Dangers of Cooperatives

Under these circumstances some charges are dismissed: Project X can be a resistant factor in a investigation, seeming they should not be involved and that they are not fully aware and act on assumption, the following is the danger of them when cooperatives are involved. Projects are neutral factors no affiliations (immune to charges of investigation-but open to side associated charges ex: sexual indecency upon original sting-no after the fact…. Danger exist by the use of cooperatives within the enforcement field. Questions to be answered by this post is to find out how cooperatives are compensated for the data they provide. If through public funds, they should be documented as such. The danger of these cooperatives exist because the means by which they collect data with false friendships would otherwise require a warrant. Theses cooperatives also remove entrapment facts from enforcement, seeming the cooperative is the actual individual working outside-yet inside the realm of the law. OBSERVATION ONE: an arrest involving possession of 6 e-pills occurred. the subject involved unknowingly was in possession by the efforts of a cooperative ( rope a dope) when the processing of the subject reveal that the e-pills in question came from the evidence room of the police dept. and were placebos. the subject was released and ‘walked’. why the cooperative did this is unknown seeming the subject was not involved in anything or knew anyone but the friends who were associates of the cooperative. false bridges were built and the subject now has unwilling fully been pushed into a ‘gateway’ of questionable activities. the subject now questions how many other cases were wrongfully processed with the assistance of evidence supplied by a cooperative. Is this still the United States of America- Is the 4th amendment still in effect- if so please explain evidence from cooperatives.


3 thoughts on “Dangers of Cooperatives

  1. paulgoree Post author

    other factors come into play also- the safety of the subject is at risk. 2) the web of other events cooperatives can involve a subject in. 3) the factual basis of the cooperative 4) the cooperatives inter involvement with other assoications not within the enforcement field 5) the court proceedings

  2. paulgoree Post author

    when your dead, your dead (referencing myself), what more can mere humans do to fuck up a persons life without permission!!! and yet the streets of vegas is full of work for hires and cooperatives.

  3. paulgoree Post author

    seeming STUPID IS WHAT STUPID DOES- reads are fast and tracks of tags, uhm one linked me to this == ohAmeric.us/entertainment/the-walking-dead-finale-episoda-6-ts-19-review/ ## poor poor pitful me i am so scared, take me out!! the going on will still go on with me or with out. besides I am sick of living amongst the likes of cooperatives, work for hires, etc figure which you belong to.


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