Margret Finn of South West Behavioral Services, LIES about Phoenix Police Department

Margret Finn of South West Behavioral Services, LIES about Phoenix Police Department. (Case Manager Neglect ) by: Paul Goree


This is the ongoing details regarding the neglected actions and defamations of South West Behavioral Services case manager Margret Finn. Till date 4 years have elapses and still no conclusion or actions have been taken against Margret Finn. Margret Finn herself has failed to acknowledge her wrongful actions, and there effect upon client Paul Goree. Thus I will continue to disclosure valuable details of the events as they occurred from Nov 2012 to the present.

In is imperative that all case managers and civic personal that interact with citizens, understand the affect they have on an individual. Deceptive behavior and expression, not only cause confusion for clients, but also reflect upon inter civic departments. For example, Margret Finn has cost the state of ARIZONA and CALIFORNIA, valuable social service dollars, as I continue to be unable to progress forward without CLOSURE of her actions. I think Mrs. Finn fully needs to understand the doubt she has cast upon other interlinked departments, such as the Phoenix Police Department is detrimental to the social collective.

“There is a police/social work partnerships that serve as a community response to crisis situations signaled by calls for police service.” (Charles W. Dean, Ph.D., University of North Carolina). The importance of the police/case management partnership is to provide communicational link by which the police department aids in the socio factors of development for the client. These factors are within the environment of the client’s placement. And aid the police department as the officers secure a safety-productive environment not only for the client, but for the general society.

November 2012, Margret Finn’s clients Paul Goree and Angel Thurman had an incident with the Phoenix Police Department. Client Angel Thurman called 911, and made a complaint against client Paul Goree. The complaint expressed notions that Paul Goree had threaten Angel Thurman with several knives. The 911 dispatched 5 Phoenix Police units to 4802 N 19th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85015. The police officer after securing the apartment and gathering the report, concluded by providing a CIVIC 101 Lesson of appropriate usage of 911 services to Angel Thurman. The officer then requested the name and phone number of the case manager: Johnny Garcia/Margret Finn South West Behavioral Services. Finally the officer informed me as he wrote upon his report, that he would be requesting a SEPARATION INTERVENTION, seeming he had concluded that Thurman and Goree’s living arrangement was not going to be practical: and would only result in repeat incidences.
I agreed with the officer and later reflected upon the monetary cost, Angel Thurman’s false phone call cost the city of Phoenix. That cost also includes the 2 later complaints (December 2012 and February 2013). Three 911 calls to the Phoenix Police Department, expressing complaints from Angel Thurman about the living discomfort both he and I were experiencing. Yet not one intervention from Margret Finn and South West Behavioral Services.

When I confronted Margret Finn with questions as to why she nor Johnny Garcia intervene as the Phoenix Police Department had requested, she replied, “She had not received any police reports or incident reports from the Police Department.” Once again Margret Finn lies to conceal her unethical manners. I questioned whether Mrs. Finn actually expects me to believe that the Phoenix Police Department is lying. This is the type of character flaw that should to be examine regarding Mrs. Finns conduct as a case manager.

The 911 calls and the corresponding police reports can easily be pulled to provide the evidence needed to conclude Margret Finns and South West Behavioral Services neglect. Had Mrs. Finn attended to the 3 police interventions ranging from November 2012 thru February 2013, I would have been placed in a different environment, and proceed forward productively. At this point, I will seek legal representation against Mrs. Finn and South West Behavioral Services. I think Mrs. Finn does not fully understand the importance of her position as if affects the lives of others and incurred financial expenses and continued dependency upon social services, effecting the state’s economic security.


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