Fiction 4


    Some stupid humans who didnt even know him or know that he was half alien. Part of an governmental global experiment during the early 70`s in New Mexico. This is where his powers came from and they
    were only activated by pure accidental chance of some very greedy mother fuckers and heartless bastered.

    the news networks and crews went crazy over him. But he had reclused into some type of semi coma. Able to function fine but unwilling to attend to amy human being. He simply look them in the eye with
    no expression or warmth. Finally one day he made a visit to a huge journalist icon where he recorded his story for her and her team.

    all eyes around the world watched as our character cried in front of the camera and said he had tolerated all of his life settle human abuse. He had a feeling he was spiritual and humanly different so
    he expected it. But he never thought humans would be so cruel as to get him intentional involved in their fucked up mind game bull  shit over money and politics

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