Energy Communication and Influence (property of ASU written by Paul Goree)





Daniel Fels caught my attention, when I read in Scientific American’s June 2009 issue. What was so interesting was his research on the communication that occurs between cells PARAMECIUM CAUDATUM. Placed individual test tubes, the cells were able to exchange some energy by which they altered the “feeding behavior and growth.” This is interesting because it suggest that behavior can be influenced by factors other than sensory stimuli. When I first read this, I immediately thought of Carl Jung and sub-conscious mind. Jung sub-conscious mind was a parasympathetic system by which some body functions are automate, and others are related to memory, intuition and mystic occurrences. 


The conscious mind is a cognitive system, by which stimuli is received through the sensory receptors. These stimuli with cognition determine our ability to identify the environment we live in, thus constructing our social reality (Berkeley University 2010). How we perceive the world by which we live in, is determined by our ability to full inter-grate societal behavior. This cognitive system is fueled by potential action, creating a synaptic response. A synaptic response is instruction from the brain and nervous system on how to maneuver. Action potential is the accumulated energy needed to start a connection, resulting in movement (Gorman JM, Kent JM, Sullivan GM, Coplan JD,2000).  Thus behavior is a result of individual and collective perception. 


The sub-conscious mind operates on similar but different foundation. The sub-conscious mind is in continuous operation. Whereas the conscious mind has sleep to refresh and rest. The conscious mind is 24/7 (Soren R. Ekstrom, Watertown, MA 2000). The sub-conscious mind is the source of intution. Such things as hunches, deja vu, GUMPTIONS are a factor of a process which may not be fully cognitive (Gorman JM, Kent JM, Sullivan GM, Coplan JD,2000). Jung believed that the sub-conscious mind in its defense, against the cognitive actions of the conscious mind, creates a entity, he termed “SHADOW” (Soren R. Ekstrom,Watertown, MA 2000). I believe that Jungs “Shadow” is similar in communicating, like Daniel Fels, electro-magnetic energy.   “Returning to the research which was the basis for his earlier book, The

Emotional Brain (1998), LeDoux describes how emotional states monopolize brain… The brain has a number of emotional systems—detecting and defending against threat…” (Gorman JM, Kent JM, Sullivan GM, Coplan JD,2000). 


For Jung, that “monopolized emotional state, defending against threat”, is the “Shadow”. The “Shadow” protects the sub-conscious mind, yet is not a fully cognitive, thus able to stream stimuli without the social constructed reality filter: otherwise termed “norm” in behavior. Have you ever had a hunch that the telephone was going to ring, and at the same time recall a sudden thought of your mother. Well that hunch is the sub-conscious mind at work (Gorman JM, Kent JM, Sullivan GM, Coplan JD,2000). Considering Jungs “Shadow”, Fels “Electro-magnetic communication, I think that this “energy” source is a means of communicating that exist without cognitive processing. This energy is fluid in nature in that it is not block, and thus can spark intution and mystical thoughts, which if processed by the cognitive mind, would be denied as possible or not confirmed consciousness. I am think about individual operating in the sub-conscious mind thus influence behavior, through a similar mechanism founded by Fels. When I am in a good mood, simply by standing by another individual I can transfer that energy. That energy is a frequency (Doc Childre ). That frequency is able to operate outside the realm of the brain. I look to Dr. Hank Wesselman, who explains the journey of a Shaman, by which the “spirit” takes Shamanistic journey into the non-conscious reality (Wesselman, 2000).  The energy by which the a shaman harvest is similar in action of Fels electro-magnetic energy.  Wesselman suggests that the shaman spirit, while in the non-conscious reality is able to receive resourceful energy by which when returned to the conscious reality, is able to assist in healing, empowering and altering states of minds of individuals. This energy is also capable of forserting energy of loved ones that may have passed on.  Sandra Engleman who worked with Wessleman, stated She points to the Azuni tribes of new mexico that vanished suddenly all at once (rapture). She believes that they didn’t vanish, they evolved to a higher state of existence and presently still live where they did in the past, just in a different dimension than we do, so we are unable to feel them, but their energy can be felt alive. She this is what will happen to us: some of us will evolve out of out physical existence into a new dimension..” (2012).


With this I believe that we are able to utilize our sub-conscious mind in a more influential matter. By which social ills can be resolved. It is stated by many, that you get the life that you perceive. Your perception is energy, resulting into behavior. If you think happy, you will be happy. If you think sad, you will be sad. This is also found in the work of Dr. Albert Ellis. Ellis, determined that some psychosis are self created. (Ellis). I think that if some self created psychosis individuals are able to influence other, in a peer-pressure manner. That negative behavior is the SHADOW in action. The shadow unable to deal with the conscious cognitive processing, reaches out into the reality affecting those near. Just like the cells of Fels individual test tubes.

Another factor to consider is Dr. Weilheim Reich. Reich was the creator of “orgone” energy, which was able to fully remove negative energy from the environment, thus healing various elements of an illness or mental state of mind.(Reich, 1932). Reich developed the “Orgone Box” where he placed individual to remove the negative energy. It is believe that this energy is able to influence others by changing the energy level within the environment. Acting similar to Fels electro-magnetic energy.


I believe and am interested in exploring the possible benefits of energy communication,by mean so electro-magnetic energy and sub-conscious energy, within the social service field. Developing means by which negative factors of social development can be altered resulting in empowered individuals, who exchange energy, instead of WORDS to communicate.  Wayne Dyer states that, ‘every time you see someone do an act of kindness, your seratonin level increase and so does that person, also those who witness it.” That is electro-magnetic energy exchange influence, as detailed by Fels.).

 Other theorist that suggest this energy exchange is Dr. Emoto, Joe Rogan, Sandra Eckelman, Rollin McCarthy, Carl Jung (sychronicity)



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