care Directions, and placed by South West Behavioral Services.

Please note the following factors that have had a dramatic change in my life and wellbeing. This is a complaint against Roommate, who through several actions, stated and indicated that he and his friends would “ruin my life, and has made living under the HOWPA/HUD agreement hostile.

Please note:
Upon first meeting with Southwest Behavioral Services, Margret Finn and Johnny Garcia, informed me that I should resist detailing the factors of my substance abuse recovery with my soon to be roommate; Roommate (Stephen Beck- move out date 10/2012) .It was implied that such discussions could lead/trigger usage in Stephen Beck…

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Great Music and Lyrics



Visit Great Music and Lyrics, for the best of American Music!

The music of the United States reflects the country’s multi-ethnic population through a diverse array of styles. It is a mixture of music influenced by West African, Irish, Scottish, Mexican, and Cuban music traditions among others. The country’s most internationally renownedgenres are jazz, blues, country, bluegrass, rock, rhythm and blues, ragtime, hip hop, barbershop, pop, experimental, techno, house, dance,boogaloo, salsa, and rock and roll. The United States has the world’s largest music market with a total retail value of 4,481.8 million dollars in 2012,[1] and its music is heard around the world. Since the beginning of the 20th century, some Forms of American popular music have gained a near global audience.[2]



Native Americans were the earliest inhabitants of the land that is today known as the United States and played its first music. Beginning in the 17th century, immigrants from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Germany and France began arriving in large numbers, bringing with them new styles and instruments. African slaves brought musical traditions, and each subsequent wave of immigrants contributed to a melting pot.

Much of modern popular music can trace its roots to the emergence in the late 19th century of African American blues and the growth of gospel music in the 1920s. The African American basis for popular music used elements derived from European and indigenous musics. There are also strong African roots in the music tradition of the original white settlers, such as country and bluegrass. The United States has also seen documented folk music and recorded popular music produced in the ethnic styles of the Ukrainian, Irish, Scottish, Polish, Hispanic and Jewishcommunities, among others.Frank_Sinatra_by_Gottlieb_c1947-_2

Many American cities and towns have vibrant music scenes which, in turn, support a number of regional musical styles. Along with musical centers such as Philadelphia, Seattle, New York City, San Francisco, New Orleans, Detroit, Minneapolis, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Nashville,Austin, and Los Angeles, many smaller cities such as Asbury Park, New Jersey have produced distinctive styles of music. The Cajun and Creoletraditions in Louisiana music, the folk and popular styles of Hawaiian music, and the bluegrass and old time music of the Southeastern states are a few examples of diversity in American music.

The music of the United States can be characterized by the use of syncopation and asymmetrical rhythms, long, irregular melodies, which are said to “reflect the wide open geography of (the American landscape)” and the “sense of personal freedom characteristic of American life”.[3]Some distinct aspects of American music, like the call-and-response format, are derived from African techniques and instruments.


Throughout the later part of American history, and into modern times, the relationship between American and European music has been a discussed topic among scholars of American music. Some have urged for the adoption of more purely European techniques and styles, which are sometimes perceived as more refined or elegant, while others have pushed for a sense of musical nationalism that celebrates distinctively American styles. Modern classical music scholar John Warthen Struble has contrasted American and European, concluding that the music of the United States is inherently distinct because the United States has not had centuries of musical evolution as a nation. Instead, the music of the United States is that of dozens or hundreds of indigenous and immigrant groups, all of which developed largely in regional isolation until the American Civil War, when people from across the country were brought together in army units, trading musical styles and practices. Struble deemed the ballads of the Civil War “the first American folk music with discernible features that can be considered unique to America: the first ‘American’ sounding music, as distinct from any regional style derived from another country.”[4]


The Civil War, and the period following it, saw a general flowering of American art, literature and music. Amateur musical ensembles of this era can be seen as the birth of American popular music. Music author David Ewen describes these early amateur bands as combining “the depth and drama of the classics with undemanding technique, eschewing complexity in favor of direct expression. If it was vocal music, the words would be in English, despite the snobs who declared English an unsingable language. In a way, it was part of the entire awakening of America that happened after the Civil War, a time in which American painters, writers and ‘serious’ composers addressed specifically American themes.”[5] During this period the roots of blues, gospel, jazz and country music took shape; in the 20th century, these became the core of American popular music, which further evolved into the styles like rhythm and blues, rock and roll and hip hop music.images (3)

Music intertwines with aspects of American social and cultural identity, including through social class, race and ethnicity, geography, religion, language, gender and sexuality. The relationship between music and race is perhaps the most potent determiner of musical meaning in the United States. The development of an African American musical identity, out of disparate sources from Africa and Europe, has been a constant theme in the music history of the United States. Little documentation exists of colonial-era African American music, when styles, songs and instruments from across West Africa commingled in the melting pot of slavery. By the mid-19th century, a distinctly African American folk tradition was well-known and widespread, and African American musical techniques, instruments and images became a part of mainstream American music through spirituals, minstrel shows and slave songs.[6] African American musical styles became an integral part of American popular music through blues, jazz, rhythm and blues, and then rock and roll, soul and hip hop; all of these styles were consumed by Americans of all races, but were created in African American styles and idioms before eventually becoming common in performance and consumption across racial lines. In contrast, country music derives from both African and European, as well as Native American and Hawaiian, traditions and yet has long been perceived as a form of white music.[7]


Economic and social classes separates American music through the creation and consumption of music, such as the upper-class patronage of symphony-goers, and the generally poor performers of rural and ethnic folk musics. Musical divisions based on class are not absolute, however, and are sometimes as much perceived as actual;[8] popular American country music, for example, is a commercial genre designed to “appeal to a working-class identity, whether or not its listeners are actually working class”.[9] Country music is also intertwined with geographic identity, and is specifically rural in origin and function; other genres, like R&B and hip hop, are perceived as inherently urban.[10] For much of American history, music-making has been a “feminized activity”.[11] In the 19th century, amateur piano and singing were considered proper for middle- and upper-class women. Women were also a major part of early popular music performance, though recorded traditions quickly become more dominated by men. Most male-dominated genres of popular music include female performers as well, often in a niche appealing primarily to women; these include gangsta rap and heavy metal.[12]


Visit Great Songs and Lyrics for the best of American Music.

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