Continuing with the Maslow Theorem: Great Society. Poverty In The USA. This work Maslow Theorem #4 Dome Nation USA details Maslows’  “Expressive Mechanism” within society. It is represented in several of the following events of my reflection (including the purpose of reflecting). As stated in earlier post on this subject, Maslow Theorem represents upward social mobility for the USA. This particular work focus’s on motivation within a collective. In the United States, Maslow details the “Coping Mechanism” by which society adjust to the torment of social upward mobility. This in effect, is restrictive as it stratifies the population. Some endlessly work hard (Puritan Work Ethics) and end up achieving less, due to economically differences.  In Robert T. Kiyosaki’s work he details the payroll system in the United States. Whereby the type of employment and the interval of payment, has an impact on the opportunities accessible. Day labor pay, has less opportunity and thus may seem to be continuously in an non-developing state of existence. Whereas, an annually paid individual, not only gains from the interest on his pay, but the asset of its value. The day labor individual, thus ends up coping to exist in the United States. This is the majority of working Americans.


I want to really reflect on my 25 year absence from California because now an unresolved issue is 10 fold. In 1988 I enrolled in speech and debate class to complete high school graduation requirements. I was new to the team and tried several categories. At one of the competitions I entered the EXPOSE Reporting category and detailed an observation by me of homeless people under the 5 freeway where I grew up on the city borderline of Costa Mesa and Santa Ana.

The ironic economic image was of the luxurious South Coast Plaza Mall and newly built performance art center. Back then it worried me that society could allow economics and development to over shadow what I considered the right-people helping people thing to do. Today I easily convey Social Democracy as a unifying Maslow Theorem solution. Since 1989 I have witnessed this nation make the better turn towards Social Democracy .


This nation as a whole, still from my perspective desires THE GREAT SOCIETY factors to really provide each and every American the purest form Liberty- to be all they desire to be!  I have been working on the Maslow Theorem, to bring to the attention of nearly 80% of regional HUDs the importance of universal housing in the United States to help complete the lower level of Maslow’s’ physiological needs. This nation then will raise to a higher worth and Liberty. A new class of entrepreneurs will emerge from individually utilizing their American Liberty to the fullest. This new class of entrepreneurs will create new small businesses, new inventions, new services as our nation moves towards a Social Democracy.

socal democracy entrepreunuers

I am homeless again in San Diego and I have much to consider. I have lost much in Phoenix and housing offered has altered my life. Luckily for me FAITH is that strong and as I have lived these days homeless in 3 states (NV-2007/2008′ 2011: AZ-2011-2012, 2014-2015: CA-2015/present): I have observed much. hence Maslow Theorem (an academic mess, with some relivant points-not to the standard of papers/reports I have written for class and have posted). However the housing issue continues grow with me. In 2014 I witness our nation’s façe Marine County and the city of New Orleans enforced encampment laws. In Phoenix where I was living the only homeless campus/shelter (non-faith based) began to close a portion of its campus. Leaving many homeless fewer options than before. In Phoenix great organizations like Home Inc exist to end the homeless problem in Arizona, but what about the rest of the nation.

I have tethered upon a project I term Dome Nation USA which will be Kickstarter funded by the individual people of this nation, for this nations homeless and housing population. Whereas in Phoenix the citizens of Maricopa County proved their American helping hands by funding a homeless campus -proving their concern about the problem. Likewise I am confident Americans will donate to fund the purchases of tents, living equipment, Trespassing violations fees, etc. All of these tents will represent a collective nations concerns and push politicians locally and federally to attend to this the housing issue in the United States. These are ideals I feel can be successful, but as with all creations a persons state of mind must be clear and focus. Also commitment and involvement from the community. Again ’Expressive Mechanism” not at work in the United States. Instead, we default to our “Coping Mechanism” and attempt individual gains. Kickstarter is an excellent interactive media that is “Expressive” and can result in collective change. But without community support from the individuals it pertains to-nothing evolves.


I am too torn about the events of Vegas and Phoenix’s and now peace just seem impossible to obtain as I put effort forward to only have “strange things’ occur. Like me finally finding employment in San Diego I like and was good at. To only have all my clothes misplaced by someone in a transitioning program. That event minimized all my effort to present myself a certain way at work. The rest of the week was no better at the transitioning shelter (two clocks different tines). However I excelled which only made me realize transitioning in this city at this tine in my life failed me. Thus I had to remove myself and not let ideals of those events be, what may have been intentional efforts of a sub-cultural collective. There is nothing worst than an individual attempting self determinate actions, only to be minimized.


Here are some statistics comparing homeless rate increase from 2013 to 2014.  California leads the nation in homelessness.

homelessness-estimates-by-state_hud 2013

homeless-map1 (1) 20142014 Estimates


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