Electromagnetic Testing- where’s zoom-zoom #1 feb/20/2013

Test#1: where’s zoom-zoom?

Early during the restless day, I sat and thought about the silence! The silence was not expected seeming much had been done the days before to remove the shock, from people involved. Or maybe it was done, to alert whoever the zoom-zoom was. Nevertheless I sat and thought. Should I send a message out to start the craziness again-yes so I did. 3 of them one asking about what went wrong, knowing I knew what went wrong.

The second detailing my mistake about the hypnotist- I used J.F. Schapitz and Michael Maloof’s work on how the message of the hypnotist can be carried by electromagnetic waves. All that day I had been studying it. There was a mention of something about electric outlets conducting the electromagnetic wave. It would cause involuntary muscle movement, sleepiness, and mostly the thing that caused the person to experience V2K.

There was a way to interrupt the wave, it was lead. But nothing in this apartment was lead. I had gotten all this information from http://www.freedomfchs.com/id12.html. It was a site to report electromagnetic assault. What could be the worst that happened, I get followed a second time by another group of non-affiliated people, who say they have my best interest at heart, but don’t. So I did the report, it was more like a statistical study, so whatever will come of it will come.

There was a lot of advice. A lot of testimonies, support groups and latest news and laws that were enacted to help. Also something was mentioned about watching a slide show. The slide show was by Soleilmavis and was titled ‘peacepink’. That’s when I remembered I had my own slide show, that I had learned from Christine Kane. It was my vision flash cards (vision board).

I had my vision board on the wall. It was the one thing the NDA,hated. He couldn’t understand it. On my vision board were 9 black and white pictures that were meant to inspire me. They can be seen on myspace (titled: paulgoree-vision board DMF)(to be posted). My vision board was inspired by DMF, but I removed it. It was January 31, 2013 and the V2K was too intense. The ghostly-no mass crew instructed me to remove the vision board.

They made me feel guilty about it. Made me feel as if it was sinister. Fact is, it was something that was able to intervene with their brain washing attempts. Too bad I had let the electromagnetic V2K, influence me. But I still had the pictures saved, so I looked at them quickly and was inspired.

It was no surprise that as soon as the falcon came over, NDA arrived shortly. I knew they had been briefed. They were still upset about last weekend. They were expecting me to get arrested, killed or sent away. None of it happened, I told them I have a zoom-zoom that is watching me, as they “the no-mass V2K” are trying to kill me. I am done with either way, might as well donate my mind, body and soul to a good cause. Like De Mon Faire had prepared me to.

The falcon used the snap of a lighter to drawn the crowd in. I had read about that on one of the electromagnet sites, I believe it was, ELECTROMAGNETIC AND INFORMATIONAL WEAPONS: THE REMOTE MANIPULATION OF THE HUMAN BRAIN       http://globalresearch.ca/articles/BAB408B.html         http://www.exposingalltruth.com/.

But the snap of the lighter didn’t get to me. They had a plan and so did I, partially. So it would all depend if I could generate the funds needed to start the mind set, which gave them control. They control was limited seeming they didn’t know zoom zoom had a better V2K system and I was slightly assured of my reckless actions maybe needed to secure the phonies.


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